How to Convert NSF File without Lotus Notes – 2 Steps

Introduction to Convert NSF File without Lotus Notes

The users are always searching for ways to convert NSF files without Lotus Notes. In this blog, you will know the possible methods to convert NSF files without Lotus Notes. Read this blog till the end to understand the NSF file conversion. But first, let us go through the NSF format.

What is the NSF File Format?

The NSF file extension is the format used by IBM Lotus Notes to save its entire database in them. It stands for Notes Storage Facility and acts as the default format of Lotus Notes.

IBM Notes or HCL Notes, formerly known as Lotus Notes, is a complete provider of various services like messaging, design information, appointments, Metadata, calendar entries, contacts, etc. It is managed by HCL now and works in collaboration with the HCL Domino server. The work requirements nowadays have made it mandatory for organizations and people to use more than one email account. The users operate different email clients simultaneously to get their work done that gives rise to the need to convert and open NSF files without Lotus Notes.

Before we start addressing the possible methods to convert NSF files without Lotus Notes, let us go through the reasons that make it essential for this transfer.

Reasons to Convert NSF Files

The NSF file format is quite a unique format and is not commonly used by different platforms that make its conversion important. Below are some reasons that bring out the need to convert NSF files without Lotus Notes.

  • The maintenance cost of Lotus Notes that creates the NSF files is high that makes it difficult to afford for many users.
  • NSF data and files take a lot of space on the system that fills the hard drive of the PC rapidly.
  • Although the client is managed by a tech giant, the server support of Lotus Notes is not up to the mark as compared to other email providers.
  • Organizational shifting from one client to another is the most common reason that forces users to change from NSF files of Lotus Notes to other platforms.
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The above reasons make it necessary for the users to convert the NSF files to other formats. Now, moving forward to discuss the methods to convert NSF files without Lotus Notes.

Note: No method converts the NSF files without the use of the Lotus Notes application. However, you can convert the NSF files if you have access to Lotus Notes. Follow the below discussed method to convert NSF files to Outlook PST.

Method to Convert NSF File to Outlook PST

In this method to import an NSF file to Outlook PST, you have to first convert it to a CSV file and then import it to Outlook. It can be broken into two steps that are described stepwise below to help you execute the complete process easily. It involves the use of Lotus Notes to convert the NSF file to other formats. Follow the below-mentioned steps to execute both parts successfully.

Step 1

Convert NSF to CSV
  • Launch the Lotus Notes application on your system.
  • Click on the File menu at the top and from the drop-down options choose Export.
  • Now, pick the location on your PC to save your file.
  • In front of the Save As a type, select the Comma Separated Value option.
  • After that, name your file and hit the Export button.
  • In the new tab, select the options accordingly and click OK.

The NSF file will be converted into a CSV file from the above steps. Furthermore, it will be saved at your desired location on your PC.

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Now, let us move forward to the second step that consists of importing the CSV file into Outlook PST.

Step 2

Import CSV File into Outlook PST
  • Open MS Outlook on your PC and click on the File menu.
Open MS Outlook
Open MS Outlook
  • Click on Open & Export and then select the Import/Export option under it.
  • Now, in the Import and Export Wizard tab, choose the Import from another program or file option and press Next.
  • Pick the Comma Separated Values option and click on Next.
  • After that, click on Browse to select the exported CSV file.
  • Under options, check on the attribute accordingly and hit Next.
  • Mark on the additional settings as per your requirements and click on Finish.

It will import the CSV file into MS Outlook as a PST file format. This method is quite lengthy and has some limitations.

Limitations of Manual Methods

The following limitations restrict the use of above discussed manual methods.

  • The manual methods are very time-consuming as they require converting a single NSF file at once.
  • It can be troublesome for some novice users to operate the Microsoft Transporter Tool.
  • The manual method is lengthy as it cannot convert the NSF file directly and requires multiple steps.

Hence, if you are fixed to convert NSF files without Lotus Notes, you can use another method that utilizes a tool for the same.

Convert NSF File using Microsoft Transporter Suite

It is the method that involves the use of the Microsoft Transporter Suite Utility to open NSF files without Lotus Notes. It is free software provided by Microsoft to convert the IMAP and POP mailboxes to Exchange Server and other servers.

Using the Transporter Suite, you can transfer the NSF mailbox to the Exchange Server from where it can be converted to other formats later on. This method involves downloading the Microsoft Transporter Suite and then operating it to convert the NSF files. To convert NSF files without Lotus Notes, it is an apt method through which users can skip the Lotus Notes application.

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However, this method to read NSF files without Lotus Notes can be hectic for some users without having any prior technical experience.

To overcome these constraints, you go for an alternate method, i.e. Lotus Notes to Outlook Converter an essential tool to directly convert NSF files to PST, OST, EML, and various other file formats. Moreover, NSF File Viewer Online can import NSF files into Exchange Server, Thunderbird, etc. It saves a lot of time to convert NSF files in bulk.


Here, we have discussed the need to convert the NSF file without Lotus Notes. The HCL Notes application is required for any conversion process of the NSF files. Besides, there is a method that does not require the Lotus Notes application. It is through the Microsoft Transporter Tool. The manual methods have some problems that make them obsolete. A professional tool, NSF Converter is suggested if you wish to convert the NSF files directly. Thanks for reading this article. I hope you found it helpful.

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