Convert PDF to Microsoft Word In These Easy 6 Steps

Introduction to Convert PDF to Microsoft Word

When you work in different file formats, it is customary to export or convert files back and forth. This is a skill that’s learned while working online.

Tasks like changing pdf to work need not be arduous when you have a converter tool that works with anything you need.

When you think about it, technology has evolved to the point that we don’t need to download and install a tool on our computer. Some tools work online, and they are also free.

This relieves your computer from working extra hard. This is also great as computers are becoming more compact. One day we might be working online using our mobile phones.

That seems far-fetched now, but technology is moving in that direction at an astounding speed. PDF files are more secure compared to Word files.

They could never be altered. To change the text from PDF to word file means that you need to convert it back to a word file and then back. It’s easy using a popular online converter.

PDFBear: Converting PDF To Word File Easily and Quickly

Convert PDF to Microsoft Word
Convert PDF to Microsoft Word

PDFBear is free, and it is available online. The converter tool is easy to use. It is also reliable, and for that reason, professionals use it.

It is a great tool that can take care of your needs exclusively. PDFBear is also available in free and pro. The free version can do many things, and it can be added as a Google Chrome extension.

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The pro version is for power users, working on massive files and in batches. This is recommended for corporate tasks that require unlimited upload and download. You’ve got nothing to lose when you get the pro version. It comes with so many benefits.

The pro version has dedicated customer support/tech. This is crucial for those times where there is no need for assistance.

This is also great because when you run into an issue, then there is a real human being who can help you resolve that issue.

The pro version allows you unlimited upload and download of files. Note that there is no limit as to how many tasks you need to finish.

You also have no issues when you have massive files or documents you need to upload to the site to convert them to another format.

The pro version allows you to store your converted files in the PDF cloud. This frees your computer some space. This is also a way to create a backup for your existing files.

Doing so gives you added security that if something happens to your computer, you can still retrieve a copy of your precious files from the web.

Isn’t that amazing? PDFBear uses encryption that prevents hackers or malware from stealing your information or files.

Besides these, being in the cloud means it works fast because the conversion doesn’t have to rely on your computer memory or processor capacity.

Steps in Converting PDF to Word

You only need a working computer, a browser, and an active internet connection to do this. You also need your existing PDF files to be converted to Word.

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Convert PDF to Microsoft Word
Convert PDF to Microsoft Word
  1. Use any working browser of your choice to access the PDFBear website. The converter tool is compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and any existing web browser.
  2. Access the PDFBear website. This process will open up the main page with all the necessary tools to convert the work you need. Select Pdf to Word.
  3.  The converter tool will enable you to drag and drop your files from your computer.
  4. The converter will extract the text from your scanned PDF file.
  5. You wait for the process to finish. This will take shortly.
  6. A formatted document is available for you to download and share.

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Getting Things Done Fast and Easy

PDFBear uses cloud technology to convert your files. This process makes it reliable and fast. You can also add it as a browser extension.

The pro version comes with added benefits. Having a reputable and dependable converter tool makes you more productive. It also saves you time and energy so that you can do other things.

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