Life Is Too Short To Miss Out Best Cooked Hamburger- Beyond 2020

All About Cooked Hamburger

Fast food has always been a favorite food worldwide and after pizza, the burger is most liked by kids and teenagers whereas adults prefer burgers more.

There isn’t anything that can’t be delayed when it comes to having your favorite type of burger from your favorite place. Adding some juicy sauces to your burger and having it with a cold fizzy drink fulfills all the desires for a while.

The very first hamburger was made in Texas with simple ingredients, a slice of bread, some ground beef, and pickles, since then it started to change its shape, and then it became round with the help of burger buns and different type of meat used.

Don’t be worried, there are burgers for vegetarians as well which is simply named Veggie Burger that only consists of vegetables liked by the customers.

Other than that, there are many more types such as beef burgers, elk burgers turkey burgers, you name it and it’s made available. Let’s talk about the rankings of burgers, Beef burgers come first because it is loved everywhere because of its juicy flavor and it’s healthy too because beef has a lot of protein which is essential for the human body.

Then comes elk burger which is more liked by those who require more protein and it can be served with many different sauces. Elk burgers have lesser calories and fat ratio as compared to beef burgers, it has vitamins and iron in it which is why parents prefer to give it to their kids.

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It is a complete meal. But as time passes, people started preferring chicken burgers over beef or elk burgers and that has no evident reasons.

Some say that the Veggie burger is the most healthy one because it doesn’t have beef in it and just the healthy vegetables but after a research, it was rumored that they are the least healthy as they contain a lot of oil in it and some are pre-made and can be kept for several days because the vegetables don’t rot easily once they are dipped in vinegar. India is the first country to introduce Veggie burgers. McDonald’s was the first to introduce a vegetarian-only restaurant in India.

Steakburgers are somehow known as the Superior kind of burgers as they are most loved, just by the term steak added to it made it more appealing to customers.

Before steakburgers, there only existed Steak Sandwiches and by the increase in customers, people started replacing sandwiches with Steak Burgers and just to make it look more elite, restaurants started giving them in luxurious packaging as they thought providing nicely made steak burger packed in good looking Burger Boxes Packaging will make customers feel more at ease and they won’t have to worry about the quality.

A fun fact is that the term “burger” is taken in a different sense in China, they consider burgers as sandwiches and simply put meat between bread and think of it as a burger and somehow Chinese Media claims that the hamburger was invented in China.

In Japan, hamburgers are served in a kind of bread named hanbāgāand sometimes they just serve simple patties and call it hanbāguwhich means Hamburg or Hamburg steak.

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Another fun fact, surely some of you haven’t heard of Rice burger, that’s right, instead of using bread or buns, compressed rice or rice cakes are used and it was first made in 1987 in Japan.

Have you ever thought about a burger that is 338 pounds? Well, it exists! Mallie’s Sports Grill & Bar made it for the very first time and it was named Absolutely “Ridiculous Burger” which was prepared in 12 hours.

In order to enjoy your favorite food, you should be aware of it that it is prepared nicely and cooked properly because if we specifically talk about burgers, a raw hamburger can contain harmful bacteria that can most probably cause food-borne illness that is why it is stated that the beef used in burgers need to be cooked on a certain temperature that is 160o F ( 71o C).

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There is a specific disease that happens due to the presence of hamburgers that are Hemorrhagic Colitis and is usually found in ground beef.

It can simply be prevented by handling raw meat with washed hands, freezing meat as soon as possible after buying it, and before cooking do check it is completely de-frozen, and last but not least, wash or sanitize the utensils properly before cooking the patties.

If you are going to opt for drive-through, do let the waiter know that you are very conscious about the packaging and the cooking of food because healthy food comes in good packaging, imagine getting a burger in a burger box that is all greasy or that can’t even hold the weight of the burger properly, that is definitely a turn-off and bad impression and after the packaging, properly cooked burger with a tempting odor is a mouth-watering feeling.

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