Why Should You Go for Cosmetic Dentistry: 3 Best Reasons

Introduction to Cosmetic Dentistry

Smile is precious, and if you are not happy with your smile, you may be considering one or more cosmetic treatments.

However, as cosmetic dentistry is considered elective and not required for your health, you might wonder whether it is worth the money spent. The answer is that you need it like any other health or medical expenditure.

Why Should You Consider Cosmetic Dentistry?

Whitening Teeth. Most patients prefer whitening treatments to remove teeth stains. Whether at the office of a dentist or through take-home whitening trays, these treatments are vastly superior to the over-the-counter whitening products that you find at the grocery store.

Dental bonding that comes with tooth-colored resin for spot treatments and discolored teeth. Some patients find that the porcelain veneers meet their needs better than other teeth whitening options.

Teeth whitening options can also improve your smile’s aesthetics if teeth are dark due to age, root canals, or other injuries.

Not only will teeth whitening restore the smile’s aesthetic, but it will also boost confidence and help you small throughout the day.

What Can Veneers Do?

The dental veneers help you get the look that you need. They are a popular choice for those with chipped teeth, which have a gap between the teeth or misshaped teeth. These are thin covers that adhere to the teeth to give them a more classic shaped look.

  • Dental veneers are simple options if you want to improve the smile. The veneers are thin covering that is placed on the front part of the tooth. They look like natural teeth. The veneers can be used to correct a wide range of dental issues. The teeth are stained and can’t be whitened by bleaching. The teeth are chipped or worn. They are crooked or not in the correct shape. There is uneven space or a large gap between the upper front teeth. The veneers could be made of either porcelain or composite resin material. With cosmetic dentistry in Chattanooga TN, you can choose the material that is best for you. Each variant has its benefits.
  • Porcelain Veneers is a thin shell that is custom-made to fit on the tooth. It can be easily fitted on a tooth. The many benefits of porcelain veneers are that they are healthy and long-lasting, they have natural looking surface. The less tooth enamel has to be removed using a crown or a cap. There is no easy staining. To prepare the teeth, the dentist usually removes a small amount of enamel from the front and the teeth’ sides. It makes room for the veneers so that the teeth look natural. The dentist takes an impression or mold of the prepared teeth. He also decides on the veneer shade that will be best for the smile. The impression is then sent to the dental lab where the custom-made porcelain veneers fit the teeth. It usually takes several days. The dentist gives you temporary veneers to wear meanwhile.
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So, Can You Get Veneers?

  • Your teeth and gums must be healthy before getting veneers. The dentist can treat any disease or decay before placing the veneers. If you grind teeth veneers are not for you. Talk to the dentist first before getting the procedure.
  • After getting the veneers, you need to take care of them too. They can chip or break under pressure. Don’t bite fingernails and chew hard objects, like pencils or ice.


Cosmetic dentistry Chattanooga TN can thus ensure that you get the beautiful smile you are looking for. However, ensure that you can get the treatment. Taking care of teeth after treatment is important too.

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