5 Important Reasons Everyone Should Take A Course In History

Introduction to Course In History

History, the one subject nearly everyone avoided in middle school – is it really that boring? Honestly, not at all. Studying history at college-level or any stage opens the door to many opportunities. Most history-related courses have a profound effect on one’s intellect – teaching you about other humanities as well.

When compared with the likes of philosophy, literature, and sociology – history is just as captivating. Who wouldn’t want to reminiscence over world-changing events from the past? Have you ever wondered what it would have been like to read poetry alongside Shakespeare? And does “history” even matter?

If these questions intrigue you as an aspiring college student, then studying history just might be your cup of tea. Keep reading as we do a detailed breakdown of five reasons why everyone should consider the subject at one point in their lives:

A Hot Subject – Multiple Job Opportunities

If we’re going to be realistic, researching for job availability should be your first concern. And fortunately, you are in luck. Art majors (specifically, history) can find lucrative careers in various fields ranging from academics, publishing firms, charities, media, and much more. Did you know you can also become a lawyer with an undergrad major in history?

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A history course combined with internships in the heritage sector will broaden your horizons and further amplify career opportunities. Volunteer at your local museum and apply elsewhere with a built-up resume as well.

Contrary to popular belief, you can even apply in banks and accounting firms- corporations need creative, historical experts. Fortunately, getting a bachelor of arts in history online is easier than ever before and is also a fitting choice given the current public health situation. An online degree will enable you to get relevant work experience alongside your education for a more fruitful career.

Gain Intellectual Insight – Learn About the Past

Let’s talk about Iranian history, for instance. The Persian country has been home to one of the oldest civilizations – seven thousand years’ worth of revelations, wars, art, poetry, and trade, to be precise. Now isn’t that fascinating?

Similarly, you can learn about another country, figure, or historical period. The phrase “India invented the number zero” might seem like an overstatement. Study history, do your research and figure out the actual story.

Grasping all this information will make you a well-aware, grounded person (In the next point, we uncover why).

Your Perspective About Things Around You Will Change

So, historians in the research sector concluded a study that showed emerging Gen-Z applicants to be the most empathic. Once you go through detailed, raw historical facts – your outlook on the world and how it functions will change.

Most people underestimate the fact that everything is defined by history. To trace why society behaves in a certain way, we need to look at its evolutionary pattern, where they come from. The world needs history majors; we could use new perspectives.

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Plus, looking at past civilizations, cultures, and events can help you uncover your own identity. Apart from the worldly use of the subject, it can save you from existential thoughts as well. Understand your culture, how it began, and how much it influences your life today.

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Helps in Daily Life

We are not exaggerating! It is true. Practically speaking, a history course will equip you with soft skills – research, writing, critical thinking, and the ability to assess topics properly. Next time around, during a heated debate session, you’ll be the one with the best arguments.

Likewise, history is essentially a liberal arts subject. You won’t vaguely learn book-ish terms but will look at actual case studies. Catherine the Great, Julius Caesar, Malcolm X – they all faced moral dilemmas and tackled them really well. Take a note; it’ll help you through every-day life.

Lastly, History is Relevant

Society has so far progressed by looking back at what their ancestors did. That’s what history is all about – learn, reflect, and change. For an ideal utopian-like society, though, a lot of work needs to be done.

For instance, many people don’t understand the Black Lives Matter movement or Black History Month. You can’t blame them either; they haven’t read up. For society to grow and prosper, citizens should know important events. Acknowledging key historical moments will help them understand why the world functions the way it does today.

Once people realize why Claudette Colvin refused to give up her bus seat, the Black Lives Matter movement starts to make even more sense. The same is the case with any other movement with historical context backing its inception. Different political spectrums exist because of conflicting historical stances.

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To sum up, history, a humanities subject, is the “key” for a society to thrive morally. A rational thinking nation that reflects on its stance and perspectives is bound to succeed. But one step at a time, we can’t change everyone’s favorite subject overnight.

So, individually, take a history course and see where it takes you. An arts credential that focuses on history will help you sustain a living and live a morally fulfilling life.

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