5 Ideas of COVID Marketing During the Corona Virus Crisis

Introduction to COVID Marketing

This COVID-19 crisis is, without a doubt, an unprecedented situation that is rarely ever seen in humankind’s history.

As the trend of social distancing and self-isolation are growing, it has disrupted many industries and its operations.

Does not matter if you are a consumer or the one doing the business; there is likely to be a change in how you did things. This new world has the marketers guessing, what is next for them?

The companies are having a hard thought process going on about their future marketing strategies. The Business to Business marketers is scratching their heads about who they will provide service to if businesses are losing consumers.

This unfortunate scenario has caused many businesses to close down as they were unable to sustain this paradigm shift and could not adapt accordingly.

The COVID-19 protocols, like social distancing, wearing a mask, staying at home, have already made it hard enough for them.

This situation was made even harder when countries started enforcing Lockdowns in their countries and states, which meant the closure of various businesses and its operations; to reduce the spread of the virus. If the companies are being closed or not operational, what will there be to market?

With all this happening around us, there is still hope on how to carry with marketing your business and avoiding the chances of decline in progress.

The Marketing tactics that can be used for these to revive the companies in this time of crisis can be called COVID Marketing. The demand for COVID Marketing is to go total digital.

But going digital is not the only way to counter the damage that can be done during these times. You have to adopt various tactics by which the consumer can choose you rather than overlook you for some other business.

You will not be the first to go digital, nor will you be the last one, so it is better if you do things in a recommended way, giving yourself all the chance to get the consumer to do business with you.

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Some of the COVID Marketing tactics to the chances of you surviving and thriving through this time

COVID Awareness:

Making things up and portraying that things will be better will not be helping anyone. Neither the consumer nor the business. Show people the real situations of what is happening around them.

Tell them that in these unprecedented times and people need to change the way they think. You should structure your marketing in a way they will not panic yet take precautionary measures that are being recommended by the authorities for preventing the chances of catching and spreading the virus.

This is likely to develop and enhance the trust that the users have in you, which can lead to future business opportunities.

Make the users realize that more than your business, what is important to you in their health, and this messaged will be put forth by mentioning these awareness messages.

These can be presented on the website(s), social media, and other digital platforms. Your message should also show your optimism (which is a vital characteristic to have when dealing with customers) by mentioning something like this time shall pass, and things will get better.

The last and probably the most important thing to mention in these messages is that you are open for business and your team is committed to serving you in these times as well.

Rethink target audience and timelines:

With the changing your times, you might reassess who you put your efforts to target and pitch your services and products to do business.

You need to narrow it down and analyze the type of consumer that will still want your products. It does not matter if you are a Business to Business or Business to the Consumer service provider; you cannot put your efforts into trying your market to those consumers whose businesses are on the verge of closure or people who are likely to not be interested. This varies from business to business, and you will have to figure it out with the analysis that you do.

Along with your target audience, you also need to restructure the timelines that you provide to the ones you are doing business with.

This practice would prove to be important because of the uncertainty of your team’s health and availability, keeping in mind the maintenance of social distancing and other COVID protocols.

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It would lay the wrong impression on your client and negatively impact your business if you commit to a specific timeline and do not deliver on time.

Social Media for COVID Marketing:

Coronavirus or no coronavirus, we are arguably living in the age of social media. According to many reports, nearly 49% of people of the whole are using social media.

That is about 3.4 Billion of the 7.5 Billion people in the world. This proves the worth and potential that a business possesses if it effectively uses social media platforms.

It can work wonders for a company if it amps up the efforts towards enhancing its marketing over social media platforms.

Of course, to do so, you are better off hiring a social media marketing company, who can enhance your social media presence. People consider this more cost-effective than hiring a separate in-house social media personnel.

These activities involve being active and posting content regularly, answering to the queries, and engaging with your audience.

This strategy is likely to form a relationship with your audience and potential clients. For increasing your digital presence, you can use means like search engine optimization.

You should respond immediately if a person asks a query or a question. That is not it. The consumers are not the only ones who connect to you and gain benefits.

You, too, can easily connect with your team through virtual means via audio or video group calls. This will make it easy to comply with the Corona Virus protocols, yet keep your business processes in check.


Due to the Corona crisis, it is a level plain field. The companies who were performing well, need to change according to the changing times.

You can do things differently, understand the idea of COVID marketing, and grab hold of many people for doing business before others change their tactics.

These things may involve offering deals and offers that would attract them and require in the time of the virus spread.

You can also use paid marketing on social media by running ads and pay-per-click advertising for your website. Neil Patel observes that there’s a way higher Return on investment when running paid ads during the Corona Virus time, as compared to as we have seen before it, so that is more of a reason to invest in paid advertising.

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To make sure that you spend smartly on these paid advertisements, for better ROI, a good idea to consult with social media experts who have the experience in paid marketing.

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Take the business to them:

You want to create the ultimate ease for them and want them to feel secure, along with making them realize that you are looking after their betterment.

You can take several steps to build this narrative. It involves giving them a virtual tour of your base of operation. It can be your office place, your shop, or any business.

This can be done by uploading pictures and videos on your digital mediums like social media, websites, and others. It can use the 3D images (which are available on Facebook) to give them a feel of your locality.

You can do way more than that. You can not only make them view your premises but do business like buy products and pay online.

For achieving this, you can enable or launch an E-Commerce service that will ensure that the person does not need to get out of the house and be physically available with you to buy your products and fully follow the protocols of the Corona Virus, yet it is of your benefit.

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