How to Create A Top-Selling App? 7 Best Step-by-Step Guide

Introduction to Create A Top-Selling App

To work with an online trade-model, creating a mobile app is quintessential. Most businesses and agencies jump the gun at this point.

They do not prepare crucial documents such as requirements, budgetary, scope, and competition analysis before taking on the project.

Hence, they fail to realize the objective of the app in question. This, in turn, leads to a colossal marketing failure; to understand how to create a mobile app that sells, you need to fully grasp why it should sell among millions of other applications? 

Statista says 2019 alone witnessed a humongous 204 billion app downloads from the total 6 million apps available on app stores, and that figure is poised to increase in the coming years as the number of smartphone users in the world goes beyond 3.5 billion.

The revenues generated by mobile apps, be it in-app purchases or paid apps, looks all set to hit the magic figure of $1 trillion in the coming years, and you should pay heed to the statistics if you wish to survive in this cut-throat market.

Since you have now understood that unless your app has a strong value proposition to offer to its users, it will not sell. E.g., When it comes to ratings, 50% of the users have second guesses about downloading a 3-star app; the figure jumps to 85% when it comes to a 2-star app.

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Also, 77% of the users tend to read at least one review about the free app before downloading it; now, imagine the scenario with a paid-app; this calls for an efficient App Store Optimization (ASO) service provider, who knows how to build and sustain a mobile application online.

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Let’s now move towards understanding how to create an app:

  • Do the complete requirement analysis first and learn the scope for the app without even thinking about building it;
  • Check what your competitors are doing and learn what they are lacking, which you can fulfill with your app;
  • Prepare a wireframe of functionalities and how you want your app to look like
  • Now comes the most significant part of ‘how to create an app,’ i.e., Design & Development. Remember to keep the user’s best interests in mind while designing & developing the interface for your app, and make it look very lively and performance-oriented with an intuitive interface.
  • Testing is crucial, do as much testing as you can before launching the final version of the app;
  • Hire the best ASO service provider to optimize and market your app as a great product that nobody knows will not earn you money.
  • Don’t forget to call it quits if you don’t see things moving towards fulfilling your vision, irrespective of how efficient you think the other person is; sometimes, things don’t just work out, and it’s okay to take a step back from the difference in vision rather than spending millions to make it work.
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Have you understood the app development so far or have already built an app, or are you looking for someone who knows the in and out of app development and marketing, then you should reach out to a brilliant ASO Service Provider.

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