Complete Guide on CRM Software In Just 5 Minutes

Introduction to CRM Software

CRM software is a great tool. It is no surprise that businesses are adopting it in droves with the CRM market expected to exceed $ 80 billion by 2025.

With customer data so nicely arranged, it is an easy matter to use the tool for a variety of purposes. CRM use, especially on mobiles, increases employee productivity by 50%, especially sales personnel.

Over 65% achieve a sales quote by maximizing the use of mobile CRM. Customer Relationship Management is perceived to be so effective that it is easy to overdo it. You could alienate customers.

Pester, bug, and hound

This seems to be the operational formula for most companies that use CRM solutions. Take the case of the three mobile carriers operating in India.

They assume it is their god-given right to keep sending out SMS by the dozen and push notifications or voice messages through mobiles.

Invariably, most or all such messages exhort targets to buy or take advantage of some package or the other or to view programs they are least interested in.

It is tiresome and enraging but customers have no option but to grit their teeth and bear it. Given a chance, they would choose a telecom carrier that does not a bug, pester, and hound customers.

Conversely, rarely, if ever, do these marketers ever think of trying to use CRM to gather data from customers about their grievances or invite suggestions. Are you in this situation?

Spend on custom CRM development that will really help you use it in a meaningful, positive way. It is not just for sales you hope to achieve through incessant hounding.

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It can be a fine tool to build loyalty. Loyalty can give birth to more sales and revenues with less effort. Importantly, you retain goodwill by using Customer Relationship Management the way it is meant to be used.

CRMs fail

CRM is not the Rosetta stone to achieving sales success. Even as far back as 2006, a Payne study showed that 69% of CRM projects do not contribute significantly to improvement in sales and that 70% of CRM campaigns are bound to fail. Causes for such failure?

  • Employees simply do not know how to use the CRM or the company did not go in for the right CRM development, opting for features that they simply do not need or opting for a crippled solution.
  • Inadequate data or data analytics
  • Lack of knowledge of customer expectations
  • Simply using it for sales and marketing and ignoring other aspects related to customer perceptions about the quality of service as well as insights into human behavior
  • Overuse to bombard targets with messages or call them at the wrong time

Strategic approach

Businesses adopt CRM solutions and then tell sales and marketing to use it to the maximum to get results to meet targets.

Employees then believe that inundating targets with calls and messages will evoke the desired reaction. Haphazard use of this vital tool can be hazardous to the business image, reputation, and goodwill. Doing it right with minimum effort:

  • First, hold a meeting of key personnel and discuss customer strategies. This does not simply mean looking at customers as cash cows to be milked for all they are worth. They are human and expect a balanced treatment, not just buy!buy!buy! messages. This means it is worth developing a strategy and training employees to build relationships first and then use them to generate sales. Define a philosophy that reflects company ethos.
  • Define what you mean by customer relationship management and blend in not just sales campaign but also connectivity with targets and addressing their expectations.
  • Choose the right CRM. You might assume that going for the best such as SalesForce or any other guarantees you success. It is not so. Sophisticated packages may be too complex and the result is that employees will not understand or use it much. Instead, opt for custom CRM development.
  • Build a plan to deploy CRM and send out messages but with a minimalist approach to maintaining continuity, not an incessant stream of obnoxious exhortations.
  • Each customer is different. Forego a straightjacket policy and understand heterogeneous nature.
  • Differentiate and distinguish customers and mine the right ones to know the mindset of targets.
  • KYC: Take a leaf out of this book and let your employees develop a mindset to know all there is to know about each customer and their preferences. Use CRM to offer each one a good deal they will like and at the right time (such as their birthday, anniversary, or festival).
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It is a tool after all…

Yes, CRM is a tool after all. How you use it is what defines outcomes. You can simply use it in a machine gun-like fashion, spray and pray that you hit the target.

It can also be used as an empathetic tool, deriving deep knowledge of each customer and attending to all sides and at the opportune moment with a minimalist approach.

In order to do so, the software must be user-friendly to a point where your employees love to use it and use it for all aspects besides just marketing and sales.

Do this and you will find that with the minimum effort your employees could do a lot more to retain customers, keep them happy, and grow revenues.

Do you need the best software?

If you want to buy a car you are not going to buy a Ferrari or a Porsche or Rolls. You want a car that gets you from point A to B and one that is reliable.

It is the same with CRM software. Get a custom CRM but do not think of getting maximum value for money by asking developers to put in all features, most of which will impede rather than aid your customer relationship management program.

Get one that is easy to use, has essential features, is a joy to use, and, importantly, helps you to do more for less at minimum cost and effort.

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