Launching A Cryptocurrency MLM Software to Get the Audience Beyond 2021

Introduction to Cryptocurrency MLM Software

As businesses move to digital spaces from physical places, multi-level marketing or network marketing can help you in quick growth.

Distributors can also earn a regular source of revenue based on their activities regarding direct sales. They will get a commission and bonus for the sales made by their recruits. 

The advantages of purchasing a Whitelabel Cryptocurrency MLM Software

  • Quick processing of transactions is facilitated just by clicking a button. This enables timely payout to the distributors without any delays. 
  • The processing costs are very low and there are no third parties to pocket your profit margin. 
  • Your data is kept secure with the help of immutable blockchain technology.
  • Both MLM marketers and online merchants can have a safe investment experience as there are no chances of frauds or scams to take place in the system. 
  • Bitcoin can be used as an entire payment system for executing all the business operations smoothly.
  • Every transaction processed on the blockchain network can be tracked on a real-time basis. 
  • Everything is stored on a distributed ledger accessible to everyone ensuring complete transparency. 

The various plans offered to the users in our Cryptocurrency MLM Software

  • Unilevel plan – It is also popularly known as a single level plan. An unlimited number of members can join on the frontline. A distributor can experience maximum benefits as there are no spillovers. 
  • Binary plan – It functions as a binary tree. Each distributor sponsors at least two new members.  The two new members act as frontline distributors and further sponsor two distributors each. 
  • Hybrid plan – It has the features of both the Unilevel and the Binary plan. It eliminates the disadvantages present in both the plans. 
  • Matrix plan – It operates as a pyramid structure with a fixed width and height that imposes a limit on the number of distributors who can be sponsored in the first level. 

The process that we follow for developing a Smart Contract-Based MLM Software

  • Preliminary documentation and sharing the project draft. 
  • A rudimentary platform will be established hosting all the desired features and functions. 
  • The full-scale development of the platform will commence once the design has been approved. 
  • The MLM software will soon be installed on your server. 
  • We will also assist you with the marketing and promotion of your trading platform. 
  • We issue regular software updates to the platform. 

The services offered by us related to Cryptocurrency MLM Software on TRON, Ethereum, and Bitcoin

  • MLM software development – With the best programmers and support engineers, we render 24×7 services for all our clients ensuring 100% customer satisfaction. We cover binary plans and matrix plans. 
  • MLM product creation – Our MLM products can be used in different fields like investment, trading, insurance, mobile recharge, real estate, home appliances, advertisements, e-books, advertisements, and career planning. 
  • MLM website design – With a well-versed team of website designers and web developers, we give value-added services to our clients by creating dynamic web pages. This will help your target audience to access your product easily in many formats. Our data-driven website can host up to 1000’s of products online. We are skilled in replicating popular websites too. 
  • MLM planning and consultancy solutions – We will take concrete steps to understand your unique business requirements. You can discuss aspects like the integration of mobile-friendly features, personalized emails, multiple payment gateways, online shopping carts, inventory management systems, E-wallets, franchise management, smart cards, and loyalty programs, ensuring the implementation of international security standards, and preparing customizable MIS reports. 
  • Preparing an SMS integration solution – Distributors can join the system from anywhere and anytime just by sending an SMS to the platform. It will help your business to gain quick traction in the market. 
  • MLM plan promotion – We will project the uniqueness of your platform aggressively across various communication channels through an organized marketing campaign which will help you to stand out from the intense competition in the industry. We will ensure that your plans are accepted among a global user base. 

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Other tools available in our Whitelabel Cryptocurrency MLM Software

  • Multi-currency wallet – It ensures the secure storage and transfer of cryptocurrency. An integrated chat facility can be used to communicate for sending or receiving crypto assets. A user’s friends, family members, and colleagues can be invited to become a member of the MLM platform by sharing the referral link with them. The multi-currency wallet has institutional-grade security and can be accessed only using the private keys of users. 
  • API’s established with the leading crypto exchanges in the market – We create a secure API connection to the top-notch exchanges like Binance and Huobi. Hence, users can buy and sell their desired cryptos without the need to leave the platform at any time. We offer connections to a global pool of liquidity providers for enabling secure and instant transactions. 
  • A dedicated investment module for growth – This helps users to boost their returns on the invested funds. It is completely autonomous, has a highly transparent process, and the transactions are driven by automated smart contracts. 

Achieve the desired business outcomes by availing customized Cryptocurrency MLM software development in line with your operational requirements by contacting our innovative developer team soon. 

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