4 Most Culturally Rich Countries In Europe

Introduction to Culturally Rich Countries In Europe

Europe has several amazing, culturally rich countries with numerous interesting cultural destinations around them. It is actually the birthplace of several artists who have changed our way of living and seeing the world. It is always hard to tell which countries are the most beautiful ones or the best.

Depending on a wide range of factors, including UNESCO’s impact on the economy and the creative exports, in this article, you will find the most culturally rich countries in Europe that left a great social impact on the world.


There are several significant reasons to place Belgium on number one on this list. It is a rich cultural and artistic place that came from several well-known artists, including novelists, musicians, and painters. It includes the most stunning cultural places that you can find all across the country.

The popular paintings of Belgian artists are displayed in cathedrals and museums all across the country. The country’s contribution to Art Nouveau movements can be seen in the city of Brussels, and the culture is so well preserved in several wonderful museums.

Nowadays, Belgians are making their impact on cartoons and comics, with numerous carnivals and festivals, and contemporary music all over the country. If you are really interested in cultural places, then you must surely visit Belgium to admire the beauty it has preserved.

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The Netherlands is a country with several amazing and unique cultural places, including tulip fields, Amsterdam canals, and the windmills of Kinderdijk. You will surely love Amsterdam in the Netherlands, as it is so beautiful and unique, and different from other cities in Europe.

You might not even realize what the Netherlands has given to us. The breath-taking historical art has given some of the best artists across the country.

There are several amazing museums all over the country where you can find the popular Dutch Art, and most of them are found in Amsterdam. You can see several artists from the golden age in this particular place, and will definitely admire it.


Switzerland is one of the most beautiful and isolated countries in Europe. It is hugely influenced by its neighboring countries like German, Italy, and France. The tradition and culture of this small country are well-known all across the world.

This country’s attractive factor is their traditional clothing, a specific way of singing, known as yodel, and the wooden instrument that looks like a trumpet called alphorn.

Switzerland includes several amazing cultural places and institutions, and most of them are contributors to the world’s art scene. This place is the home to several creative minds during the war on European grounds. Ignazio Silone, Stefan George, Thomas Mann, Voltaire, Tristan Tzara, James Joyce, and Lord Byron all visited Switzerland to seek inspiration and safe harbor.

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Estonia is a country of rich cultural legacy, mainly known for its folk dance and song, rustic food, beautiful handicrafts, and wooden saunas.

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Tallinn is the capital of this country, which is known for its outstanding architecture in the city center. It was also designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997.

In this place, you can find the amazing Museum of Estonian Heritage, where you can know about the historical culture of this wonderful city and the extraordinary traditional architecture in the cities, especially located in the countryside.

When we talk about art, Estonia holds a great reputation on the music scene in entire Europe. This country has offered several great composers, such as Neeme Jarvi and Arvo Part.

There are numerous music festivals held all over the summer, which promote and celebrate Estonia’s traditional and contemporary music.


So, these are countries that come under the list of most culturally rich countries in Europe. Depending on a wide of factors and interesting historical heritage, these countries are considered culturally rich in all over Europe. You can visit any country to learn more about its history and to admire the beauty they all have given to us.

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