3 Best Ways Custom Envelopes Help You Build Your Brand

Introduction to Custom Envelopes

If you use direct mail to promote your products or services, you’re doing something fantastic that many businesses are overlooking.

But do you send your marketing brochures, leaflets, and other printed materials in beautiful, custom envelopes? You should, as they can make a better impression.

But before you start looking for the best printers for envelopes, let’s find out why you should use them.

Direct mail marketing can go a long way, but custom envelopes can take you even further. Using them for your direct mail can make a difference between a great business that cares about its customers and an extraordinary one that shows how much it values them.

Here are the most critical ways custom envelopes can help you build your brand.

Visually-Appealing Graphics Can Create an Excellent First Impression

With so many digital distractions, social notifications, email alerts, and what-not, people’s attention spans are getting shorter.

With an average attention span of eight seconds, you have very little time to capture someone’s attention and engage them with your brand.

To make matters worse, the sea of competition is vast, and everyone is fighting for consumers’ attention.

That means you need to find ways to stand out and make excellent first impressions. With direct mail, you already have a competitive edge, but you may not be reaching every prospective customer.

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Enter custom envelopes.

If you create business envelopes with an eye-catching design that grabs attention instantly, you will be halfway to converting your prospects.

They say, “don’t judge a book by its covers,” but you know that’s what we all do when it comes to brands.

Think about it. When browsing through your mail, would you open a generic envelope first or an exciting one with high-quality graphics? The latter, of course.

The key is to create a unique design that’s relevant to your brand and matches its personality. A high-quality design will grab attention, make a positive impression, and engage people in your brand.

Make sure it includes your logo and is consistent with all your other stationery materials.

The Right Color Can Stir an Emotional Response

Custom envelopes are an excellent way to harness the power of color psychology. It is a study that focuses on the ways colors and their various hues affect human behavior and evoke different emotions.

That’s why color psychology in marketing can be incredibly powerful. With the right colors, you can get the proper response from your target audience and supercharge your sales and revenue.

In the case of marketing envelopes, colors can differentiate between bland direct mail and a striking mailpiece that stirs an emotional response that connects people to your brand.

You can achieve that whether you use colored envelopes or opt for a splash of color on a white envelope.

It goes without saying that you should use your brand colors. You can also mix them with new ones that you’ll use for direct mail only. That way, your custom envelopes would stand out even more, and your customers would recognize your mail instantly.

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Speaking Directly to Customers Can Add a Personal Touch

Custom envelopes offer a fantastic way to speak directly to your customers. You can give a personal touch to your direct mail that engages your recipients and helps them connect with your brand on a more personal level.

When your prospects and customers receive your offer in a personalized envelope, they will feel closer to your brand.

They will see you less as a business trying to sell something and more as a friend reaching out to show them something interesting that can benefit their life.

With personalized envelopes, you can humanize your brand, which isn’t something you can often see these days.

Many businesses focus too much on the end result (sales and profits) that they lose track of what’s essential – forging strong, meaningful, and long-lasting customer relationships.

Now, you can address your recipients by their name only, or you can come up with a personalized message, such as “Dear John, we have an exciting offer for you!”

Depending on the offer, you can also use something like “Hey, John! Free gift waiting inside, just for you!” Now, who could resist opening such a letter?

The key is to know what motivates your audience and how you can make them excited about opening the mail.

Knowing what makes your customers tick and what they expect from your brand will help you make a real impact and inspire their long-term loyalty.

Final Thoughts

As you’ve gathered by now, custom envelopes can work wonders for your brand. Unique graphics, the right colors, and a bit of personalization can turn your direct mail into one of your most effective, highest-converting marketing tools.

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They can give your business a professional look that enhances its reputation and makes it memorable.

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