5 Apps That Help You To Customize Your Android Phones

Introduction to How To Customize Your Android Phones

Have you always dreamt of having a custom-made phone just for you? Are you unclear about the process? Are you wondering if there is even a possibility of doing this?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, then this article is for you.

Imagine living a life without personalization? That sounds scary, right!

We all believe in and look for customizations in anything and everything around us. Customization starts right from buying a pair of sandals to an expensive smartphone and to what not.

Who wouldn’t love things tailor-made only for them? Our food, homes, our complete lifestyle, needs to somehow reflect “us” as individuals.

Ergo analogically, our phones need customization too. Without a doubt, smartphones are taking over the world as we spend more time on mobile than desktop or laptop.

Ya, it is possible to have a pleasant mobile presence using an Android phone without tweaking a single setting. However, that doesn’t sound fun at all.

Particularly when a small bunch of downloads and a couple of moments of dabbling can turn your smartphone to a beautifully enhanced version, just the way you imagined it to.

Android is notable for its adaptability, and one thing that makes it stand out is that it provides a lot more flexibility, functionality, and massive freedom of customization.

Its simplicity to tweak, modify, and allow you to set your phones precisely the way you want it makes it more considerable amongst users.

It offers more depth of customization – toying around with the widget, ease of notification, flagship to low-cost apps, pixel-by-pixel, and even altering the design of hardware buttons, etc.; your options are practically limitless.

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Android is developed by Google and is a more open platform than Apple. It gives the developers freedom over the current OS and lets them fabricate their own version – which can later be downloaded, installed, and then replaced with the preloaded OS. With a little know-how and the right apps, you can make your phone really cool.

Still wondering where to start from.

Start with this ultimate top-rated, play store favorite smartphone customization solution to suit your usage habits and preferences.

Nova Launcher



Are you happy with your home screens look? If no, then enhance your home screen with a simple Nova app download. Nova is a ground-breaking, adjustable, and flexible home screen substitution.

The application lets you plan the design of your Android telephones, modifying background, symbols, and custom motions. Nova launcher is the most preferred in this class.

One element that stands apart is its adaptable swipe gestures. It offers uncommon highlights to upgrade the home screen, and the straightforwardness makes it an enormous accomplishment among the users.

The app provides exceptional features to customize your Android phones’ layout, add app drawer tabs, hidden folders, use gestures for quick navigation, customize wallpapers, icons, and custom gestures.




Widgets were one of the apparent reasons that made Android preferable than iOS. Kustom Widget Maker is strongly suggested for Android Themes and gadget fans.

It lets you traverse with the widgets, android’s most personalizable feature. The application lets you customize tweaked watches like Digital and Analog clocks, Weather widget, arbitrarily changing pictures, track weather right from your home screen, choose from a variety of beautiful themes, World clocks, and way more.

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Moreover, most likely, all you Android Themes and gadget fans will appreciate KWGT without a doubt.

Norton App Lock



How To Customize Your Android Phones
How To Customize Your Android Phones

Many of us are always worried about others accessing our private gallery, documents, banking apps, or even social platforms. That’s when the Norton app comes as a savior.

It is a top-rated antivirus and security app. Norton is a tycoon among the antivirus software merchants. The application shields your phone from interlopers with PIN or Pattern secret password lock and delivers your gadget virus free.

It has an alluring element of capturing pictures of intruders who take an attempt by unlocking with the wrong password and sends it to your email instinctually.

Furthermore, it prescribes the list of apps is locked. With most of your applications having singular locks, leaving your phone open is not anymore, a concern. It is a highly recommended security app for all you Android users.




When talking about Wallpapers, a counter-question emerges: Why is a Wallpaper application required when a basic google search can concoct some great choices?

Indeed, to answer that, looking for pictures and downloading them individually is very tedious; instead, we can utilize the handcrafted applications exclusively designed for it.

With an overflow of good wallpapers like Tapet, Backdrops, Wallpapers HD, and Muzei, Walli is the most well-known and suggested of them all.

With a profound variety, high quality, and cool collections of refreshing wallpapers solely made by industry specialists make them unique.

The app includes a distinct feature, permitting you to choose your preferred pictures, hit play, and discover your wallpaper mix automatically at a regular frequency.

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Malayalam Keyboard With Malayalam Stickers



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How many of us realize that the keyboard is one of the most neglected apps on our phone? On the flip side, it plays a vital role than anything else on our device.

Be it from editing reports to messaging your friends and family or as straightforward as looking for an application on your phone.

We all know it, yet a large portion of us cling to the default keyboard that comes preloaded with our Android device.

Hence, missing out on the other noteworthy third-party keyboard apps for Android with a wide range of features, input techniques, and distinctive user experiences.

With that comes the Malayalam Keyboard, which is arguably the best Malayalam language keyboard app out there.

The app gives you an easy and smooth typing experience, either by transliterating English to Malayalam or changing over your content into Malayalam by typing in the Malayalam (Manglish) console.

The app also offers a never-ending library of free & funny comic stories with your own face in it. As it is easier to build a connection when you put a face to a sticker.

It is definitely worth the download.

Download Malayalam Keyboard Click Here!

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