5 Facts: How Data Center Services Can Be Helpful for Your Small Business?

Introduction to Data Center Services

We live in a fiercely competitive world where small companies are constantly looking for ways of maximizing revenue and streamlining operations.

One of the ways of doing this is by optimizing IT infrastructure. With increasing digitization, businesses have begun to understand the value of information technology (IT) in their operations.

They are increasingly partnering with managed service providers (MSPs) and data centers to implement complex solutions that can help in the furtherance of their goals.

Be it colocation or cloud deployment, switching to a data center can unleash their potential and help them attain new heights of success.

Here are the key benefits your small business can enjoy by outsourcing IT to a data center:

1) High Uptime and Reliability

Server uptime is important for making your website/application available to your users. Small companies suffer a severe financial and reputational loss if their servers become unavailable and the website goes offline.

In fact, even a minute of downtime can cause them to lose around $5,600-a big amount by any standard.

All premium data centers in India offer an uptime of 99.99% or more. This assures their customers, particularly small businesses, that their systems will stay up and running consistently.

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2) More Connectivity Options

A data center environment allows small businesses to access a range of online services through a single cross-connect.

So, whether your company wants to stream content to users or harness the public cloud, data centers present a range of options.

Most of the data centers are carrier-neutral, which means they allow you to select the ISP of choice; in this way, they bring in redundancy into their infrastructure.

The competition among different ISPs helps bring down prices, allowing you to access high-end features in an affordable price range and also prevents them from being locked into exclusive contracts.

3) Remote Hands

As you might have experienced, routine IT tasks can take up a lot of staff’s time. If your IT infrastructure isn’t up to the mark, your team may spend a lot of time troubleshooting instead of devising ways to utilize the existing infrastructure and drive better business results. In such a scenario, a lot of maintenance would be required to help them operate at peak efficiency.

In a data center, you have remote hands taking care of your servers. When you have technicians working 24*7 to resolve issues, you remain assured of the hassle-free working of your IT systems. Such an arrangement brings in a great deal of flexibility with respect to IT deployment that you can never get with an in-house team.

4) Robust Security

Given the surge in the number of data breaches in recent years, even small businesses cannot be lax when it comes to securing their systems.

While cyberattacks primarily target large corporations and government organizations, small businesses remain vulnerable too.

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More often than not, these entities fail to build the requisite infrastructure to secure themselves from malicious actors.

Only by outsourcing their IT infrastructure to a reliable data center facility, they can be assured of a foolproof set-up.

Premium data center services in India offer a range of multi-tier physical and cybersecurity measures that restrict access to data and IT assets.

These typically include biometric verification, surveillance cameras, firewalls, IP monitoring tools, and so on.

Many of these facilities are working towards building a zero-trust architecture where every transaction, movement or iteration of data is verified before it can be connected to the systems, and the staff is notified immediately if an intrusion is detected.

Besides, these facilities maintain a backup of your data and applications, ensuring your business continues to operate normally even during times of distress.

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5) Cost-effectiveness

While there is no denying that IT has become an integral part of organizations today, maintaining an in-house facility can be an expensive proposition even for a small business.

You need to spend money on installing and maintaining servers, hiring staff for its maintenance, paying electricity bills and floor rentals, and so on.

All these add up to a significant capital expense. In addition, you have to cope with the power and cooling needs of your IT equipment.

By hiring the services of a top-notch data center in India, you can avail the aforementioned facilities at competitive rates, thanks to the economies of scale they bring in their operations.

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Equipped with top-of-the-line power and cooling facilities, these centers create a conducive environment for the functioning of your servers.

You enjoy world-class amenities by spending a fraction of what you would spend in building an on-premises facility.

Give your Business the much-needed Edge with Data Center Solutions

With technology growing by leaps and bounds, data centers are no longer the conventional server warehouses of yesteryears.

They provide small businesses with a range of industry-leading deployment options and quality service, all while helping them prepare for unforeseen events.

Outsourcing IT infrastructure to an eminent data center provider like Go4hosting can help you not only derive maximum value from your systems but also realize long-term objectives.

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