Want To Be A Tech Expert In 2020? Do Data Science Certifications

Data Science Certifications

Introduction to Data Science Certifications Let’s get you ready for the future.

The world is very different today than what it was just 5 months ago. Even by the standards of technology-related innovations that bring about the rapid spurt of disruptions across all industries, the change within Data Science itself has been crazy.

Today, computing acceleration has been lowered too so dramatic levels that projects in data science are getting completed within matters of days, if not hours. In fact, a very popular fitness monitoring and health app have created the analytics to measure COVID-19 symptoms among heart patients within 72 hours. That’s the kind of mobile app development and computing pace we are staring at now.

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Last-mile Delivery Models

Overnight things have changed for logistics and cargo delivery systems. A lot of accidents are happening at the last mile delivery phase where the drivers/riders are meeting with mishaps due to various reasons.

The project using data science applications aims to recognize the various industries that are currently using last-mile delivery apps and understand the complex challenges that give rise to accident situations.

It could be applied directly to doorstep delivery agencies, mail delivery services, automobile sales, retail delivery, and DTC item sellers.

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Speech to Text

All voice-enabled devices like Amazon’s Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant have opened up a new marked for speech-enabled apps and experience management tools.

Data Science projects aim to focus on the various languages and their phonology benchmarks to build a data set of global speech to text analytics that can be applied directly to any task.

For example, Japanese students learning about the German language can access speech to a text editor to convert popular German novels into text.

Camera to Text to Speech

A powerful application of computer vision, camera lens, and optical character recognition software could give rise to the next level of education apps.

If you are wondering about using computers to read you from a book in a language you understand, it’s possible. By using Machine learning algorithms built on Python coding, data scientists are working with open source audiobook inventory to convert billions of text content into speech/voice data.

Going a step ahead, a robotic assistant fitted with a camera and analytical sensors could read from a physical book stored in your library and read to you at the most convenient time. Guess what?

The book was in English, and the program converted it into 5 popular languages you understand, read by voice characterization inspired by your favorite movie star, Shah Rukh Khan or Kareena Kapoor!

Heat Maps for Stray Cattles and Domesticated Animals

Stray cattle and animals can be a real menace if the local authorities don’t have a hang of their population. Data Science certification projects could focus on classifying the different population groups of strays — dogs, cows, pigs, cats, and so on.

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It could lead to building a census of the number of sterilized strays and their healthcare management, preventing the spread of disease and overpopulation in different parts of the locality.

Similar programs have inspired global marine and rainforest conservation campaigns undertaken by the likes of Microsoft, Google, and the World Economic Forum.

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Advanced Forest Fire Intelligence and Detection

The use of AI-based drones and geolocation cameras can prevent the occurrence of major bush fires that have ravaged forests in the past. The recent forest fire outbreaks such as Amazon and Australia have opened up the eyes of data scientists who understand their role in preventing such catastrophes.

Drones and UAVs could be fitted with rovers and machine learning controlled software to identify hotbeds within the forest deep areas where the severity of fire could be maximum and thereafter chart out the path these fire trails might take before savaging the nearest human-inhabited areas.


Given the nature of applications, we seek today from the market, Data Science certifications are increasingly encouraging projects that go down the granular levels of customer experience, voice search, and AI assistants.

With the knowledge of correct data science, deep learning, and analytics tools, you can practically create any futuristic project that could be useful in solving real problems.

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