5 Reasons That You Don’t Want To Date The Same Person For The Second Time

Introduction to Date The Same Person For The Second Time

Suppose you are a guy and you are feeling excited that your first date with a girl went really well. You planned to meet with her in a wonderful evening for a quick drink after your office hours and ended up your date talking for 4 hours.Both of clicked photos,and also have same interests and thoughts regarding some topics and both of yours conversations flows easily.

Every time the waiter comes and asked whether to take another round of drinks or not?she smiles and said yes.

After spending this much of quality time with a girl you started to think “yes” from her.

But the whole scenario get worst when you text her on the next day and asker her that when you could see her again? And the reply came from another side suddenly make you feel hurt and confused that she is not interested now to go out with you for a second date.

Suddenly you started to think that if she doesn’t feel any kind of interest to go out with you for another date then why did she spent 4 hours with you?

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This might be a story to you but this kind of situation happens frequently with most of the peoples who love to go out for a date.

Mentors have worked on both sides of the scenarios and came to the conclusion that this kind of date can make the rejected person fell bewildered and questioning that how they could misread the whole situation after spending such a quality time. Most of the times this kind of situation led down the confidence of that person to go out for another date with another person.

So here are the 5 reasons why people get rejected and turned down after asking for a second date, even after having the first one gone well.

Date The Same Person For The Second Time
Date The Same Person For The Second Time

1.You are not romantic

In this case, a person thought that you are nice and fun and so they grow their own interest to talk with you and enjoyed your company.

But they did not feel any kind of sexual or romantic attraction inside you which is very much important for a person to make her partner feel how romantic you are. Thus the feebleness of enough chemistry inside you lacks.

2. Don’t talk more about your ex until Asked

Most of the peoples go out for a date without overcoming the past relationship. They hope that they use to meet someone who has some great personality to take them out from the past and pursue a new relationship.

Thus this kind of person raises a high bar for you to pass on, the most higher one that you have ever faced in normal circumstances. This kind people mostly ask you for a second date but according to the current state of their emotional attachment, they still feel some strong connection for their ex.

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This kind of people will always compare you with their ex to know you in a better manner

3. Never compare them with someone they disliked most

The most common reason for not wanting to get out for a second date is that you remind them about someone whom they disliked most. ” wow you look like my uncle in old pictures” or ” she is a dentist and the last three girls I met were also a dentist and were really difficult to take or she went the same college where my ex has been etc can start to irritate people.

They started to decide early on their mind that they were not made for each other and not to meet you further for an outing. But your fun and niceness make them decide to make the best time you spent together.

4. In someway you are too good in comparison to them

Sometimes your good behavior can make them feel bad for themselves.

For example, you are much more competitive, ambitious, and focused on your life that makes them start to feel uncomfortable as they take their life more easily for granted.

You are a nonsmoker and nonalcoholic but they love to went for party hangouts with friends.you are a diet conscious and they are preparing for burger eating contest.

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This may make them feel that you have raised the standard of yours which they cant meet and are not eager to meet in their life. They will also not consider that someone judges them about the way of life they are leading off. This kind of situation is also the reason for saying no to making out for the second date.

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Date The Same Person For The Second Time
Date The Same Person For The Second Time

5. Just to have sex

Sometimes people met through some dating apps and stated that they are in a relationship but the main intension is to hook up with you at any cost.

But after going through several conversations they started to realize that they have chosen the wrong person to hook up.

Thus they decide not to hurt your feelings and stayed calm and friendly for that time being and decided not to meet you again.

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