17 Best Ways to Help Delay Aging

Introduction to Delay Aging

As we grow older, our skins start to lose their glow and shine, and we start having wrinkles. While aging is an inevitable process in our lives, there are some things we can do to delay it and keep our skin looking younger and glowy for longer.

There are medical and natural methods to choose from depending on your preference.


  1. Dermabrasion and microdermabrasion

These processes involve removing the outermost layer of the skin. Dermabrasion is done on small spots of the face and is done using a small rotating brush. This takes only one session to get your results.

On the other hand, microdermabrasion is done on the whole face, with a machine used to spray particles on the face. It may take several microdermabrasion sessions to get the desired results, but it takes less time to heal than dermabrasion.

Both of these methods work by stimulating the skin to produce a new layer of skin to replace the one that has been removed.

  1. Dermal fillers

One of the things that cause the skin to wrinkle and lose its elasticity is the lower production of collagen and hyaluronic acid. Injectable fillers mostly involve injecting these two substances into the skin to increase its tightness and beat wrinkles and fine lines.

  1. Chemical peels

Similar to dermabrasion and microdermabrasion, chemical peels involve removing the outermost skin layer but using chemicals. Not only does it promote the growth of newer and brighter skin, but it also removes dark spots and wrinkles.

  1. Botox injections

Botox, also called botulinum neurotoxin, is a substance usually injected into the skin to stop wrinkles from forming or worsening. It does that by preventing the movement of muscles in the area where it was injected.

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      5. Fractional laser skin resurfacing

This anti-aging procedure involves the doctor directing a concentrated and sharp ray of light to the skin. That sharp laser damages a layer of the skin, and that stimulates the damaged skin layer to peel and regenerate new, brighter and tighter skin.

      6. Microneedling

Microneedling is a process that involves the skin being punctured using a lot of small needles. Those punctures made in the skin promote the skin to produce more collagen, which in turn tightens the skin and makes it brighter.


  • Protect the skin from the sun

Exposing the skin to direct sunlight not only causes sunburns but also contributes to skin aging and wrinkles. That is because there are UVB rays that cause sunburns and UVA rays that cause premature aging.

Anytime you will be going out whether, for a short or long time, it is key that you protect your skin from the sun. One of the most common ways to do that is by using sunscreen.

For maximum protection, use a broad-spectrum, water-resistant sunscreen with between 30 and 50 SPF. Always include sunscreen in your skincare routine, or use products that already have it in them.

You can also cover your skin with light long-sleeved shirts, pants, and wide hats. Also, avoid sitting near bright walls because they can reflect the sun rays on your skin.

  • Moisturize

Moisturizers act to increase the moisture in our skin and helps lock it in for longer. As you grow old, your skin becomes drier, which promotes the occurrence of wrinkles.

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Ensure to always moisturize after showering, and do so when the skin is still damp. Also, check your moisturizer’s ingredients to ensure there are no harsh chemicals that will irritate your skin.

  • Drink enough water

Our body needs water for digestion, cooling, and removing toxins. Also, it helps the skin remain tight and bright, reducing the occurrence of wrinkles.

  • Quit smoking

Tobacco smoking damages elastin and collagen, fibers that strengthen the skin and maintain its elasticity. Also, nicotine constricts your blood vessels, which reduces the amount of blood that reaches the skin.

Therefore, your skin does not get adequate oxygen. The reduced blood flow also means that the skin does not get enough of the vital minerals and vitamins like Vitamin A.

  • Relax your face

Making facial expressions or squinting contracts the underlying muscles of the skin. If you continually make those facial expressions of squint a lot, the muscles are continually contracted, resulting in permanent line formation.

  • Sleep on your back

Who would have known that your sleeping position could speed up your aging process? Sleeping on your stomach or your side exposes you to mechanical compression forces, which causes your skin to wrinkle.If you sleep on one side more often, wrinkles will be more pronounced on that side.

  • Use silk pillowcases

Silk pillowcases are good for the skin because they create lesser friction compared to cotton pillowcases. They also keep your skin from abrasion.

  • Exercise

Exercises not only help you lose weight or gain muscles. It also helps boost the immune system and improve your blood circulation, which boosts oxygen and nutrients in your skin, making it look healthier and brighter.

  • Have a healthy diet

You are what you eat. Ensure that you eat foods that nourish the skin, like vegetables and fruits. Avoid sugary and fatty foods because they wrinkle the body due to the process of breaking down glucose.

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Add foods that are rich in proteins and healthy fats. Proteins promote the skin’s production of collagen, which is a chemical compound that keeps your skin tighter.

Also, healthy fats increase the amounts of fat in the body, ensuring that the skin is tight, bright, and doesn’t dry.

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  • Avoid alcohol

Alcohol dehydrates your skin, causing it to dry, and over time causes fine lines and permanent wrinkles.

  • Wash your face regularly

Your face is exposed to a lot of dirt, dust, and germs throughout the day. Makeup and skincare products also sit on the skin for the whole day.

Washing your face helps remove all the dirt, sweat and dust, and helps remove the products that may clog your pores.

Unclogging the pores ensures that there is enough oxygen getting to the skin, making it healthier. Ensure you wash your face with gentle products that don’t irritate the skin.

Also, wash your face with lukewarm water because hot water removes all its essential oils, leaving it dry and wrinkly.

Exfoliating is also important because it helps remove any dead cells from your skin. However, exfoliate minimally because over-exfoliating could irritate your skin, causing breakouts.

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