How To Develop A Fantasy Sports Website And App Like Dream 11?

Introduction to Develop A Fantasy Sports Website

Sports is one of the prominent sectors that brings a vast community together, and when it is Cricket, Indians had a different level of craziness.

This game is like a religion for them, which makes them overwhelmed, excited, thrilled, and happy. And why not it is actually a game of passion.

Well, IPL all begins, and the number of online views on the inauguration match justifies the madness of sports lovers.

However, this year the cricket fans could not go to stadiums and cheer their favorite team winnings, but they can play with them.

Yes, fantasy sports app like Dream11 has made this possible. Well, you all are aware of this name before, as it is one of the biggest names in the fantasy sports industry, and currently, they are the title sponsors of the popular IPL season 2020.

Fantasy apps are considered a perfect companion for sports fanatics who want to stay connected with their favorite sports somehow.

And apps like Dream11 give them a platform to stick to their beloved game. Undeniably, Dream11 has come so far excellently, and their success journey is enough to motivate other entrepreneurs to build a fantasy sports website like Dream 11.

Now, the demand for fantasy sports websites and applications is on another level. Every 3 out of 5 business people are eager to invest in fantasy sports app development.

But what are these fantasy sports apps? Why is it so popular? and How can you develop your own? If you are a beginner in this field and looking to create a fantasy sports app like Dream11, these kinds of questions might trouble you.

Don’t worry; this post provides a comprehensive study about the fantasy sports apps, including its market growth, industry dynamics, features, benefits, tech stack, and cost required.

So, let’s explore the wonderful world of fantasy apps in detail. Before moving ahead, let’s first discuss the core concept-

What are fantasy sports apps?

Fantasy sports apps are a platform that allows users to create their own virtual or fantasy team based on real-time players.

They can pick any player of their choice based on their performance, strength, weakness, and formats. The players they chose are the actual ones playing live matches on the field.

Yes, fantasy sports apps offer users an excellent opportunity to play their favorite games with real players and teams.

After drafting a complete team, users can participate in multiple contests and tournaments powered by the platform.

They can even compete against their family and friends by inviting them over the application via referrals and codes.

The incredible thing about these applications is the bonuses and the winning amounts. Users get a chance to win outstanding cash prizes as their winnings.

Fantasy sports apps like Dream 11, also famous for its massive winning amount. Even currently, the platform offers an amount of INR 50 Cr. as a winning prize. These apps are meant to provide you with the joy of playing multiple sports from your couch’s comfort.

We hope you have got the exact idea of what the platform is all about. Now let’s take a look at its emerging market-

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Market Size of Fantasy sports apps-

From a teenager to an adult, everyone loves to play Cricket, and Cricket in India is nothing short of worship, totally incomparable. Hence, it becomes one of the biggest reasons for expanding the scope of fantasy sports apps in the Indian market.

The final stats from different surveys and reports are entirely jaw-dropping, somehow it justifies the success and increasing demand for fantasy sports apps like Dream 11.

  • According to, the global market revenue is predicted to be 2,174 Million Dollars with a CAGR of 18.6% by 2023.
  • The fantasy sports industry of the US is worth $18 billion.
  • In the US, over 65% of users play fantasy sports via a mobile app.
  • In India, over 67% of cricket fans play fantasy sports via mobile.
  • In India, on average, every user spent 42 minutes on fantasy sports apps.
  • There are more than 4 crore fantasy sports app users in India.
  • In India, fantasy sports recognition is 65% from metro towns, and over 69% form non-metro towns.
Develop A Fantasy Sports Website
Develop A Fantasy Sports Website

Now, another significant question that hits an entrepreneur mind is-

What are the benefits of investing in fantasy sports websites or applications?

Every business person is looking for competent motives before investing in any projects, and why not, everyone desires for profit. Here we’ve curated some top reasons you should invest in a fantasy sports website like Dream 11. 

  1. Less Business Competition– Fantasy sports in India have a significant market scope; although it has become a super common concept these days, it’s still a new phenomenon. Wondered, How? The demand for a fantasy sports app is high, but the options are limited. Currently, there are only a few platforms that have a broad range of audiences. So, it is high time for you to enter into the market with a unique USP. An early and quick launch will help you grab the target audience and hold your loyalty in less time.
  2. Opportunity to present it differently– As this concept is new in the market, you have chances to make it more extraordinary. The industry is yet in its initial phase, allowing you to explore it more with different experiments. If you launch your fantasy sports website once the patterns have decided, you would not make it worth and stand apart. But, today, you have a chance to make it more unique and outstanding.
  3. Numerous possibilities – Undeniably, India is a treasure trove for sports, especially for cricket. Here you have found a plethora of tournaments right from International leagues like ODI, T20, test matches, to national events like IPL. This pool of opportunities will help you determine how fantasy sports apps like Dream11 do wonders in the Indian market. These events not only help you to cover the Indian market but also broaden your scope in international markets.
  4. Legalization Aspect – Though many people relate fantasy sports with betting or gambling, but in reality, it is entirely a game of pure skills, talent, and knowledge. Based on the facts, the Supreme Court of India has also declared it legal as a “game of skills.” As per the Central Government Act, “The Public Gambling Act, 1867, comprising 18 Section 12 states, “Nothing is the provision of this Act shall be held to apply to any game of mere skill wherever played”… By Law and Legal Aspects for Fantasy Sports Games in India.

Therefore, the legalization has ultimately increased the scope of fantasy sports websites and applications and attracted potential investors.

Let’s move forward and talk about the features you need to include in your app.

Features and Functionalities included in fantasy sports apps like Dream11: –

The application’s success depends on its features and functionalities. The more robust the features, the more will be its demand.

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The application functionality must be different for the player and the administrator. Thus, the application requires distinct features. So, let’s move forward and see what these features are:

User Panel features-

  1. Login/ Register –
    The first and the essential feature required to access any application is the Login. The users need to fulfill the specific details, including name, mobile number, and email ID, to enter an application. They can even login with their existing social media accounts.
  2. User Dashboard –
    Once the authentication is done, the next window appears on the user’s screen in the dashboard. The user will find various sports and the latest information about all the forthcoming events on this page.
  3. Filter & Search-
    If a user wants to participate in any specific leagues or sports, the filter & search option will help him. By applying this feature, they will get the desired results so far.
  4. Contest page –

    Under this section, users will find detailed contests listings, including information like name and competition type, entrance fee, competition-winning amount. With this feature, users can choose their preferred matches and start playing.

  5. Custom contest –

    This feature allows users to create a contest of their own choice. They can quickly make it by providing details such as competition amount, winning amount, competition size, multiple teams allowed or not, entrance fee, etc.

  6. Profile management –
    For a fantasy app, the “my profile” feature is essential. Under this section, users can collect their reward points and account information such as available balance, cash bonus, winning numbers, etc. They can even view transactions, handle payments, add money, and transfer funds. Moreover, they can find their friends and track their rankings, through which they can invite them and receive a referral bonus.
  7. Payment –
    A secure payment gateway is the most critical feature of a fantasy sports app. Make sure you offer multiple payment options to your users, including debit and credit cards. The simpler and smoother the payment mode, the higher the probability they will keep your app.

Admin Panel features-

  1. Login –

    Similarly, like users, the admin also requires to login by fulfilling the required details. Without a proper login, the admin cannot control the portal firmly.

  2. Admin Dashboard –
    A robust dashboard is essential for the admin as it helps them to keep a detailed record of the app functioning such as leagues, data, earnings, and any other vital schemes.
  3. Manage tournaments –
    With this feature, the admin can manage multiple sports. It allows them to control the game categories, add, or even remove a contest from the lists.
  4. Earnings and payment management –
    Under this section, the admin can review the total revenues. Besides that, this will help them to handle different payment modes inside the apps.
  5. Request management –
    This feature helps the admin manage the participant’s request to withdraw their winnings. The admin will be allowed to accept and deny the details and eventually submit payments to the participants who won their competitions.

Though the user and admin features mentioned above help make your app ready to launch but, who needs basic features?
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To make an app successful in the marketplace, it is necessary to implement the advanced features, so give your fantasy sports app an exceptional feel by integrating the following robust features-

Advanced features: –

  1. Live Score –
    Integrating live score is one of the most incredible ideas. It does not help in increasing user engagement but also allows users to keep track of their fantasy team’s success, depending on their real-life performances.
  2. Real-time analytics –
    Fantasy sports apps are all about real-time analytics and factual data. This feature offers real-time insights into a live match that will help your users to make faster, better, and quick decisions.
  3. Geolocation –
    GPS location tracking and monitoring are essential since it allows the app to send critical push alerts to users for the current or upcoming tournaments or any other sports-related news.
  4.  Push notifications –
    The push notification feature keeps users updated about every event. It will send quick reminders about their favorite games that are about to start or its result.
  5.  Loyalty programs –
    Loyalty programs keep the user committed to the application effectively.

Tools and Tech Stack required to build an app like Dream 11: –

A quick look at the top tech stack used to build a fantasy sports website and app like Dream11-

  • Front end – HTML5, CSS 3, Angular JS, Bootstrap, AWS CDN, jQuery
  • Back end – PHP, Node JS, Express JS, CodeIgniter, Laravel,
  • Database – MYSQL, MongoDB, Rest API, Cassandra, MailChimp Integration
  • Real-Time-Analytics – Hadoop, Apache Flink, CISCO, IBM, Big Data
  • Push Notification – Adpush, Urban Airship, Twilio, Amazon SNS.
  • Cloud– AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Cloud Foundry, Salesforce
  • Payment– PayPal, E-wallets, PayUMoney, Braintree
  • Sports API– GoalServe, Cricket API, SportsMonks, CRICINFO

Cost to build a fantasy sports app like Dream 11:

The cost to develop a fantasy sports app like Dream 11 will depend on your application’s features, functionality, and platform. So, let’s take a look at the factors first that affect your total budget significantly.

Factors affecting the development cost: –

  1. Geography –
    It is indeed found that development’s price differs according to the regions. Like the US developer, costs are higher than Indian developers.
  2. Complexity –
    The more features and functionalities you want in your app, the more the app becomes complex. And developing complex applications is not an easy task; only experts could do that. Thus, the complexity led experts to charge more.
  3. Platform –
    The app platform plays a massive role in app deployment. There are two prominent platforms available in the market Android and iOS. Companies usually prefer Android over iOS, as it has more user-reach, but in terms of popularity standards, iOS gives a fierce competition to Android. Moreover, Android costs less as compared to iOS.
  4. Development Team
    You will need a team that will assist you in the game development following.
  • Project manager
  • Front-end developer.
  • Back-end developer.
  • UI/UX developer.
  • QA engineer.
  • Business analyst.

So, the average cost to develop a fantasy sports app like Dream11 will cost between $3000-$8000 depending on requirements. Whereas, In the US, it will cost you about $25k to $80k approximately.

Wrap Up:

We hope you have enjoyed all the information needed to create a fantasy sports app like Dream11 for your business.

Note, fantasy sports apps have become the Culture of The Future Sports soon, and as more countries legalize it, it is projected to accelerate exponentially shortly.

However, creating a fantasy sports app isn’t straightforward, but it’s also not impossible. All you need to do is hire a trusted and reliable fantasy sports app development company.

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