7 Best Features To Be Considered While Developing An Uber Clone App

Introduction to Developing An Uber Clone App

Technological advancement has paved the way for a flexible and more convenient way of life.  With people preferring the reliability of cashless payments, mobile applications took a front seat in the way people travel. Everyone has a busy schedule these days and hence prefer to opt for a solution that can help them reach their destination on time.
A taxi dispatch solution is preferred by taxi owners for its fully automated operations, its cost-effectiveness, and for customer satisfaction. While it is common for you to be skeptical about this idea, the number of benefits that it offers will help you make an informed decision.
The advantages of reliable taxi software extensive and mentioned below are a few of them.

Improved Booking Frequency

An efficient taxi booking system will help improve the number of bookings being made. The GPS location-based routing and mapping enables real-time location recommendations for the taxis available.

This encourages more people to make bookings online and it will thus amplify the occupancy rates of the customers to a greater extent.

Enhanced Brand Awareness

A taxi dispatch solution will enable you to provide enhanced services to the customers. With better services, brand awareness for your business would also improve.

Moreover, as long as the customers have your taxi dispatch app on their smartphones, your brand’s name and logo will be displayed which would be noticed by the customer every time they use their phones.
This is a kind of repetitive marketing for your brand. The more people use your app and the more they are satisfied with it, there’s a better possibility of them telling others about it.
Also, mobile apps help brands establish their presence globally which can help expand their business across geographical borders too. If you hope to advertise your brand and reach thousands of people, a taxi dispatch software is a way to go.

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Better ROI

Solo flying drivers get access to a limited crowd while taxi booking software can help them gain access to a comparatively larger crowd of customers.

Everyone these days has a busy life and therefore the customers prefer to book a cab on the go and having it arrive on their doorstep. It is inevitably more convenient than walking down the road and calling for a taxi to stop.
Due to the convenience that a taxi dispatch solution has to offer, there has been a clear increase in the number of trips that a driver takes through a taxi management app.

This means a better return on investment for our business. The results are obvious and both the owners and taxi drivers would be able to benefit from it greatly.

Optimum Management of Vehicle

When cars are used for a taxi business, they will no doubt require maintenance or break down at some point in time. However, when you have multiple vehicles in your fleet, it can be quite difficult to keep a track of all of them and maintain them. This is when the taxi dispatch solution comes into play.
When you use reliable and efficient taxi software, you would be able to automate most of the operations. This in turn aids in easier maintenance of all the vehicles.

The progress can be tracked and drivers are alerted on time to keep up with the maintenance of the cars. The GPS facility offers an additional advantage and makes tracking the vehicles to ensure their safety a lot easier.

Secure Payment System

With the world becoming increasingly digital, people avoid carrying cash. Neither does anyone prefer getting paid in cash nor does one carry a lot of money to make cash payments?

Online transfer, automatic transfers, and swiping cards have become a popular way to make payments and for the right reasons. It helps make payments easily and is definitely a more secure form of payment.

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A reliable taxi dispatch system offers some of the most secure payment gateways that you can possibly get integrated into your software.

The app developers can easily integrate PayPal, Stripe, or other popular gateways into the taxi software. The option of cash payment can be included for those who prefer paying in cash over digital payments.

Assured Passenger Safety

Each trip booked through your taxi dispatch software will be tracked right from the time the cab picks up the passenger until it leaves them at their chosen drop-off location. The driver’s history of all his past trips is also stored in the system and the ratings given to him on his previous trips will be displayed.
Additionally, with the entire trip being tracked, the driver will be discouraged to indulge in any kind of wrongdoings. The driver cannot go on any other route except the predefined one to drop off the passenger safely. Some of the most efficient taxi dispatch solutions also come with an additional SOS button feature to ensure the safety of the passengers.
The SOS button can be pressed by the passengers whenever they are feeling unsafe. This button will send their tracking details to their emergency contacts thereby alerting them. With passenger safety, a primary concern, more and more people are likely to choose your brand over others.

Real-time Tracking

An efficient taxi dispatch solution has to have a real-time tracking feature. GPS tracking makes it easy for both the rider and the driver to be updated about each other’s location.

To ensure easy and smooth pickups, this is a necessity. In case the driver goes in another direction, the passenger can easily call him and guide him in the right direction by simply looking at their smartphones.
Other than that, it also aids in tracking all trips in real-time. A history of all the trips would be created which can later be reviewed if the need be. The biggest benefit of this is that the history of trips can be segregated by each driver along with other important details of the trip.
This information comes in handy when reviewing the performance of the drivers or if in case there’s a complaint. This will help establish that you are an industry leader and enable you to stay in the market for long.
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In order to ensure that your business runs smoothly without encountering any major management issues, a taxi dispatch solution would be your best bet.

It will help your business grow exponentially by managing the drivers, all the bookings made, and enhance the overall experience of the customers.
In today’s competitive world, it has become all the more important to stand out from the crowd to be successful. With everything being managed efficiently, you wouldn’t have to worry about the passengers being disappointed or your fleet not performing optimally.

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