An Intense Introduction To Some Factors In Developing Your Mobile App

Introduction to Developing Your Mobile App

Although we are currently facing a global pandemic crisis, we are also entering a decade that promises to be one of the most exciting for the tech space.

Among these industries poised for further development is the mobile application development market. Available for access at the tap of a screen, mobile apps maintain a ubiquitous presence in the life of smartphone users.

Being so accessible, mobile apps have an unprecedented monopoly on the time and usage of most iPhone, android, and other smartphone owners.

Therefore, with demand as great as the number of potentially viable apps, app development companies in New York and around the US are looking to turn mobile app ideas into market-ready products.

However, turning your concept from a good idea into a professional, finished mobile app requires time, effort, and most of all good research.

To look ahead at the potential costs you will face, whether as a mobile app development company in New York or a fledgling app company looking to build your business or technical infrastructure, here is a short guide to the variable costs of building a mobile app and the pros and cons of developing that app in New York as opposed to developing the app overseas.

The Average Cost of Creating an App with an App Development Company in New York City

Depending on the scope and complexity of your product, a mobile app development company in New York may charge you anywhere from $25,000 to over $100,000 to develop your app.

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According to an article and infographic released by, so-called “User Friendly” apps (apps with the least complex, most functionally pared-down coding) cost an average of $40,000 – $60,000 to make. Tinder and Periscope are examples of “User Friendly” apps.

Apps with medium complexity such as WhatsApp or QuizUp, in other words relatively straightforward apps with a few complex features, cost an average of $61,000 – $69,000.

Creating a technically complex or “Feature Rich” app can cost between $70,000 – $100,000 according to this study.

Examples of apps of this category are Uber and Instagram, which support an enormous global user base and constantly expand on their arsenal of in-app features.

Breaking down these costs even further, the price of building your mobile app relates directly to five general categories relating to the app’s composition.

The first category is the app’s number of features as well as the scope of functionality. This category answers the questions “what do you want your app to do?” and “how many users can you support?”

The second category to consider is the visual quality of the app’s interface. In other words, “how much are you willing to invest in the originality and professional polish of your brand’s graphic design?”

Third – the coding language and intended platform for the app (e.g. Apple iOS, Android, etc.). According to another study by Cleveroad, building your app for usability on one platform costs around the same, regardless of the platform you build it for.

Apple mobile apps and Android mobile apps have roughly equivalent costs. Depending on the programming language you choose for your app, as well as if you opt for usability across multiple platforms, building your app becomes more expensive.

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The fourth category is the backend and administrative functionality. The backend of your app refers to the operating system that shares information between the app and the database.

A sound backend infrastructure enables data analysis, which can help assess the performance of your app.

Finally, the fifth category of app cost is the makeup of your in-person team. This category answers the question “who will run the day-to-day functionality of my app, and where will we be based?”

Depending on where you choose to build your app, whether, with a mobile app development company in New York, you will encounter a range of cost and practicality considerations.

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Pros and Cons of Choosing an App Development Company in New York or North America Versus Elsewhere

To return to some data by Cleveroad, app development costs you a simplified average of $50 – $300 per hour in North America.

Mobile app developers in New York will usually charge you around $50 – $250 per hour to work on your app, although this price varies depending on the complexity of the app.

Australia, the UK and Canada range in cost, but they will also charge you at least $50 an hour and up to $200 an hour. On the other hand, in regions such as South America, Indonesia and Ukraine, development costs an average of $25-$50 an hour, and some companies in India charge as little as $18 an hour.

If you choose to build your app overseas, you have a greater talent pool to choose from and more bang for your buck in terms of expertise at lower costs.

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However, discrepancies in time zones can make it functionally difficult for your team to coordinate. Moreover, without in-person relationships, you sacrifice a sense of face-to-face consistency that helps get your entire team on the same page.

On the other hand, Selecting a mobile app development company in New York will on-average cost you more money.

However, building a relationship with a company you can physically visit offers the benefit of more interconnectivity between your business and app development teams.

Ideally, if you are developing a mobile app in the New York or NYC area, you can find a company with a local in-person team to build your app.

Hopefully, this company also has a global outlook on the app development market and strong talent contributing from overseas.

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