5 Basic Difference Between Chauffeur And Driver

Introduction to Difference Between Chauffeur And Driver

If you are looking for car rental services and a little bit confused about what to hire a chauffeur or a driver?

There are plenty of major differences found between them and it’s difficult to determine without the knowledge. In this article, you will get a complete guide that you will need to know about the chauffeur or Driver.

Below are the key difference between the chauffeur and a Driver:

  • The difference in Quality Services Between Chauffeur and Driver
  • Chauffeur Can be booked in Advance but Drivers are Not
  • Training and Speciality Difference
  • Dressing Difference
  • Vehicle Difference
  1. The difference in Quality Services Between Chauffeur and Driver

A driver is a person who simply has the knowledge of how to operates the vehicle from one destination to another whereas a chauffeur that also sounds like a driver but eventually he is professional in his duty and makes sure to provide an enjoyable, safe, and hurdle free journey to his customers.

  1. Chauffeur Can be booked in Advance but Drivers are Not

Last year, I visit Milan and in advance, I hire the chauffeur service by contacting the company that has good reviews. The main specialty of chauffeurs is that they do not break their rules and their prime priority is to take care of customer requirements.

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When I reached the airport, the chauffeur is waiting for me and take the board of my name in his hand. I hire them for a whole trip from Airport Transfer Milan to other tourist locations. He makes my trip wonderful and offers me a safe and comfortable environment.

The reason behind telling you my trip story is to explain the difference between chauffeur and driver. Chauffeurs do their duty more efficiently whereas drivers have more focus on their fares.

Difference Between Chauffeur And Driver
Difference Between Chauffeur And Driver
  1. Training and Specialty Difference

The major requirements that are required to become a driver are the age (18 or above), and the approval of a driving license from the government to drive a four-wheel vehicle.

On the other hand, to become a chauffeur you just need to meet the following criteria: age according to the company, clean driving & criminal record, not have a history of any incident, be good in English for better communication with the customer, and lastly must have the chauffeurs license.

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  1. Dressing Difference

The dressing is one of the distinctive things that makes the chauffeur different from the driver. The driver usually wears formal dresses pent, shirts, or other local dressing. Their main focus is to make the fares as much as they can.

On the contrary, you can always see a chauffeur in a dashing look wearing well-dressed clothes with a matching pant and coat with Tie & Shoes.

  1. Vehicle Difference

Drivers are not committed to contain the high-class vehicle and further, they don’t maintain the cars as they need to be. Occasionally, we can see issues of brake fails, or engine heats up, etc during the ride with the driver.

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Whereas Professional Chauffeurs own luxury cars that can be a Mercedes, Rolls Royce Dawn, Rolls Royce Phantom, BMW, or more.

Final Words

These are the major difference between a chauffeur and a driver. Now you clearly come to know about which one is best suitable for a business trip, family tour, or for other traveling needs.

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