How to Create Compelling Digital Marketing Job Description – 9 Best Points

Introduction to Digital Marketing Job Description

Before you can hire the best digital marketing professionals, you have to attract them. The first step to doing that is creating compelling job descriptions that resonate with their career goals. It takes a bit of effort, but it is worth every minute you spend writing the perfect job listing. Perfect this skill, and you will begin receiving resumes from the innovative marketing pros who can help you grow your company.

In a top-tier job description, we’ll accurately describe the duties and requirements of the position, give insight into the company culture, and detail the qualifications you need. That’s not all. You will also have to employ a bit of marketing to highlight exactly why a talented online marketing professional should want to apply.

Keep in mind that you have three goals here. The first is to draw the attention of the most talented professionals in the field. The second is to ensure that those who do respond have values, working styles, and personalities that align with your company’s mission. Finally, diversity matters. The job description you create must encourage a wide range of applicants to apply. This means ensuring that the language you use does not serve to exclude or alienate anyone who might otherwise feel compelled to apply.

This is how you get it right

Take a look at the following tips to help you ensure that your job descriptions check every box.

Write a factual and attractive overview of the position

Take some time to distill out the major function of the digital marketing role and how someone in that position will contribute to your company’s goals. “If you can frame this in a way that communicates a benefit to the customer, or even society as a whole, that’s even better. Use this information to write an overview that’s about three sentences long”, says Angela Baker, editor and content writing expert at the BestEssay academic writing service. Try to use inviting language when you write. Here’s a quick example:

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“Come join a team of creative professionals as our newest digital content specialist. You’ll play a key role in promoting our fitness products and help customers achieve their health goals. We need your writing skills and SEO mastery!”

Use a Fitting Job Title

If you read mini digital marketing ads, you may find references to gurus, wizards, rock stars, and geniuses. Also, companies like Disney and Yahoo often play fast and loose with job titles. It’s easy to see why. Businesses that use these job titles are often seen as younger, hipper, and frankly more fun to work at.

Just be aware that there’s a trade-off. First, not every digital marketing professional is a 20-something-year-old who is going to find these titles attractive. Further, people generally look for jobs using the traditional titles they become accustomed to. Is it worth having your job listing missed by somebody who was looking for a job as a digital content creator, not a digital content wizard?

Rather than coming up with cutesy job titles, consider keeping things traditional. You can still pepper your job descriptions with words like rockstar and guru to communicate that your company is fun and youthful.

Hire people, not commodities

Be careful about focusing your job listing on to narrow a set of criteria or skill set. Otherwise, you risk attracting people who are experts in a very specific thing but may or may not be able to grow with your company. You may need somebody with in-depth knowledge of Instagram right now, but that’s something you can train into an employee fairly easily. The same is true for all sorts of digital marketing tools and technologies. Consider balancing whatever expertise you need right now with your need to attract marketing professionals; they’ll understand your mission and can learn whatever skills you need them to at any given time.

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Get input from department members

If you are using the job descriptions that are on file in the HR department, you are probably missing some important points. These descriptions may sit dormant for years, never changing. On the other hand, the actual duties and responsibilities involved change quite frequently.

To be sure that you’re writing a job description that truly reflects the needs of the department, reach out to the people who have actual boots-on-the-ground experience. They can let you know if your job description is accurate and suggest changes for creating one that will attract the best-qualified candidates.

You may also get input from team members to find which qualifications are non-negotiable and which ones are more flexible. Finally, they may be able to help you word the listing to attract employees who are the best cultural fit.

Focus on overall responsibilities

Job descriptions with exhaustively long bullet points detailing every daily task and responsibility are a real drag. Avoid focusing on all that minutiae by taking a higher-level approach. Share the key responsibilities without detailing every task required to meet those responsibilities. You may also list broader skills, such as Communications, and mention the most pertinent details under each category.

Foster a sense of urgency

When good candidates feel as if they have plenty of time to apply for your job, you risk losing them to other companies. To avoid this, create some sort of time limit for applying. For example, you might say, accepting applications until February 15th.

Also, try giving a contact name and personal email. This way, potential applicants are less likely to assume that their application will simply end up in an HR file folder somewhere.

Use diversity-friendly language

Diversity in recruiting isn’t just about meeting some criteria. It’s about attracting the widest range of talented applicants. To do this, you need to include more than the standard blurb about being EOE compliant.

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Instead, make an active effort to use language that ensures every qualified person is encouraged to apply. For example, use gender-neutral pronouns such as they/them. Did you know that women and minorities are less likely to apply for a job unless they meet 100% of the listed criteria? Consider that as you write the job listing.

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Communicate culture clearly

There are two reasons to talk about company culture in any job description. First, when you describe company culture accurately, that is your chance to attract candidates to the work environment you’ve created. Use your listing to paint a clear picture of what the candidate can expect. Think of the things that make your work environment uniquely enjoyable.

Second, when it comes to employee retention, nothing is more important than cultural fit. Give an accurate description so that those who aren’t likely to assimilate well can give your job listing a pass.

Final thoughts

You could spend thousands of dollars hiring and onboarding a new employee. By writing an attractive job description, you helped to ensure that you appeal to the best possible Talent. Follow the guidelines here, and you will increase your likelihood of connecting with applicants who have the ideal skillset and are a cultural fit.

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