6 Best Digital Marketing Jobs For Freshers & How To Land One

Introduction to Digital Marketing Jobs For Freshers

Marketing processed over the internet is known as digital marketing. Digital marketing includes advertising products, uploading information related to goods and services over social media, or on google sites. Though it started in the 1980s, it became highly noticeable in the last few years.

Until recent years people were highly interested in visiting physical shops and buying services. But today the customer has been digitized and so the marketing.

There are 3.8 billion users over the Internet worldwide and 70 crores users in India including 30+ crore users over social media. There is a shift from offline to online.

The shift individually generates a great number of jobs for even inexperienced people. In digital marketing, people are expected to learn from the internet and earn from the internet.

The crucial fact in Digital marketing is it gives us the authority to choose our field of interest. There can be several ways to earn from digital marketing.

Even the Digital Marketing courses in Pune provide great knowledge which later creates opportunities for you to set your career in Digital Marketing.

Paths to Earn from Digital Marketing

Blogging, Video Marketing, content writing, advertising over Google Ads are some of the ways to earn from digital marketing. Since there is a huge list, it is advisable to choose one from the following which suits you best.

Being an expert in one field is always the most beneficial, however, you also need to have a basic knowledge about the other fields.


Digital Marketing Jobs For Freshers
Digital Marketing Jobs For Freshers

Instead of reading over newspapers, people are far more interested in reading personal experience and personal stories i.e., they read blogs. Create blogs for the services that you received, the products that you liked, and end up by making a portfolio.

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Content Marketing:

Writing about companies over a website and enriching it facts is another way of earning from digital marketing. Content writing is not limited to any country.

So, the content writers can write for companies situated in the U.S.A, U.A.E, or any other country. These contents are then published over sites allowing people to read and helping you earn more.

Email Marketing:

In Email Marketing, businesses send their ongoing deals, offers over Email, and provide the link for quick access. Since there are over 3.8 billion users of email, Email Marketing is a good strategy to display products.

Those who want to earn from Email Marketing should know how to make a page that looks attractive, enriched with facts and data, and consisting of links.

Video Marketing:

Before purchasing an automobile, cosmetics, or to know more about any brand, customers profoundly prefer to watch videos over YouTube or other such platforms.

So, to do good in Video Marketing your videos should contain data and facts in pictorial information along with a lot of other information. If your videos can make noise among customers, then you can easily generate traffic over your videos.
71% of customers get influenced solely by YouTube videos for purchasing. So, a person that can-do video marketing can easily earn 5 zeros of income.

Search Engine Optimization:

Digital Marketing Jobs For Freshers
Digital Marketing Jobs For Freshers

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is standing your content out from thousands of other content. Digital Marketing is an industry of 69 billion. so, there are always a few possibilities that your content will trend over google 1st page.

Using SEO or understanding Google algorithms there is a huge probability that your videos, content, blog, and other such content will make them trendy and visible. SEO is needed because of the enormous traffic of sellers and buyers over the internet.

Except for SEO, paid advertising is another way to stand out. Though it is a simple solution it is highly costly, that small start-ups cannot afford it, so they prefer SEO.

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Mobile Marketing:

Over 5 billion people mobile. Mobile marketing is a great platform to do digital marketing. Mobile marketing can be done in several ways.

In-App marketing companies such as Jio, Uber, OLAetc. make sure that we as customers develop their apps so that they can send us regular updates about offers, recharges, and other such things.

Gaming Marketing is an intelligent way of advertising products. Almost every mobile user plays some other or the other kind of games. Various ads are published over games to make people aware.

To earn from Mobile Marketing or from any other source of Digital Marketing some strategies must be followed.

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Strategies to Follow in Digital Marketing for Freshers

Due to huge traffic in Digital Marketing, it is not easy to create your identity and earn 5 zeros of income. Challenges like lack of experience, competition, skills, and team, but these can be overcome by some strategies. Here are some strategies you can use as a fresher:

Digital Marketing Jobs For Freshers
Digital Marketing Jobs For Freshers

Choose Your Domain: Digital Marketing includes various methods to promote. It is not possible at a time to master every available method. So, it is advisable to select one technique and master it.

To become an expert, then along with mastering the technique select one industry like Restaurants, Education, Food Industry, etc. And get the complete analysis for it.

Get Work: Companies like Ola, Uber, etc. will never give their promotion to freshers. So, freshers should make sure to get work from a small agency around them.

These agencies can be schools, small start-ups, restaurants, etc. Get work from them and complete it with the best of your capability.

Prepare: To fight competition we should use all the algorithms of our selected platform and specialize it. The platform could be anything video marketing, Ads, Mobile Marketing, etc. This preparatory phase may take time, but this is the only way to reach greater heights.

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Get Your First Client: Getting the first client becomes crucial to get a project. Getting the first client to become a little easy when you have a strong profile over websites like LinkedIn.

It is not necessary to create your profile everywhere but to show your presence you need at least two profiles on two different platforms.

Never take your first project or projects from small agencies for granted, they are there to give you the best experience. Do the analysis, research, plan a strategy for the project, and serve it well. And always remember, under-promise, over-deliver!

Free service or Low paid service: Initial months are meant to gain experience. So, provide your best services either for free or go for low paid services.

Though experienced in Digital Marketing can help you to earn a lot it requires time and effort. But once the profile shows the difference you will get work from international clients as well.

If it has already made you interested, you might be interested in courses for Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing Courses in Mumbai provide in-depth knowledge about digital marketing and its important aspects like SEO, online customer behaviour, retargeting, Ad designing, and many more.

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