6 Best Digital Transformation Trends That will Disrupt the Healthcare Industry in 2021

Introduce to Digital Transformation Trends

Globally, there has been a 12% decline in the last 12 months in health-tech investing, from $29 billion in 2019 to $25.5 billion in 2020. The drop has been steeper in India, which noticed more than an a-fold decline in the quantity invested—from $1.03 billion throughout 147 rounds in 2019 to $405 million across 102 rounds in 2020. Moreover, this Pandemic hit is going to affect the development process as well. Speedy developments, even though thrilling, can challenge IT teams, who bring the duty of understanding what to deploy and incorporate in their healthcare solutions.

Consistent with information from Tracxn, last-stage groups got a major share of the price range ($173 million or 43%) in India. At the top of the heap, we have telemedicine vendors Practo ($32 million raised in collection D spherical) and DocsApp ($20 million raised in series B round), as well as Qure.AI (an AI-based totally selection-assist device for diagnostics offerings which raised $25 million in the collection A funding).


With COVID-19 vaccines on the way and patient expectations of speedy shifting, there will be lots to consider in 2021. Here are some of these trends that developing teams have to preserve in mind:

Top Trends in Healthcare to Lookout For in 2021

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence(AI) is rapidly growing its abilities from control to diagnosis and remedy. It’s predicted that using AI within the healthcare enterprise will experience a fast boom, about 40%, in the year 2021. But, this boost will require extensive investments.

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Artificial Intelligence included tech that can enhance healthcare practice in three predominant ways:

  • With advanced automated reminders, patients will take medicine on time inside a particular time frame.
  • Primarily based on the affected person’s body chemistry and environmental elements, a higher and extra personalized dosage advice might be finished.
  • Patients at high risk may be diagnosed, alerting the medical workforce ahead while being medically prepared for remedy.

Robotics and Machine Learning

Even as every enterprise is trying to optimize the approaches in a way that entails minimal human contact. It is going to be something to sit up for regarding what the healthcare specialists come up with in the direction of new traits in robotics. As of now, robotics has been involved in surgical help. And Chatbots are helping physicians to provide patients with scientific recommendations.

Computers are already assisting doctors to diagnose diseases, a look through Harvard predicts that the technology turns conventional in 90% of the hospitals, despite patients being sceptical about the use of tech in important scientific conditions. New advancements in robots and device studying could be something to anticipate in 2021.

Big Data

The wearable gadgets have won recognition from some of the public and the feature certainly made sufferers more conscious and aware of the fitness metrics. The range multiplied 3 times in the remaining 4 years with a finding.

However, these records have been transferred into healthcare records as nicely, enhancing patient care alongside. Healthcare providers have greater particular information and are running in the direction of custom-designed care provision. With this accelerated waft of facts, the obligation to preserve the statistics is also becoming greater challenging.

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The use of telehealth services has accelerated throughout the country. The purpose for the growth is obvious and healthcare companies, like MTBC’s talkPHP, have been making an investment towards improving the affected person’s experience in this regard. Not only within the country but the expansion of clinical practice now is going international.

Healthcare structures across the U.S. are doing so as a way to increase their patient volume. This is additionally presenting more possibilities for USA’s physician-medical doctor and medical doctor-affected person increase opportunities. Those joint ventures and collaborations will result in the availability of pleasant patient care across the globe in addition to greater revenue for the physicians.

Custom-designed Mobile Applications

It is recognized by every person that the mobile programs and wearable gadgets have aided in the direction of the multiplied healthcare records. This has benefited the carriers to a wonderful quantity. With some cell applications being launched every month, 2021 could be the year to anticipate a few applications that might be custom designed and specially designed for a positive medical situation.

Greater precise statistics will in addition improve affected person care transport. We will expect greater custom-designed treatment plans and sufferers to pick out what suits them better. The entirety may be on the tip of fingers ultimately minimizing human touch.


Nanomedicine is injected right into an affected person’s frame to look at the molecular structure. This is mainly helpful in biomedical studies. Nanorobotics, injected into the bloodstream, assist in liberating the drug to treat the sickness at the same time as also monitoring the sickness.

This is extraordinarily vital to combine big and complex statistics units into a nano-degree, to implement nanoparticles into organisms inflicting the disease, and to offer smart drug delivery. Cancer patients are being dealt with through nanomedicine, which has proven a few promising outcomes via improving the bloodstream and delivering greater particular monitoring.

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Wrapping Up

As 2021 just started, investor bullishness is growing. The health-tech enterprise, particularly, is poised for considerable growth globally with a growing call for virtual structures and equipment in the wake of the pandemic.

So, whether a healthcare organization or a HealthTech Solution improvement organization is concerned with AI, IoT, or Cloud computing, the whole thing connected to far off track, personalized take care of important sicknesses, and clinical records control can be at the peak inside the coming year.

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