Best Guide to Travel Diglipur Andaman Beyond 2021

Introduction to Diglipur Andaman

This post provides you a details description on Diglipur in Andaman. It talks about the popular places in Diglipur,How to conduct Sightseeing in Diglipur,Popular Beaches in Diglipur,a detailed guide on What to see in Diglipur? and an overall guide on How to trip to Diglipur. This is a part of the Honeymoon plan Andaman, I have written here.

Diglipur at a glance-Trip to Diglipur

Diglipur is an eco-friendly tourism for nature lovers.It offers saddle peak(732 meters)the second-highest point of the Island. Kalimpong- The only river that flows here.Ramnagar Beach
Protected area for turtles resting places. Diglipur is the most neglected tourist spot in Andaman. This fascinating town of diglipur is the largest town in the north Andaman. This is neglected because of the distance from Port Blair.

Diglipur also offers lesser known sandstone,Limestone,and shell of neogene and paleogene age if you want to visit Swaraj Gram,Paschim sagar or jagannath dera.

It also offers with its unique flora and fauna, parks, very lively marine life. It also offers trekking to the highest peak-Saddle point. If you are lucky( as we are) you can also check out the turtle nesting here.

You can experience the innocent ,plain beauty of Diglipur village life everywhere.

Does Diglipur have ATMs?

There are two ATMs available in Diglipur. They mostly work but it is always better to carry cash in Diglipur.

How to go to Diglipur-Trip to Diglipur?

It is well connected via ferry service operated by government from Port Blair and mayabunder. The timings are not fixed so check before you held to diglipur.

You can also opt for private car( like we did) aur you can go by government bus. The road is iconic Andaman Grand Trunk Road and Jarawa Island.

Apart from regular ferries buses and taxis,there is another luxurious mode of transport available from Port Blair . Yes, you got it right. There is a seaplane service available. It is quite popular too. Check out at Port Blair about the availability of the seaplane.

Journey to Diglipur can be done via car or ferry. Both the Journeys reward spectacular mind-blowing natural beauties. The Tribes of Andaman  are

  • The Great Andamanese
  • Jarwa
  • Sentinelese
  • Onge
  • Shompeu

While travelling from Port Blair you can witness different section of residence of these tribes.

Our journey details-Trip to Diglipur

This Island is situated in North Andaman. We decided to cover our journey by road, not by sea. We started our journey at 7:00 a.m. The journey rams through Jarwan tribal reserve forest. There is a police check post before the jungle.

They warned the tourists to note to give any food to Jarwas over miking. At an interval of 30 minutes, the checkpoint police instructed the drivers to cover the jungle without stopping in the way.20 to 25 cars were allowed to go in a phrase. This is a very horrible trip. Through the deep jungle, fortunately we found a family of Jarwas from our car.

We were very glad to see them. We reached the island. We all took some food and Tea. The island is a eco-friendly tourist spot.

The only river”KALPONG” flows from here. There are Ramnagar beach, 15 kilometres from kaliGhat.We visited that place also. We visited subhasgram Bazar, kalipur beach, Limiya bay barding ground.

What to see in Diglipur-Trip to Diglipur?

Diglipur is famous for sea turtles (Olive Ridley Leatherback,Hawksbill,Green Turtle). During our travel ,we heard a rumor about there were lots of saltwater crocodiles around but unfortunately we never spotted one.
Beaches are also infected with sand flies hence sunbathing is not a proper option. The beaches are also infected with jelly fishes. So before you go for a swim watch out carefully.

Lamiya bay beach-Trip to Diglipur

This beach  is situated 3 kilometre away from kalipur beach and the foot heel of saddle peak. Most likely, you will be the lone visitor or team to explore this beach.

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You can enjoy the beautiful, gentle, wave and the crushing of waves or rock. Swimming is not prohibited but if you are alone , refrain from going to the sea. This beach is called the pebble beach of Diglipur. This should be your checklist -Sightseeing in Diglipur.

Lamiya Beach
Lamiya Beach

Mud volcano, Shyam Nagar-Trip to Diglipur

It is situated 22 kilometres away from diglipur at Shyam Nagar. There are chains of small pocket-sized mud volcanoes available.

The journey is via semi-green Path and around 20 minutes trekking. At the starting the biggest volcano is present and later the small-sized volcanoes are present.

Give it a try if you saved some time. It is also called as Jal Tikry-This is the mud volcano (active) of Diglipur. This is a hidden secret for the rare event of mother nature. This should be your checklist -Sightseeing in Diglipur.

Kalipur beach-Trip to Diglipur
This is the most popular beach in diglipur. It is famous for turtle nesting. You can enjoy the panoramic view of kalipur beach with your beloved one.

Kalipur beach
Kalipur beach
This beach is black-colored sand mixed with rock. If you explore more by walking you may find crystal clear water. Black colour rock mixed beach area is not perfect for swimming as they may be dirty.
The beaches around Diglipur lacks of security,Coastal guards ,almirah or locker . These beaches do not also provide any toilet facility or changing room facility.
The beaches mostly do not have shops around for snacks or tea.
Moreover if you go towards the cleaner side of the beach,you can get a pristine beach with a backdrop of grat saddle peak. If you happen to travel during turtle nesting period ,carry a ID card and keep it handy.
You may need permission to go near the shore or hatchery. This should be your checklist -Sightseeing in Diglipur.

Craggy Island-Trip to Diglipur

This island is just opposite to Kalipur beach. It is famous for beautiful beach,mangrove forest and beautiful scuba diving.
There is a snorkelling facility at this island. You have to hire a fisherman in order to reach there.It is a favourite spot for sun-basking. You can also spot a lot of colorful sea creatures around this island.

Twin Island Ross and Smith Island-Trip to Diglipur

This is another great attraction of diglipur. Basically they are two different Islands. Once it is high tide the tiny bath( sand bar) between them is destroyed by mother nature. During low tide, mother nature once again creates the path. So they becomes connected.

They are hardly crowded and most of the time ,you will be the only one enjoying the beauty ,we can find bamboo huts ,natural shades ,change room and toilets.

To go there You need forest permit.( can be obtained from Forest Department of diglipur). You need to show the approval copy to the Jetty and a motor-driven boat will take you there.

The water is crystal clear and you can actually see 7 to 8 different shades of blue colour in the water. The ross is the bigger one and have lots of forests.

You can enjoy forest trekking. You can also enjoy snow killing, scuba Diving here. Ross is also house for olive ridley turtle. They come here for nesting.

There is no snack stall available here but if you are lucky you can get fresh coconut water. Pack your foods from diglipur itself. Total trip time 6 hours to 8 hours. This should be your checklist -Sightseeing in Diglipur.

Ramnagar beach-Trip to Diglipur

This beach is another exotic beach 30 kilometres away from diglipur. This eco friendly beach provides nature trail for trekkers, eco huts, benches and others sitting arrangements. It is a very popular turtle nesting place.

RamNagar Beach
RamNagar Beach
No doubt the beauty about the beach but there is nothing there not even snack stall,water tap or toilet. This is a plastic-free area hence you wont get plastic here .(Please maintain that).
Do not forget to see the river, natural bridge, and sunset. This beach is a true paradise on earth. This beach is in between lush green mangroves and thick forest.
The water here is famous for its sharp coral reefs. So if you are not an expert swimmer do not jump into the sea.It was told during our visit (possibly a rumor)that Ramnagar beach had house for salt water crocodile. So if your local guide permits ,you can venture into the water. This should be your checklist -Sightseeing in Diglipur.

Pathi level beach-Trip to Diglipur

This beach is 3 kilometres away from the renowned Ramnagar beach. It is a bit isolated beach but provides a unique blue Panorama.

To reach there you can either walk or take a Boat Ride from Kishori Nagar. This beach offers a romantic place and provides privacy away from prying eyes. This should be your checklist -Sightseeing in Diglipur.

Alfred Caves/ Raman Alfred Caves-Trip to Diglipur-What to see in Diglipur?

This cave is situated near Ramnagar beach. Alfred Caves are a set of caves made of limestone(total 42 caves are there). These caves are almost unexplored and inside of a deep jungle. They are called the limestone cave of diglipur. They are very similar to the cave available in Baratang.

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These caves are house of a swift bird ,as they love to eat bats. The nests of swift birds are popular part of Chinese cuisine and in high demand , be careful of poachers.

You can take a local guide who can show you the path in the jungle and help you to do a jungle trek to reach here. Take torch to see the paths inside cave.

The caves are very narrow to explore. Be very cautious. The expedition is very adventurous and dangerous. Make sure you are guided by an expert trekker. This should be your checklist -Sightseeing in Diglipur.

Saddle peak-Trip to Diglipur-What to see in Diglipur?

Saddle peak Trek route is the next attraction of diglipur. We visited the peak, which is a succession of the dome-shaped hill. The highest peak is 732 meters that are 2418 feet.

Flatland is scarce. The land is formed of sandstone, limestone etc. A village tour to swaraj gram Paschim Sagar and Jaganath dera was also conducted. We enjoyed the whole day, took many snapshots and returned home at 8:00 p.m.

The view from top of this peak is amazing. The atmosphere at the top is full of Moisture  and chilled. The peak is surrounded by tropical evergreen forests. The special species- Scolopia Pussila and Cleistanthus are rare and  only found in this area among entire India.
The trekking to the top is around 10 kilometres.

If you love trekking you must venture this trek. But do not expect to see the whole Diglipur from this peak. The journey is more beautiful than the destination.
Simply saying, there are no rewards for you sweat when you climb to the top. There is a small river in the base where you can swim.
But if you love to conquer the peaks,it is a must for you. You can hire trekking kits from turtle nest resort. This should be your checklist -Sightseeing in Diglipur.

Diglipur National Park-Trip to Diglipur-What to see in Diglipur?

This park is actually a very dense forest and the house of rare plant species. To do a jungle trek,You need to obtain a permission from Forest Department. This should be your checklist -Sightseeing in Diglipur.

Diglipur Church-Trip to Diglipur-What to see in Diglipur?

It is not very popular tourist destination but if you want to get and feel one of the oldest church available in Andaman. You must here.
As it is noncommercialized, you hardly get any majestic work.It is just a structure for strictly worship to Jesus.This should be your checklist -Sightseeing in Diglipur.

Laxman bay beach-What to see in Diglipur?

Laxman bay beach is a white sand beach and full of real corals and shells. Being very specious, it gives a pleasant evening walk. This should be your checklist -Sightseeing in Diglipur.

Kalimpong River-What to see in Diglipur?

The local name of this river is Thambu Nali.The source of drinking water in this place. Some areas of Kalpong river and some creeks near Kalighat are house of saltwater crocodiles. Be very careful while playing with kalpong river.This should be your checklist -Sightseeing in Diglipur.

Kalpong Hydroelectric Project-What to see in Diglipur?

This is one of the great initiatives by govt to create electricity from a natural source. There are two dams (34 m and 27m). Apart  from there ,you can watch a rock-filled dam, link channel tunnel,penstocks,powerhouse and switchyard.
To explore into the powerhouse and see how electricity is made ,you need to take permission from Andaman Power Office(Port Blair).

Elizabeth Bay-What to see in Diglipur?

This bay can be reached by a ferry service from Radhanagar. You need a local guide to venture here. the jungle, beach, and remoteness made it unpolluted, natural, eco friendly.
The local name of the beach and the area is the Bees family. It became tourist spot when nearly 40 whales die in the same beach. This should be your checklist -Sightseeing in Diglipur.

Multipurpose Farm Keralapuram-What to see in Diglipur?

It is a research and development farm under Deptt. of Agriculture. It shows the local fruits, flowers, orchids, Apiary, Green house, and vegetables.
You can buy seeds from here. They provide various trips and tricks on farming. This should be your checklist -Sightseeing in Diglipur.

Kalighat Creek-What to see in Diglipur?

It offers a panoramic view of mangroves and forest. This should be your checklist -Sightseeing in Diglipur.

Where to Stay in Diglipur?

Turtle Resort:

Turtle Resort is the renowned Resort run by tourism of kalipur. They provide good accommodations. The employees here are always helpful with a smile pus attitude. (Very unusual for the Government employees.). It is a  well maintained, strategically located. You must not miss the indoor and outdoor plants.

Note- electricity connection is there in the resort and they have a generator facility too. But during the night if the electricity went there will be nobody to run the generator.

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In that case AC and non AC rooms are same. There are mosquitoes in the resort. There is no mosquito net provided. So you have spend sleepless night here, I advise you to take demos or another organic mosquito repellent in your backpack.

The resort is having a restaurant facility and they provide food as per your choice. Do not forget to celebrate candlelight dinner along with great Diglipur crab masala.

Foods to try- the raw mango dal, giant diglipur crab masala,kokay fish fry.
Considering the price factor it is the best value for money.

APWD Guest house
This is another option to stay in Diglipur. You can enjoy the panoramic beauty of Diglipur and the surroundings of this guest house.
The guest house is located in the heart of Diglipur. Overlooking the saddle peak from one side, Diglipur Bazar and stadium on the other side. The service is just okay. Room maintenance is lacking. Food is okay.
Pristine beach resort

This is a private resort in a very good location. The approach Road was not good. The food was just ok. You can get Wifi in the breakfast hall.
The advantage of this resort is that kalipur turtle nesting beach is almost adjacent to it. The owner -Alex and staffs are very helpful, I liked their hospitality, rooms, cleanliness.

Saddle peak View Resort

This is another private resort in a very good location, run by Mr. Sujit. You will feel homely at the moment you get in this resort. It is also situated at kalipur beach. Food is good so as the staffs.

Hotel saddle peak

This is an extension of the other saddle peak view resort. The owner is the same Mr.sujit. The rooms are clean,  and well maintained. Do not miss to hang out in Nicobari huts, do not miss the fresh fruits of the garden. They served authentic Bengali food. Try that.

Nightlife at  Diglipur

It is not having a pretty good infrastructure for a lively nightlife. You can contact the resort managers who are more than willing to help with boozes. You can enjoy your favorite drinks on the sea beach or your resort.

Here are few bar options available in Diglipur

Poison bar
They offer a nice ambiance with great food options. Their smile and attitude made them a great service provider. It is a pure value for money.
Bibi bar

This is another fantastic alternative available in Diglipur. Cheap bought best restaurants facility.

Annu bar and restaurant

This bar and the restaurant is best when you want to grab seafood apart from your favorite drink. Overall it will be a great experience

Naveen Praveen bar and restaurant

This bar is good if you do not mind drinking with local people. During our visit, it was not in good shape. Dirty toilets, dirty tables, etc. However the the food they serve are kind of regular one. It is just a-okay bar.

Hotel BD

Located at Subhasgram, offers clean and good budgeted rooms. The bar is stuffed with regular most sold drinks. Food is ok. If you compare the price with food quality, we are not happy. But they have very good staff and can make your stay great. Best for budget people and bachelors.

Restaurants at Diglipur

Diglipur is having very few options for pure restaurants.They are as follows

New Hira Family restaurant

Do you need a great food option at a reasonable price?
then this restaurant is the best option in Diglipur. This open-air restaurant provides a nice ambiance. They are powered by awesome stuff. Do not miss exotic seafood here-Crab, lobsters, prawn, fish. Their tandoori items are also very good.

Hira Hotel
It is another fantastic authentic Bengali and seafood provider. During our visit the cleanliness and hygiene was lacking but not sure how it is now. Do not miss tandoori crab from this hotel. The amount served is a little higher very ideal for lunch and dinner.
If you compare the charges, the service and food are actually value for money.
Dolphin Restaurant
This is another restaurant that provides regular food for tourists. This is a place where you can try regular noodles  ,fried rice,Biryani etc. They charge very nominally and food quality is good.
Do you want exotic Kolkata style or Hyderabadi Biryani in Diglipur?
If yes, Foodies is an option for you.
You can taste Lucknow-style tandoori roti, chicken curry here. The Chinese food section is not very impressive but can serve south Indian-style Chinese items. Overall a great food option in Diglipur.

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