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Django-New web development framework

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Django what is it?

Django is a free, open source , python based web application framework.Yes it is handy for the web developers.It is based on MVC(Model-view-control) model and it is very easy to create complex , database driven websites.It is best used in a rapid application development  or agile based development where requirements can change daily basis.


here also django separates the data with model. The view creates the data to be used. Basically it interacts with Model and model again interacts with database to fetch the data. There is a template inside view gives look and feel to the site. The main advantage is to create a simple and easy data structure.

The main principle of Django is-DRY-Don’t Repeat yourself, provided by automatic pluggable components.Even the admin section is based on CRUD-Create read,update,delete) interface.

How to get Django:

if you are using windows please visit https://www.djangoproject.com/ and download the latest version. if you are using Linux, you might have both python and django

Steps to perform on Django to create a new page:
  1. Create a folder structure dynamically by Django
  2. Create reusable pluggable components.
  3. Create a database—this is easy maintained.
  4. Now add up those components to the site –create view
  5. Now create model
  6. Create the admin panel
  7. Connect the objects to the admin panel
  8. Create structure for the site
  9. Restart the server
  10. Check your page.
Django Framework-bullet point
  • Object relational mapper
  • Automatic admin interface
  • URL design
  • Beautiful template design
  • Cache system
  • Internationalization
Usefull feature:
  • A caching framework that integrates with memcached or other backends.
  • A syndication framework that makes creating RSS and Atom feeds as easy as writing a small Python class.
  • More sexy automatically-generated admin features — this overview barely scratched the surface.

Taken from Django.com

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Blogger Labels: Django,development,framework,Model,database,requirements,basis,data,template,advantage,principle,Repeat,components,admin,CRUD,Create,interface,version,Linux,Steps,folder,panel,Connect,objects,Restart,server,Check,bullet,Object,Automatic,Beautiful,Cache,system,Internationalization,Usefull,Atom,Python,features,overview,Taken,pluggable

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