Do Hair Extensions Damage Hair? Quick Guide in 5 Minutes

All about Do Hair Extensions Damage Hair

Women wearing hair extensions must be wondering if it damages their hair or not. But the fact here is if it is clipped in and removed in a proper way, hair extensions cause little damage to your natural hair.

There are types of extensions that use heat and glue for installations. If you are using Hair Extensions for the first time, make sure to visit a professional stylist to get them installed.

Two least damaging hair extensions:

Here are two hair extensions that will not damage your hair:

Clip-in hair extensions

Do Hair Extensions Damage Hair
Do Hair Extensions Damage Hair

Clip-in hair extensions for an everyday look

Tapered Clip In Extensions are temporary and you can install it by yourself without the help of a hair stylist. All you have to do is part your hair, take out the clip-in extensions and install it to your hair. It is suitable for every occasion like prom, wedding, and everyday look.

Tape-in hair extensions

Do Hair Extensions Damage Hair
Do Hair Extensions Damage Hair

Hair & beauty glossary that provides you with all the common hair & beauty

Tape-in extensions should be installed by a hairstylist and if you do it yourself it can damage your natural hair. This type of hair extensions is expensive and definitely best for short fine hair.

So the least damaging hair extensions would be clip-in extensions (for temporary use) and tape-in extensions (for permanent use). It is worth paying for what you buy because these two extensions will not damage your natural hair.

Hair Extensions for Diva Divine

Diva Divine was launched in 2008 and is the first retailer of human hair extensions and Wigs In India. They offer the highest quality of human hair made varieties of extensions and wig products.

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Do Hair Extensions Damage Hair
Do Hair Extensions Damage Hair

Indian Hair Extensions and distributors of Remy Pure raw Virgin

If you want to add extra volume and dimension to your hair, choose hair extensions that are reliable and convenient. You have to decide on what kind of hair extension suits you best.

By using hair extensions, you can boost your confidence level instantly. Select the best extensions for your hair and achieve the overwhelming and fabulous look you deserve.

Diva Divine is one of the Best Hair Extensionscompanies in New Delhi that provides the best qualities of hair extensions and wigs.

They offer delivery within 45 minutes in Delhi.  It is affordable and can be exported all over the world. Diva Divine offers the original quality of natural human hair and it comes in varieties of hair texture.

They have professional trainers and hairstylists for hair extensions installations and provide the best services to the customers.

Diva Divine hair extensions are a quick and easy way to achieve volume, color, highlights, and length to your own natural hair.

Features of Diva Divine hair extensions

  • Luxurious and bold, and transform your hair to feel more confident with thicker and longer hair
  • It is made with the highest quality of 100% human hair
  • It comes in the widest range of hair colors, length, and it blends naturally with your natural hair
  • It comes in different hair textures like curls, straight, and waves.

    Do Hair Extensions Damage Hair
    Do Hair Extensions Damage Hair

Diva Divine Virgin hair extensions and wigs

Whether your hair is thick or thin, people say hair extensions are not safe for your natural hair. However, make sure to get the extensions properly installed to avoid damaging your hair.

If it is properly attached, it will definitely not damage your hair. Just be careful and understand the instructions before you get into this stuff.

The major issue about hair extensions is about not handling them in a proper way. The cause of hair extensions that lead to hair damage can be because when you try to install it yourself.

It can go wrong when you don’t know how to properly install. If you are not professional in such things, there is a high chance of damaging it fully. It is clear how bad installation can lead to hair breakage and damage.

This is how you will end up damaging the hair extensions or your natural strands. Anyone who is not confident in applying for any extensions at home should always seek professional advice, from someone who has a lot of experience regarding extension installations.

Excessive dying and coloring can damage hair extensions.

Do Hair Extensions Damage Hair
Do Hair Extensions Damage Hair

Excessive dying and coloring can damage hair extensions

If you frequently apply colors and bleach your hair extensions, it can weaken the hair strands. You will experience more shading of hair and shortens the lifespan of extensions.

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How hair extensions are important to maintaining?

Do Hair Extensions Damage Hair
Do Hair Extensions Damage Hair

Hair extensions give us the gift of protection and ease when it comes to maintaining our hair

The sole reason why women end up with damage to their extensions is that they avoid hair maintenance that is essential for the lifespan of the extensions you are using.

Each extension type has different maintenance requirements that should be followed. That way your natural hair strands will be healthy and beautiful with a lifelong guarantee.

For instance, if you do not brush your extensions on time, the natural strands will start tangling. Apart from that, there will be no way other than removing the extensions or cutting it.

Some girls won’t take the maintenance advice seriously and end-up facing problems with their hair. Since hair is the most sense especially when it is wet. If you pull the extensions aggressively, your hair will start breaking causing lots of hair fall.

Another thing you must keep in mind while using hair extensions is that, avoid sleeping along with the extensions on the head. Remove it before you go to bed.

What are the safest hair extensions?

Have been struggling to look for the safest hair extensions? Then, choose clip-in hair extensions. They are easy to apply and don’t require more time maintenance.

If you want to go with the highest quality clip-ins choose from Diva Divine hair store. They are reputable and you will be accessible to any type of extensions you need.

Diva Divine clip-in extensions are free of chemicals during processing. It consists of a weft with clips that is safe and can be easily installed on your hair. 5-CLIP EAR-TO-EAR VOLUMIZERcan be applied by you without visiting a salon.

Hair Extensions Online

Do Hair Extensions Damage Hair
Do Hair Extensions Damage Hair

100% natural and authentic human hair extensions

If you are looking for Hair Extensions Online, make sure the products are reliable and credible. Think of the most comfortable and fastest extensions online because they are most honest, approachable, convenient, and trust-worthy.

When you purchase a high-quality hair extension, it’s worth buying because you get what you pay for. Try and choose any of your favorite and achieve the fascinating and fantastic look you deserve with the topmost quality extensions.


Now you know whether hair extensions are safe to use or whether they damage your hair or not. So after you decide you want to wear hair extensions, be responsible and follow proper hair extensions guidance, so that you won’t regret later about it.

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