7 Amazing Life Lessons That Dragon Ball Z Has Taught Us!

Introduction to Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z became a great success at the television screens as soon as Toei Animation adapted its manga version created by Akira Toriyama.

The anime series continued for 291 interesting episodes from 1989 to 1996, keeping us entertained for good seven years. The anime version portrayed the development of the characters so well that they made this anime series a hit within days. People started to desire to be a Saiyan member by wearing a Goku Halloween Costume at their Halloween parties.

The story revolves around a fighter, Goku, who is always ready to defend his motherland from the intergalactic villains. Dragon Ball Z is the continuation of Dragon Ball, which follows the story of Goku’s adulthood journey along with his son, Gohan’s maturation.

The series gives us some very interesting life lessons that you must have missed while enjoying Goku’s amazing fighting skills. So, let’s have a look;

Peace Can Be An Option:

Although no person enjoys fighting more than Goku, he was very kind-hearted. The fight is not the solution to every matter, but you could do it easily by communicating.

Before jumping in the battle, he always allowed the opponent to think again and back off. But when you don’t listen to the advice of the best fighter in the world, you will undoubtedly face the consequences. If the people today have this kind of heart, there would be no sign of disrupting in the world – but sigh.

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Let Your Child Take His Decisions:

As Gohan grew up, his interest in fighting developed side by side. But his mother, Chi-Chi, wanted him to be a renowned scientist or a scholar.

She wanted Gohan to live a normal like an ordinary teenager; study, date, party, and then have a stable job so that he won’t end up like his father – always fighting.

Well, that’s good parenting, but you can’t force anyone to not go after his dreams – and not your son, most importantly. This would fill resentment in the child against you. It’s always better to guide and coach them so that they won’t be afraid of anything.

Forgiveness Is The Best Revenge:

Almost all of Goku’s companions were once his enemies. He was the man who looked out for the best in people and gave them a second chance to repent.

His friends, including Krillin, was once his rival in the training; Piccolo attempted to murder Goku, Yamcha was an insidious thief, and Vegeta, along with Napa, killed the gang of Goku.

He proved to be a man having a big heart who knows there is no use of keeping a fight with everyone, instead forgive and make them your friends. And the friendship among all of them was just phenomenal in the latter episodes.


Goku has never been a cocky person as he never hesitated in asking for help from others. He used to go to King Kai and Master Roshi to ask for their advice before going for his adventures.

He teamed up with Bulma to go after the mystical orbs showing us how you will get a lot more on the plate as a result when you work as a team.

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Pride Hath A Fall:

The inferiority complex of Vegeta turned him into a cocky and arrogant person. Despite being the Prince of all Saiyans, his short height always made him feel like a less-person.

With the pride of being a prince, he once got his arm broken and got defeated by Cell. It was not a good move of getting into a dispute with Android 18, Vegeta! He showed us never to get out of mind in the thought of being the best.

You can be a hero too!

The most coward character from the Dragon Ball Z, Hercule, saved the planet twice. As surprising as it sounds, he did that! Once with all the intelligence, he talked to the Earth and persuaded them to give power to the destroyer of MajinBuu, Spirit Bomb. he proved that you don’t need to have some superpower or a cape on your back to be a hero. With your kindness and intellect, being a savior isn’t a difficult thing to do!

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Hard Work Is The Key: 

We saw the series having major scenes of fights and training. Goku was never born with superheroes naturally; what he achieved was the result of his continuous efforts.

He was always seen working hard and never giving up for once. He was the man who could do anything to get things done – even if he has to sacrifice his peace.

Yes, he had the privilege of being a Saiyan, but seeing him fighting bravely and giving his best in everything motivate us! His strong personality used to look even more poised with his signature orange Cafe Racer Retro Distressed jacket that he used to wear all the time. The handsome fighter proved that the key behind being the one you always wanted to be is hidden behind the word ‘Hard work.’

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