6 Essential Features for Both Driver and Passenger Apps

Introduction to Driver and Passenger Apps

Creating a taxi-booking app is not an easy task as this is an on-demand application for individuals and businesses.

To create an application under the supervision of the app developers and designers, you are required to several different features for the application.

It will help your drivers, and passengers to connect themselves through the main server. Several businesses are looking for a variety of ways to develop a taxi-booking app; here you will understand the most important features you should include in your taxi app.

List of Must-have feature for the apps

While designing an app, you must make sure to include these features, however, you can name them, as
you like.

Driver and passenger app
Driver and passenger app

1. Account Registration and Authentication

Account Registration and Authentication
Account Registration and Authentication

While making an app like Uber, you must have a registration form for the users as well as the drivers. It will help you in maintaining their data simultaneously.

Make sure the forms are different, they can have similar offers like connecting it with their Gmail ID, or their Social Media account for sign up.

It will help you link the account and obtain all the necessary information regarding the driver or passenger. This will also help them with easy login and logout option.

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The profile is created as the users want to pay the fares through the wallets. For the drivers, the profile is used to verify their IDs as well as it is then approved by the administration.

2. Editing of Profile

Your application must allow the passengers and drivers to edit their profiles as per their needs. Like, edit their names, photos for the display, phone number, email ID, etc.

For the driver’s app, you must include the car model number as well as the license number for the verification of the car and the license of the driver. The car information must include things like car color, car model, picture of the car, and license plate.

So that when the driver is on duty, the passenger can see the details of the car and other profile information.

With this entire information, the passenger and driver will be able to see and recognize the person while picking up. The editing of the profile and information helps the user to feel secured and stress-free.

3. Matching

It is one of the complex algorithms. It allows the passenger to link to the nearest driver who is available in the area. Uber provides 15 seconds to the driver to accept the ride request then it goes to the other one.

It helps the passenger and driver to gather all the information like location or the passenger/driver, driver’s status, and his rating, car model and other car-related information is provided through an algorithm.

Here you can add the customize option for selecting the car for the ride. Well, this would require some homework.

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4. Navigation



The taxi-booking app is working primarily on the GPS tracking technology; it is the heart and the central part of working.

People who are asking how do I create a taxi booking app must know that navigation and map are the core of this application, everything is build surrounding these two.

It provides you the information of passenger and driver’s location connects them on the easy route; track the ride, pick-up, and drop-off location is set here.

This even helps you in estimating the fare for the ride and ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival). The entire information is sent to the server so that they can process and broadcast it accordingly.

5. Notifications

Generally, taxi apps use three options to notify the users about their rides: Push notification, Email, and SMS.

So that the user may not miss the information from any place. It helps the users to stay connected. Push notification is the free-utility vendors.

6. In-App chats and Calls

In Chat And Call
In Chat And Call

When you are using the application, it will allow the drivers and passengers to use the calling and messaging options for connecting each other for the ride.

Generally, it works like the messenger app; however, here no information is leaked to the other one. You can also use the system, where the driver can call through a system, which generates a random number for the connection. Therefore, those phone numbers are protected on each side.

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Here are several more features, which you must include in your application, however for a start-up you must know the above six are the crucial ones to have on the application. It will help you and the users to connect and communicate easily.

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