3 Different Alternatives of Driver Easy Software Updater

Introduction to Driver Easy Software Updater

We connect different gadgets to our computer as needed and often face problems with the device drivers. Whenever you connect a gadget, you need to introduce the device drivers that can help the gadget to communicate with the operating system.

Device drivers are software written programs that are intended to exchange commands from the operating system and send it to the device.

It is critical to update your device drivers at timely intervals to get an impeccable connection. Defective or obsolete device drivers may degenerate the OS files and may put you into a no-boot situation. Outdated drivers and faulty system files are the major reasons for a system crash.

There are two ways to update the device drivers. One is the manual method where you need to follow a few steps to keep the drivers up to date.

You can either use Windows Device Manager or make use of the Windows Update feature. You can also download the drivers from the manufacturer’s website.

The other one is to use a device driver updater software that checks for the latest drivers and installed them automatically. This article will help you explore driver easy alternatives that you can use to automatically update device drivers.

Driver Easy Software

Driver Easy is one of the popular device driver software that you can use to update your drivers. If you are done struggling with manual ways to update driver, you can make use of the free version of Driver easy software and explore its features.

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Recently a lot of queries came looking for driver easy alternative due to some dissimilarities from regular standards.

Driver easy software demand users to manually install the drivers. The download speed and is slow and it denies downloading bulk driver updates at once. The free version has limited functionality.

Driver Easy Alternatives

There is numerous driver updater software available on the web however we have compared, tested and selected the best driver updater software that you can use to keep the drivers up to date.

1.      Smart Driver Care

Driver Easy Software Updater
Driver Easy Software Updater

Smart Driver Care is an efficient driver updater tool that can update your system drivers without any hassle. The scan service is so powerful that it identified every outdated driver in no time. The vast driver database has a pool of all the latest updated device drivers as soon as they are released.

The software is compatible with Windows 10 and older versions in both 32-bit and 64-bit OS. The most elegant feature of Smart Driver Care is that it takes a backup of the current state of the system before making any changes.

You also have an option to restore back to the previous state if the new driver is not compatible with your device. This double insurance (Backup & Rollback function) is a lifesaver.

2.     Driver Booster

Driver Easy Software Updater
Driver Easy Software Updater

Both Free and Paid versions of Driver Booster by iObitare effective and prominent in terms of updating outdated drivers.

It can search and update Windows drivers in a much effective manner. The paid version can automatically update all the drivers while the free version shows the list of updates available and you can download and update them one-by-one.

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The scan and installation of drivers don’t burden the operating system resources much and works silently in the background.

The driver pool is vast enough to cater to almost all brands and devices that we connect to our computers. The user-friendly interface makes it one of the drivers easy alternatives and the choice of millions of users.

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3.      Bit Driver Updater

Driver Easy Software Updater
Driver Easy Software Updater

Bit Driver Updater is a new product from a Germany based company that has reached heights very quickly. Its fundamental qualities are easy to use interface and its usefulness. The easy-going menus contain exceptionally significant features to update Windows drivers in no time.

The product also showcases a great collection of device drivers associated with almost all manufacturer websites to collect and update the drivers on a real-time basis.

The manual interference is so less than even new users can update the device drivers in just a couple of moments. This driver easy alternative also flaunts backup and restore feature that always gives an extra verge over other best driver updater software.

Summing Up

Keeping updated device drivers keeps a lot of functionality problems, system crash issues away from your computing experience.

There is a lot of other Best Driver Updater software that are counted as driver easy alternative to update drivers and keep the system drivers up to date.

All you need to keep in mind is, the driver updater software should do everything automatically while requiring minimum consumption of resources, should have backup and recovery functionality for extreme situations, and should have a huge database of device drivers. Choosing the right product to update drivers will keep always enhance your computing experience.

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