3 Quick Steps to Migrate from Drupal to WordPress

Introduction to Migrate from Drupal to WordPress

Are you looking to migrate your website from Drupal to WordPress? This task may sound hectic because one would assume that lots of backend and frontend coding work would be involved in the process. In reality, the Drupal to WordPress migration can be done without learning or following any coding steps.

Why Migrate from Drupal to WordPress?

In case you are still doubtful about the migration, here are some reasons why you should go ahead with it.

While Drupal is a fantastic software for website creation and hosting, the experience can get complicated. It is designed to be used by high-end professionals, who have more detailed technical knowledge. Basic users may feel overwhelmed.

On the other hand, WordPress offers clearer features, and you could self-host your website just by knowing general steps. It provides more freedom to focus on creating content and letting the user express their ideas, rather than be held up in technicalities.

Steps to relocate Website from Drupal to WordPress

There are three primary levels of the process, each having its actions. They are:

  1. Pre-migration steps
  2. Main switchover
  3. Post-migration steps

Pre-Migration Steps

Install WordPress

You will need to install the self-hosted version of WordPress for this operation. You could also access it through its website, although downloading it is recommended for easier accessibility.

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Permalink Structure

You can rebuild all the links to be SEO-friendly. They will be restructured according to the WordPress permalink settings. It has 6 custom in-built URL structures, and there is an option to build a custom one too. The best way to construct a link is to keep them short and informative.

Main Switchover

There are two options with which you could migrate your website:

  1. Through the CMS2CMS tool, accessible through the internet
  2. By installing the FG Drupal to WordPress Plugin.


  1. Get the FTP or cPanel access details for Drupal and WordPress.
  2. Open the tool through the internet.
  3. Choose the CMS types in the header.
  4. Place the URLS of the Drupal site and the newly-created WordPress site.

Connect the websites:

  1. Download and extract the bridge to your device.
  2. Login to your Drupal account and copy the extracted folder to the top folder. Do the same for WordPress.
  3. Select the SEO URLs The internal links would be laid out as per the permalinks structure you had created.
  4. Start the demo migration, or skip this step and migrate the entire website.
  5. WordPress would use a default theme for all the content, and not the theme you had set in Drupal. The further steps state how to go about customizing it. If all the shifting has taken place, then credit your account to start with the Full Migration.

FG Drupal to WordPress Plugin

  1. Install the plugin from the website.
  2. Copy and paste all the database details of your Drupal website in a text file.
  3. Start the Drupal to WordPress migration with the import of content
  4. On the WordPress dashboard, click on Tools>Import. Search for Drupal, and then select Run Importer.
  5. If you have content in WordPress already, then click on the Empty WordPress content on the page that pops up next.
  6. Type in the URL of your existing site in the Drupal web site parameters section. Add in all the database details, as well.
  7. After that, click on the Test the database connection to confirm the working of the migration process.
  8. Specify where you want to import you post summaries in the Import Summaries tab. You have the option of leaving the default setting ‘to the content’.
  9. Regarding the media, you could choose to migrate it manually or through automated means. The plugin offers the behaviour section, where you could include media and your Drupal site material.
  10. Click the start/resume importoption once you are satisfied with the arrangement.
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Post-Migration steps

As mentioned before, WordPress would present your newly migrated content in its default theme. Here are some steps to take before you make your site public:

  1. Select a pre-existing WordPress theme that fits the aesthetic of your content.
  2. Create navigation menus for the users’ ease of access.
  3. Set up the contact forms, if the Drupal site had them too.
  4. Add the required widgets.
  5. Set up the image gallery, if your site needs one.
  6. Install the essential plugins required for every WordPress site, like Wordfence, Yoast SEO, etc. It is recommended to review and include more plugins concerning the website’s functionalities.
  7. Follow up on the internal links of the site and fix them accordingly.
  8. Review your new site before making it public.


This is just the outline of the convert site to WordPress process, but it is coding-free. You might only require looking up the how-tos of specific steps mentioned here. Otherwise, you have all the tools and instructions to start with your move right away.

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