Why Dryer Vent Cleaning Is Essential: Best 5 Minutes Discussion

Introduction to Dryer Vent Cleaning

Nowadays, homeowners are so negligent when it comes to having a convenience like owning a clothes dryer. Maintenance of any home appliance or convenience system is not taken under consideration until it breaks down.

Maintenance, if not considered an extra chore, has its real benefits on not just the appliance’s life but on various other factors that are co-related.

We believe that a regular check and basic maintenance is the key to avoid any mechanical failure, specifically when it comes to dryer vent cleaning.

A cleaner vent means a more immaculate home. One certainly doesn’t want humid fumes around every corner of your house and insects crawling everywhere.

A basic vent cleanup can also be done by yourself using the right equipment and time, which leads to no overhead on the maintenance and change of spare parts every other day.

The following are some necessary points that will help you sidestep the problem related to dryer vent cleaning and explain why dryer vent cleaning is crucial.

Lint accumulation 

Lint accumulation in the dryer is typical and it has to be cleaned after every load if possible or anytime between the loads. A clean lint screen helps in no unwanted odors, not just from your clothes and also from revolving around your house.

When the drying vent is clogged, the first thing that happened is it takes hours for your clothes to dry. For instance, if you have a load set for half an hour will be damp even after the cycle is over.

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Furthermore, it’s one main reason for lint accumulation even after you have thoroughly cleaned the lint trap to avoid additional chores at your end now and then.

equipment failure

Every appliance in your household has an expected life that gets affected by various neglected reasons. The dryer in your home doesn’t fail prematurely until the provided guidelines aren’t followed.

When one avoids and doesn’t clean up their dryer vent on a regular basis, an unnecessary amount of strain on the dryer leads to heat production that affects various parts of the dryer vent and eventually leads to equipment failure prematurely. Buying spare parts to change is an additional overhead one would like to avoid getting hands into.

Higher utility bills

People tend to save from everything that can be possible. Higher utility bills are also an overhead that could have been used somewhere else if one had opted for different options prior.

Dryer vent cleaning has its impact on the utility bills directly; how? It’s simple; an average estimated use costs $0.75 when a standard cycle is run.

On the contrary, a clogged vent with increased strain on the electricity will pull to move forward; this means it will require double the power to run a basic standard cycle leading to higher electricity bills.

Insect infestation

Dryer Vent Cleaning
Dryer Vent Cleaning

Believe us when we say a clean and regularly maintained dryer vent is much better than a clogged one. Especially if you certainly don’t want pests all over your house.

Insects, one entered your home and settled don’t quickly leave, especially when they get a perfect environment to breed and live in. Moist debris and lint accumulation in the vent is one perfect environment for critters to reside and reproduce here.

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Apart from the visible creatures, many microorganisms curl up in such surroundings. A humid climate inside the vent attracts nasty rodents, termites, and ants. And once they have settled, they are hard to get rid of.

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Fire hazard

A clogged vent is a disaster itself. It has many problems associated with it, and amongst them is the accumulation of carbon monoxide vented inside your home instead of venting outside and the fire hazard.

The national fire protection agency states that dirty dryer vents cause massive yearly structures of fire. Lint that is stuck for an extended period not only does it strain the power supply, but under the right circumstances, it can easily blow up an entire circuit leading to an uncountable fire hazard.

Mold buildup in vents 

The purpose of the dryer vent is to eliminate the moisture from the dryer outside, but when it’s clogged, it fails to serve its real meaning.

Lint that is stuck up in the vent absorbs humidity and gets moldy eventually. Mold becomes harder to remove, and it stick and builds upon your vent gradually

Ideally, it is essential to get an annual ventilation cleanup by the HVAC Cleaning professionals and save all other problems mentioned above.

But if you still have concerns, there are millions of ways to do it yourself. This not only helps in the optimization of your unit but saves you from additional overheads.

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