Advantages Of Developing the Ultimate e-commerce App for Business Beyond 2020

Introduction to e-commerce App for Business

E-commerce businesses have started to take a massive leap towards customers. Launching an e-commerce website has many packed-in benefits.

The customer can find your product online and order it in a few taps. With e-commerce websites, you can easily expose your products through various advertising channels and intuitive marketing strategies.

Pitch your business services with the ultimate e-commerce app development solutions. This blog will cover the nitty-gritty of e-commerce app development solutions.

The basic layout of the app:

  1. The user will log into the app after completing the registration.
  2. Next, the user will go through the list of products available under the categories section.
  3. For a better search, the user can use the filter option to find the desired products.
  4. The user will add the products to the cart and make the payment.
  5. The admin will verify the payment and confirm the order.
  6. The delivery person will deliver the order to the user.
  7. After receiving the products, the user can give ratings based on the product/service quality.

Boundless features of the app:

The customer app:

Profile set up

The user can log into the app by providing the required information like name, email ID, contact number, address, etc. The user can also log in with social media handles.

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Profile management:

The user can edit the in-app details like name, email ID, contact number, address, etc.

Category-based search:

The app has catalogs that will help the user to find the desired category of products.

Filter option:

The user can type the keyword of the desired products with the filter option. This will help to find out any particular products with ease. For example, size, brand, price, color, etc.,

Add to cart

The user can checkout the selected products to the cart and make the payment.

Add to wishlist

The user can add products to the wishlist and make the payment later.

Order history:

The user can view the previous order details like the number of items, bill amount, shipped date, etc.

Multiple payment options:

The application supports various payment options like debit/credit cards, COD, etc.

Multiple languages:

To attract global users, the application supports almost every language.

Order tracking:

Once the order is confirmed, the admin will send the tracking number. The user can track the exact location of the order with the tracking number.

Ratings and reviews:

The user can input their ratings and reviews based on the service/product quality.

The delivery person app:

Profile set up

The delivery person will log into the app by providing mandatory details like name, email ID, contact number, etc.

Customer details:

In case of any clarifications, the delivery person can access the customer’s particulars.

Order management:

The delivery person is given a delivery planner consisting of the number of orders dispatched, pending, etc.

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Route management:

The app has an in-built map that shows the most optimized route. Through this, the delivery person can reach the user’s place in less time.

The admin panel:

Product management:

The admin can edit the details of the products that are sold on the app.

Seller Management:

The admin has full control over the seller’s profile. The admin can remove any seller if they don’t abide by the app’s policies.

Offers and discounts:

The admin can provide promo codes, deals for selected products. This will encourage users to use the app.

Inventory management:

The admin can track the number of stocks available, ordered, dispatched, etc.


The admin cab hosts ads of third parties. In this way, the admin can boost business revenue.

Other features of the app:


The user can use the in-app wallet to recharge and use it for making purchases.

Store pickup:

The user can order products online and directly collect them from the stores.

EMI facility:

The app has EMI options so that the user can pay the bill in installments.

In-app chat:

The app has an in-app support system that helps users to resolve their queries.

Payment integration:

The app has many payment options like debit/credit cards, COD, UPI, e-wallet, etc.

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We provide a wide range of e-commerce solutions that you can’t skip. They are

  • Online shopping app development
  • Customer e-commerce app development
  • Fashion e-commerce app development
  • Mobile e-commerce app development
  • Social e-commerce app development
  • B2B app development
  • B2C app development
  • E-commerce store app development

Perks of launching an e-commerce application:

  • Online e-commerce apps are the best way to establish your brand’s awareness.
  • Since this generation is more aligned with using smartphones, mobile apps will help to increase your sales.
  • With intuitive marketing strategies, you can target the user with personalized marketing.
  • E-commerce websites are designed to attract the user with an easy-to-understand UI.
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Business ideation:

  1. Please book an appointment with our team of e-commerce app developers.
  2. The developer team will list your requirements and specifications.
  3. Based on this, they will develop a demo model.
  4. Once you verify the demo model, the front-end elements are customized. It will include your company’s name, logo, color theme, etc.
  5. Then our developers will build the back-end according to your business specifications.
  6. After the successful completion of the testing, the app is ready to launch.


Our custom-built e-commerce app solutions will outsmart your competitors. At Appdupe, we believe that the product’s uniqueness will make your business stable in the marketplace.

With that in mind, we provide options to add/remove any features. Also, to keep your business up-to-date, we offer opportunities for scaling up.

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