5 Websites Where You Can Earn Money As Academic Paper Writer

Earn Money As Academic Paper Writer

Introduction to Earn Money As Academic Paper Writer

When I was in school, I used to find assignments to be quite annoying. I was not bad at academic writing, but drafting several assignments every week was too much to handle.

If someone had told me that I could earn actual money by writing assignments, perhaps it would have given me a bit of motivation.

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In today’s date, you can earn a significant amount of money for writing assignments. No, your professors won’t award you with money instead of grades.

That tradition remains unchanged. However, there are several websites which pay you actual money when you write assignments as per the given instructions.

How Does It Work?

Students are no stranger to assignment writing services. In fact, the popularity of professional paper writers has increased significantly over the past few years. If you are unaware of such services, let me explain it to you.

Students, nowadays, pay online experts to create assignment solutions for them. It is like availing any other services from the internet. The experts follow the students’ instructions and create the necessary solution as per the requirements.

Now, a lot of people think that such operations are illegal and promote cheating among students. However, it is important to acknowledge the fact that such services are as legal as any other online services you see on the internet.

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From an ethical point of view, it may seem wrong to solve a problem for someone else. However, the websites that offer such services to students usually mention it in their terms of use that students should only use the solutions for reference purposes only. Now, creating reference material cannot be an unethical thing.

Where Can You Earn Money by Writing Assignments?

If you are willing to put your assignment writing skills to use and earn money, you can apply for the position of an academic paper writer at a lot of websites. Here, I have listed some of the major websites which recruit assignment writers and offer a good amount of money for the job.

  1. Chegg:

This is one of the most well-known online tutoring sites on today’s date. It recruits tutors from different universities for various high school and college subjects.

Needless to say, a tutor is assigned to the tasks of a specific subject area in which he/she specialize. No matter which part of the world you are from, you can become a tutor on your preferred subject area at Chegg.

Once you become a tutor at Chegg, you can connect with students who need help in the area you specialize in – as per your convenience.

For helping students with their studies and assignments, you get paid on a weekly basis. The payment ranges from $10 per hour to $20 per hour, depending on the type of work you do.

Earn Money As Academic Paper Writer
Earn Money As Academic Paper Writer
  1. OneClass:

OneClass is a great place to earn money by writing assignments. It pays you for helping students solve their homework. Moreover, you earn a significant amount for sharing the study materials with other university students pursuing the same course as you. It means you can earn money while studying for your own course. Also, it is open for people who have finished their education.

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Unlike the other entries in this list, OneClass operates in a credit-based system. You earn 25 credits for every approved material you upload on the platform.

You can later redeem that credit for gift cards to popular retailers such as Domino’s, Starbucks and Amazon, or even for cash. You also earn credits for earning badges and referring friends to join the platform.

  1. Freelancer:

As the name suggests, this platform offers you freelancing opportunities for a variety of things. Generally, you will find projects on web designing, translating, and other in-demand work. However, there are also a significant number of opportunities to help students with their homework and studies.

You can join this platform for free, and set your own prices for the work you do. You will need to set up a public profile, describing all your skills and expertise. You can then start applying for relevant jobs, and start working on the tasks as soon as the client assigns you the task.

  1. Upwork:

Similar to Freelancer, Upwork also offers freelancing opportunities to people on various things. Apart from academic writing, the platform is a great place to find freelance work on areas such as web development, engineering and architecture, data science and analytics, and sales and marketing.

People posts a variety of jobs on this portal. You can bid for the jobs that you can do for the clients. Once they accept your bid, you can collaborate with the client on the platform using chat, video call, file sharing, and more. Again, you set your own prices. However, the platform will charge a commission for each project you finish.

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  1. NerdyTurtlez:

While Freelancer and Upwork offer freelancing opportunities for a variety of jobs, NerdyTurtlez focuses mainly on academic writing jobs.

You can join this platform as a freelance writer and start earning money by helping students solve their essays, homework, and other academic needs. The website tests your skills and knowledge before handing you any task from the clients.

Besides academic writing, the website also offers freelancing opportunities for jobs such as copywriting, blogging, business report writing, resume writing, infographic design, and creative writing. You can choose to get paid on the basis of hours of work or for each order. The website offers plenty of flexibility in the job.

In conclusion,

The online essay writing industry is booming right now. And while it is a great option for part-time work, a lot of people have made a career out of it. So, if you are good at writing assignments, do check these websites out and join one as a professional paper writer.

Author bio: Clara Smith is a Ph.D. scholar who has been pursuing her research from a reputed university in Texas, US. She has also been associated with Allessaywriter.com, where she serves students as an expert paper writing service. She also loves to bake in her free time.

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