EB-5 US Investment Visa for Foreign Investors: An Overview

Introduce to EB-5 US Investment Visa

EB-5 Green Card Visa is the best American Permanent Residency opportunity for individuals with a specific qualifying net worth and their dependent families. This visa permits the applicants to immigrate to the nation via US Green Card with dependent partner and children under the age of 21.

While the applicant may not get involved in daily operations of the invested commercial enterprise, he or she must have at least a policy level role. If someone plans to invest in an existing commercial enterprise, it is important that the business must have been establishing after November 29, 1990. In general, an annual quota of 10,000 visas can be identified under the EB-5 visa category every year. According to this program, at least 3000 of this quota have been aside for designated Regional Centers for the EB-5 visas.

Post-approval of the application, a conditional Green Card can be issued to the applicant for two years. After 21 months of holding the conditional EB-5 Green Card, the EB-5 applicant can apply for removal of the condition by providing proof that the investment leads to the creation of 10 United States jobs during the conditional status. After approval, the condition can be removed, and the applicant gets a Permanent Green Card. He or she can apply for United States citizenship after five years.

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Qualifying Immigrants under the United States EB-5 Immigration Visa

EB-5 Immigration Visa
EB-5 Immigration Visa

The applicant must invest 10,00,000 dollars or at least 500,000 in a new commercial enterprise if you are investing in a Target Employment Area.

The new business may have several owners such as those not applying for the EB-5 immigration visa, if:

  • The source or sources of all capital is identified, and
  • All invested capital source of funds, if derived via lawful means

EB-5 United States Green Card Visa

United States Green Card Visa
United States Green Card Visa

There are a number of service providers that provide pre-screening assessment form and reviews the details provided by you, prospective EB-5 applicant.

They confirm whether or not you fulfill the qualifying criteria for the EB-5 green card.

If it is qualified, they provide possible designated regional centers option to review as well as analyze for a possible investment vehicle.


In order to meet EB-5 investor visa requirements, immigrant investors must make an “At-risk” capital investment in a for-profit United States business entity. The specific amount is either $900,000 or $1.8 million on the basis of the geographical location of the project you are planning to invest in. If you are going to invest in a targeted employment area, the investment amount is $900,000. On the other hand, if you are planning to invest elsewhere, the minimum amount is $1.8 million. EB-5 investments should leave to the creation of at least ten fulltime United States jobs that exist for at least two years.

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Application Process

EB-5 Visa Application must follow three steps to get permanent residency in the United States:

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Invest in a business that creates at least 10 direct fulltime United States jobs per investor or invest via a USCIS-designated RC where the investor may create at least 10 direct, indirect or induced jobs per investor.

Depending on the approval of I-526, there is no visa backlog applicable the investor’s country of birth; the EB-5 investor should submit their conditional permanent resident application either via the filing of an I-485, or DS-260. The petition confers the green card to the investor and partner and children.

The investor must prove that all EB-5 requirements should meet at the end of the two-year conditional residency by filing the I-829 petition to remove the condition within 90 days prior to the expiration of their two-year period. After this, they all will get an unconditional green card valid for 10 years.


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