EB5 Investment – Amazing Key Benefits for Your Children

Introduction to EB5 Investment

The EB-5 visa provides several benefits to foreign investor’s children. If you are looking for a better future, it is important to determine the best way to raise your family.

With EB5 investment visa, all of a foreign investor’s unmarried children under the age of 21 may be eligible to get an EB 5 Green Card under their parent’s petition.

The EB 5 program helps foreign investors and their eligible families get U.S. Green Cards by investing a minimum of $900,000 by creating full-time jobs.

While this may sound like a huge investment, an EB 5 visa comes with several benefits, especially for young families who have the main objective to get the best life they can for their children.

There are countless benefits of moving to the United States via the EB 5 program for young families. Some of them include:

  1. Less crime and a safer environment
  2. Cost-effective children-care options
  3. Higher acceptance of cultural diversity
  4. Competitive sports
  5. Reputed public school options
  6. Wide range of extracurricular activities
  7. Internship and practical programs
  8. Reduced in-state tuition at specific public colleges and universities

Many benefits are more affordable in the United States, adding strong financial motivation to immigrate, despite the $900,000 investment barrier for the EB 5 program.

Depending on the size of the family of investor and how much they spend on private safety as well as education in their home country, an EB 5 visa could be a more affordable option for several foreign families in a long run.

Other Perks for Investors and Their Family Members

The EB 5 immigration Investor Program allows investors a great deal of freedom because it does not need immigration investors to handle their investment on a daily basis, which means that they can be limited partners and pursue other professional or personal ventures.

Become A Green Card Holder

EB 5 visa is a direct route to permanent residency in the United States for investors, their spouses, and any children under the age of 21


Foreign investors and immediate families can travel to and from the United States without another visa.

Free to live anywhere in the United States

Foreign investors have the freedom to live, work, and retire anywhere in the United States.

U.S Citizenship

EB 5 visa is a route to U.S. citizenship for investors and their immediate family after five years of permanent residency.

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University costs and tuitions

Investors and their partners, as well as eligible children, can attend college or university at U.S. resident costs.

U.S. residency benefits

Investors will get benefits of U.S. permanent residency status, such as the ability to develop and run their own business.

Reduced University Tuition

One of the most interesting benefits of becoming a United States resident is that you and your family will be able to attend university in the United States and pay tuition fees the same as any U.S. resident.

There is no need to pay tuition fees like international students are paying. It means investors can save an average of around $85,000 per person enrolled within the state in which they reside.

A family with four children can enroll in a university that they reside and save up to $300,000 in tuition fees on the basis of the university that their children are enrolled in.

Do you want to enjoy such benefits? Do you want to know whether you are eligible for EB 5 investment visa or not? Simply get in touch with a reliable service provider and request a consultation.

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