5 Best Reasons Why Companies Need EHS Program?

Introduction to EHS Program

Employees are the most valuable assets of the company. Their safety is paramount for any organization that strives for excellence.

Firstly, let’s understand What is EHS? EHS simply stands for Environment, Health, and Safety. It is an important aspect of the EHS Management process within companies to ensure that employees are safe and sound.

With the recent pandemic, it has become imperative that companies around the world take the EHS program more seriously than ever. Here are the top 5 reasons why companies need an EHS program?

Rules and Regulations set by Authorities

Every country has established various agencies to address workplace safety hazards. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), a US Federal Agency that addresses potential hazards across companies, recently cited that it has fined 37 worksites for Coronavirus-related violations.

No matter wherever you are in the world, businesses across the globe have to follow the basic safety standards laid down by the designated authorities.

Complimentary PR

How the workplace looks have a direct reflection on your business? Do you follow the safety standards that you have set or have they been written on a piece of paper for the sake of it?

Do you have equipment like Fire Extinguishers, PPE Kits, and other medical services in place? What will you do if a worker falls sick?

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The absence of any of the safety measures or tools can seriously give an organization a bad PR, which can prove to be detrimental for the business.

Instead, taking the right measures and following safety standards can catch media attention and give your company free coverage.

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Reputational Risk and Potential Losses

A workplace accident can severely damage the reputation of the company. A further criminal investigation can simply trickle-down a company’s financial statement.

No organization would like to be in this situation where they are answerable to the stakeholders and media for their negligence that could have been avoided if safety rules and regulations were followed.

A far-sighted approach to business can position the CEO as the thought-leader and the company as the benchmark of safety.

Boost Employees Morale

Let’s face the fact, we are living in an unprecedented time and such an environment makes employees feel saddened and dejected.

A health and safety program merged with gamification can enhance employee’s morale and performance. They will feel being part of the organization and follow safety rules diligently.

Employee feel Psychologically safe

The organization spends millions of dollars on employee training. Depending on the nature of the work, employees are trained using the latest cutting-edge tools and given video demos & theoretical knowledge so that he/she knows what to do in real-life scenarios.

Training employees on safety can have a psychological effect on the employees. They will feel safe, motivated and confident in carrying out their task.

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To summarize, there are plenty of reasons to carry out the EHS program within the company to ensure the safety of the workers and the organization’s reputation. Failing to do so can lead to high attritions, bad press, and financial losses.

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