Amazing Tools to Embed Instagram Widget on Your Website in 2021

Introduction to Embed Instagram Widget

Instagram consists of colorful posts of various users which allow you to keep your visitors engaged, providing them a great browsing experience.

Instagram widget comprises diverse functionalities which makes it a go-to feature to embed on your website.

Embedding Instagram widget can do wonders to your website and make your business flourish explicitly.

Why Is It Important to Embed Instagram Widget on Your Website?

Since Instagram feeds are collected from various social media channels which later combine together to form Instagram widgets, embedding these widgets brings the power of social media to your website.

Instagram widgets provide you with an opportunity to display all your Instagram feeds from your consumers which reflects the authenticity of your brand.

Proving your brand’s credibility makes it easy for the customers to make decisions whether they are interested in your brand or not.

Therefore, providing the option to shop directly through Instagram widgets reduces the chance of cart abandonment, as it is a very easy and convenient way of purchasing.

You can embed Instagram widgets to your website using various social media aggregators that would allow you to accomplish this task effortlessly.

Best Tools You Can Use to Embed Instagram Widgets on Your Website!

Social media aggregation tools make your job of embedding Instagram widgets very smooth and simplified.

Social media aggregators help in collecting, curating, and displaying Instagram feeds from various channels, these feeds are accumulated together to form Instagram widgets.

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Some of the aggregation tools for embedding Instagram widgets to your website are mentioned below.

  1. Tagembed 

Tagembed is the best tool that you can use to integrate Instagram widgets into your website. It has been considered as the most reliable tool; as it comes with countless features that are required by your brand to embed amazing Instagram widgets to your website to make it visually attractive.

Tagembed comes with various customization options to make your website look glamorous. It allows you to display relatable and worthy content, by curating the Instagram feeds using relevant hashtags, mentions, and handles.

Tagembed has made the task of embedding Instagram widgets to your website at your fingertips. It comprises an analytics tool for you to gain Instagram content insight and keep eye on Instagram feeds performance on your website.

  1. LightWidget

LightWidget is a social media aggregator tool that is completely dedicated to Instagram.

Embedding Instagram widgets to your website using LightWidget gives you an ocean of customization possibilities so as to make your website attractive and interactive.

This gives you the chance to come to the attention of a large number of users and make your business progress.

LightWidget allows you to customize features like content effect, formatting, fetch text along with visuals, etc. It is compatible with HTML, Shopify, Word Press, etc.

  1. Smash Balloon

Smash Balloon is a trouble-free aggregation tool to embed an Instagram widget to your website. It has an interesting feature of mobile responsiveness and allows Instagram widgets to adjust in a mobile phone of any screen size.

It is completely coded free and permits you to display thumbnails, full-size images from Instagram, etc.

Smash Balloon has got enormous customization functionalities and provides you the access to infinite Instagram feeds from various channels, through a “Load More” button.

  1. SnapWidget

SnapWidget is a well-known aggregator to embed the Instagram widget on your website.

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SnapWidget comes with diverse options for customization; it sets the Instagram widget on your website according to the layout of the webpage, keeping in mind its space requirements.

It actively fetches the content from Instagram accounts and puts it in the widget on your website. The content fetched is fresh and makes it easy to keep the users engaged.

SnapWidget provides basic features in its free plan, whereas in its paid plans it consists of amazing features like a carousel, content updates, hashtag feeds, etc.

  1. ProPhoto

ProPhoto is a simple and easy method to embed Instagram widgets on your website, to make it visually attractive.

When you are using ProPhoto, you first need to create your account on it, which will further provide you the ability to access Instagram accounts.

Once the connection is made, it allows you to fetch the required content from the Instagram account.

ProPhoto gives you the option to personalize the layout of the Instagram widget, title, and text, etc. according to the requirement of your website. It defines the number of images, grids, spacing, and image size to make your work hassle-free.

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Unavoidable Benefits of Embedding Instagram Widgets on Your Website:

Embedding Instagram widgets to your website allows your visitors to find all your Instagram feeds in a unified place.

The Instagram widget has the ability to land your visitors directly to the page containing all your Instagram feeds, directly from your website in a single click.

It is a fuss-free feature and engrosses your visitors completely.

  • Instagram widgets add vibrancy to your website, which help you in bringing more traffic to your website.
  • Instagram widgets provide you with innumerable customization options that make the website very attractive for the dwellers.
  • Embedding Instagram widgets to your website increases your customer base by providing them amazing features.
  • Instagram widgets make your website interactive that engages the visitors and increases their stay time.
  • Displaying User-Generated content through embedding Instagram widgets on your website helps you in gaining social trust.
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Final Words:

Now, you can embed Instagram widgets to your website to gain a massive number of visitors by making your website interesting. This further leads to improving the performance of your brand.

The above mentioned is a list of some breathtaking social media aggregation tools that can be used to complete your task.

You can choose the apt Instagram widget aggregator for your brand according to the requirement of your business, keeping in mind the features of each tool.

Embedding Instagram widgets to your website allows you to increase your sale with the minimum amount of investment. It engages the visitors.

Therefore, you must hurry up and choose the best tool for your business to make it exceptionally successful.

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