7 Best Steps of Doing Embroidery with a Sewing Machine

Introduction to Embroidery with a Sewing Machine

No doubt, embroidery is the most emerging industry today. No most people and brands have started their embroidery.

Embroidery is also emerging as a home business quite well. You can use a sewing machine if you do not have the budget to buy an embroidery machine.

But how to do embroidery with a sewing machine? Its answer is simple. Just follow the steps mentioned below, and you will reach what you need. It will guide you to explain the whole process quite well. Just follow the steps as mentioned.

Steps of Doing Embroidery with a Sewing Machine

First of all, prepare the stuff that you need for doing embroidery. Once you have everything, you just need to start embroidering with the machine right away by following the simple steps s mentioned below.

Adjust Feed Dogs

You need to adjust the feed dogs. This will optimize the fabric that is held in the hoop. There are gears to help you with it.

You can also ask for help from the annual instructions if you find any difficulty lowering the feed dogs. This will give you the proper control of the sewing machine for embroidery.

Thread Preparation

Now just prepare the thread for using it in the embroidery. The type and material of the thread are all chosen by you, so do not worry about it.

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You can also thread the bobbin, but you can begin with a full thread too. It is recommended to avoid bobbin threading as it can cause instability.

Foot arrangement

Now you have to arrange the foot in such a way that you lift the presser foot upwards. The next step is to attach the darning foot to it.

This step can be taken if you want as this is only for the ease of embroidery you want to have if you’re going to have a better view of whatever you embroidered. Otherwise, you can remove both of the foot and proceed as such.

Needle replacement

Now you have to change your sewing needle into an embroidery needle. Sewing needles are quite different from embroidery needles in size and shape.

The size and shape of the hand mostly depend upon the type of fabric you are working on. For thicker materials, you will require a thinner needle and vice versa. After this, adjust the tension in the string and most probably reduce it.

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It is time to use the stabilizer now. Stabilizers are of many different types, but you have to select the suitable one for your fabric.

Because harsh stabilizers can damage some silky and soft materials, so you need to be careful in that case. The best way is to attach the fabric on the top of it. Now use a pen or marker and make the design or anything you want to embroider on it.

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Use a Hoop

It is better to move the fabric with the hoop as it makes the embroidery quite neat. The aid of moving the material to and forth is comfortable with a hoop than with a hand.

Just fi the hoop’s fabrics, and it will also not displace the fabric and produce a neat embroidery for you. The hoop must be tightened efficiently so that the material is unable to move. Otherwise, the fabric can make wrinkles during embroidery, which can cause issues.

Start Embroidering

Now put the hooped fabric under the machine’s needle and start to make your desired designs. Just be delicate and if you need to change the thread, change it right away and then follow the same procedure for embroidery. To end it, you need to put the stitches in a reverse manner.


When you do not have the best embroidery machine, you can use a sewing machine for embroidery anything. It will be a bit lower, and its functions will not be more than a proper embroidery machine, but it can work well as a replacement.

You can have the best results just by following the steps mentioned above carefully. Make sure that you follow them as mentioned and do it carefully. For similar articles, you can also visit this website.

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