8 Unbelievable Facts About Enhancing Team Productivity

Introduction to Enhancing Team Productivity

When you are a business owner, your team is the biggest asset you can ask for. Taking care of them is up to you; it is your duty to get the best out of them.

Leadership is one of the most sought after roles in a business. It might seem lucrative. However, it has some serious issues attached to it. Motivating the team irrespective of their number is nothing less than a hassle.

This requires a particular set of skills, but the fact is that you must be able to know ways to motivate your team, and if you don’t know these, you are in for a tough day at work.

To achieve the unachievable, you need to figure out a way to make your teamwork better within the given resources. They need to be cooperative.

So let’s make your life easy and you a better team leader. All you have to do is be proactive, and your decisions need to be logical and not emotional. So let us at Staff Timer App guide you on how to be a better team lead and lead by example:

Clarity is a rarity 

For you to be successful as a team lead, there must always be clarity in your ideas. There needs to be no vagueness related to your goals. You must set a clear path for your destination. You cannot linger about with your team.  For your team to be productive, there must be a clear set of goals for them.

Appreciate your team

The best way to keep your team active and motivated is by appreciating the work they do. Appreciation can work like magic. Understanding your team members is the cornerstone of productivity in every way. Make sure you know your team. Motivation is an essential thing in the office, and you should strive for it.

Friendly office 

The jinx is to keep your office’s environment healthy and friendly. Strict office ruins productivity. Make sure there is enough flexibility that the chain of communication never breaks. If it snaps, then you are in for a hard one. A friendly environment encourages ideas.

Host team events for the team

The best way to keep your team productivity high is by hosting team events. Team events make the team gelled together. These exercises make the team perform better tasks, team events act as ice breakers and develop confidence and communication within the organization. It is essential to hosting such activities that would do this.

Set task deadline for every day

This is important because it creates a sense of achievement amongst the team. The team gets used to achieve targets and the rewards that await. It is a small trick but useful in the long run. For your team to be productive, they must be used to achieving deadlines. This is effective leadership.

Annual intrinsic awards

Make sure your team’s efforts don’t go unnoticed, and they get rewarded. The best way to pay your organization is through intrinsic rewards.

These rewards boost the productivity of the group, and they look forward to doubling the efforts so they can be appreciated and rewarded. It is perhaps the easiest way to boost your team’s productivity.

Avoid within team competition. 

The worst you can do for your team is by pitting team members against each other. It might seem like a good strategy for you as it will boost productivity but also promote cut-throat competition in the end.

This will pull your team apart, and communication within the team would be destroyed, making a toxic environment in the organization.

See the bigger picture.

The biggest mistake every lead makes is they want to achieve big things doing small things. This is not how you go about it. You must have a vision for you and your team, if you don’t have an idea, there will be issues regarding achieving targets, and no one wants those.


Remember, you will only be as good as the team around you. But you will not always get an excellent team to work with, however, if you can get your team to the level you require. It will be your greatest triumph.

A team leader needs to understand that not everyone has the same capacity and same functionality. Each and everyone must deal with differently; that is why you need to do the best within the confined resources.

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