8 Essential Summer Skin Care Tips To Have a Radiant Glow

Introduction to Essential Summer Skin Care Tips

As summer is just around the corner, we need to start prepping up for how to take care of our skin during the ever-rising temperature. One needs to be very conscious during summers of their skin as the scorching heat, dust and pollution would leave your skin very dull, oily, and due to dehydration, the skin gets irritated causing redness and makes the skin dry and more at risk of exposure to sunburn.

Our skin should be treated like our baby to have healthy glowing skin and continue having it in the long run. Read on this blog to know about the requirements of your skin and know about the basic skincare routine which will fetch you the desired healthy glow to your skin during summers.

How does our skin get damaged during summers?

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How does our skin get damaged during summers?

Summers are very harsh on our body and skin. The dangerous UV sun rays cause major damage to our skin. It causes early ageing and wrinkling, losing the tightness of the skin. The sweat generated during the unbearable heat is a magnet for dust and pollutants which gets clogged in the open pores of the skin and is the major reason for acne and pimples. Bacteria also get active and cause skin rashes.

Sunburn causes the opening of pores, darkening of skin and pigmentation. The oily and greasy skin leaves the face look dull, pigmented having mini bumps here and there. It is really essential that we must know and conform to the few steps of skincare which can help us get rid of all the summer skin issues to have clear, glowing and baby soft skin.

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Essential skincare routine to follow during Summer

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Essential skincare routine to follow during Summer

Don’t ignore the skincare routine, like every other part of the body gets damaged without proper care and can be life-threatening so does our skin without proper care can cause some permanent damage to our life such as early ageing, itchiness and bad rashes and even skin cancer. The expert skin specialist of skinhairandyou has given some easy pro tips which are very effective and easy to follow and also this can be followed by people of every skin type.

The first step comes to choosing the right face wash

The face wash is a must be it summers or winters. Now comes the question, there is an extensive variety of it available, which one will be your perfect fit? It depends on the skin type yours. During summers the skin needs to be cleared of the excessive oil to keep it dry and also ensuring it doesn’t make the skin feel like the Sahara Desert.

You know what we mean to say! It’s a dream of oily skin people to get clear and matte skin especially during summers as so much oil, grease and sweat make it very prone to getting pimples and acne during the summer season.

The charcoal face wash is a very good option to pull out dirt and excess oil from the skin. Neem has various medicinal benefits and it is very good for the skin as well. Neem face wash is antibacterial which helps in reducing pimples, treating acne also reduces oil. For combination skin and dry skin, people try using foaming cleansers.

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Provide proper hydration to your skin

During summers, your skin needs all the hydration same as your body. Lack of hydration to your skin will lead to a dull complexion, dryness and uneven skin tone. It also disables the fine lines. There are plenty of ways to hydrate your skin. The new hyaluronic acid serum is very effective in hydrating the skin, improving skin texture, reducing the fine lines and providing the proper amount of moisture to the skin leaving you with smoother and glowing skin. If not serum, try hydrating sheet masks. It works faster than a normal mask to provide smooth and plump skin. Put on one and sit in relaxation and feel your skin, body and mind getting rejuvenated.

Don’t skip using toner

Many people tend to skip toner in their skincare routine but these are ‘basic and must be done’ steps to have good skin during summers. Pores in the t-zone of our face open up due to the sun rays and the dirt and impurities get clogged. A toner helps in removing even the last bit of impurities from the open pores and prevents further accumulation in the pores by tightening them.

Invest in a good toner. Rosewater has many skin benefits and it is also considered to be a good toner. All skin types can use rose water. Toners are also used to treat acne, dryness and ageing. It prepares the skin for the further skincare step of exfoliation and moisturization. Aloe Vera, green tea, cucumber based toners are recommended.

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Say yes to moisturiser even in summer

Yes, moisturizers are equally important in the summer as well. Many people think it is only for winters and in the heat, moisturizer cannot be used. But summers too need moisturizer but it isn’t as heavy and oily as winters. Summer moisturizers have to be lightweight on the skin. Try oil-free moisturizer, water gel-based moisturizers or green tea moisturizer.

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The not to miss sunscreen

Staying indoors or heading out, sunscreen is the most essential need during summers. While going out apply sunscreen having higher SFP. This will help in protecting the skin from sunburn and also from early ageing. Invest in a good sunscreen as it is the protective layer from getting skin damage by harming sun rays.

Fruits & water

Summer calls for drinking plenty of water and eating a lot of fruits. Our body needs maximum hydration and drinking a minimum of 2 litres of water a day is a must. It helps in producing healthy tissues making the skin glow. The same is the work of summer fruits to provide enough hydration and give smoother and supple skin.

For further assistance, queries and/or for any skin and hair related issues, you can contact the expert skin specialist of Skinhairandyou.

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