Evaluate 6 Important Exhibition Display Techniques

Introduction to Exhibition Display Techniques

Presenting the brand in the right way so that the target audience an get engaged readily is an art. In an exhibition, it is the smart art, technology and innovative strategies which get highlighted prominently. Therefore, focusing on the best exhibition display techniques is the chief prerequisite to attract target audience. Let’s take a look at some of the techniques which can make the exhibition display stand impressive and functional:

The Planning phase execution

As a part of planning phase, there are multiple tasks to be lined up in order to set up exhibition display stand without any mismatch. In first steps of planning, wherein, the brainstorming session has to be emphasized, thoughts and sketch ideas of the exhibition booth need proper attention. In addition, interaction with the stakeholders in the community will be a viable option to consider. The vast pool of knowledge possessed by these stakeholders can be utilized amidst the varied exhibition display techniques. Besides, the local representatives of the business should be involved in the development process.

The following are other steps involved in the planning process of exhibition display stand:

  • Creating exhibition proposal
  • Selection of objects
  • Designing the structure of the exhibition booth
  • Seeking service providers assistance in borrowing objects for the exhibition
  • Evaluation of display requisites of objects
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Objects mounting and display

Proper support for the object to stand in a stable way is the quintessential factor to reflect over while preparing for the presentation in the exhibition. Therefore, the selection of mounts should be checked in order to streamline the exhibition display techniques. Objects remain safe from various damages and even earthquake with the help of mounts. In fact, the practical documentation of objects being mounted gives clear picture to the staff members, thereby, helping them in removing them mounts without any hassle when the exhibition stand is being dismantled.

In this process, these steps are involved to finalize the construction and installation of exhibition display stand:

  • Make a list of objects already possesses or can be displayed without any extra cost
  • Objects should be displayed without mount by using quick fix solutions to stabilize their base
  • Plinths and raises should be used to accentuate height and depth of objects

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Apart from mounting, the adaptable products like acid-free foam boards should be invested on to make object and label mounts. Available in a wide range of colours and a variety of options, these boards are easy to cut and they can be stuck together with glue guns. The professional exhibition display techniques can be relied on when it comes to making a label mount using foam boards.

Paper display utilities

Paper can lead to dramatic effect in the display of exhibition if utilized in a practical manner. Be it hanging masterpiece made up of colourful paper or an add-on constructed with the help of paper, the exhibition stall looks outstanding further engaging the users. Paper art can save business owners time and money for sure, but, it is essential to make a design or visualize the framework to be implemented. Furthermore, among all the exhibition display techniques, the usage of paper hanging art work is the most interesting aspects to be considered. Make a checklist of questions to ensure the reliability of the paper display utilities while getting them installed in the exhibition stand.

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Things to attach and avoid

When it comes to attaching objects in the exhibition display stand, one should remember that objects less than 90cm should be avoided. Alternatively, the objects which are more than 200cm from the floor level should not be considered. On the other hand, paintings should not be hung on one nail unless the very small picture has been chosen. Graphics and diagrams which weigh less should be applied with the help of durable adhesive patches.

Security of exhibition display stand

All the possible constraints which can hamper the security of the exhibition stall should be discussed with the staff members. Apart from the other exhibition display techniques, the security aspect is intended at alerting the staff members about any suspicious elements which can be problematic during the exhibition display. Following are some of the aspects to be considered while guiding the team to keep the exhibition display stand secured:

  • Safety of the building
  • Identifying the blind spots at the exhibition
  • Proper installation of surveillance camera
  • Number of times display being checked and by whom

Colour combination and lighting

Communicating the brand message of the organization is possible for the business owners when they focus on the right colour combination. Every colour has its significance to reflect professionalism, yet, choosing the right one can be an easy pathway to engage the target customer base. Similarly, one of the common exhibition display techniques is to align lighting amenities so that the exhibition booth is easily traceable among the other booths. Adding spotlight on products is also the effective way to attract the attention of visitors at exhibition stand.

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From the above discussion, it is apparent that proper implementation of these tips can drive the target audience towards the exhibition stall.

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