Explain the different ways in which communication breakdown occurs?

When we talk about communication in our day to day life it consists 90% of the words. Rest 10% is the expression what we give along with the word.Most of the time,even if people say words,there are misunderstandings. There are misleading infrmation.There are dual meaning.There are communication breakdown. It occurs!!!

The main roadblocks are-
I. Differences in perspective:-
Differences in perspective can lead to loss of symbols,distortion of symbols,and create a new symbol.That is not at all desirable.
II. Differences in knowledge level:-
Differences in knowledge level can lead to loss of sysbols,distortion of symbols,and create a new symbol.That is not atall desirable.
III. Lack of Common Language:-       
Lack of common Language causes some or fully loss of symbols.This way create some new symbols which is not desirable at all.When an Hindi speaking people visits chennai village..:)
IV. Stereotype and jump to conclusion:-
Every individual is unique in many respect.But it is common to the human being is to be stereotype and to jump into conclusion which is again not desirable to the society.

V. Strong Emotions:-
Strong emotions also effect the verbal and non-verbals that reflect our strong emotions may contradict them.However at that time we might got down right words.Emotion is called liquer,blessed are those who can enjoy them without forgetting their limit of self control.
VI. Self centredness:-
Self centredness if crosses a reasonable limit may blur our eyes through vision.A communication fails due to extreme self centredness. When we have problems with friends most of the time this factor takes a major role.Explosive anger is another from of self centredness and can lead to a serious commnication breakdown.
VII. Plain Laziness:-
Being communicator as well as being a communicate is equally hardwork.We tend to allow all sorts of distracters while reading and while listening to others.Thats why we cannot reconstruct the message or reconstruct very badly.
VIII. Blame game or Stubbornness : 
People not willing to admit their fault rather try to blame to others. Well most of the time corporates suffers such kind of communication breakdown.Even less flexibilities and compromises can influence such breakdown.Even harse word could influence communication breakdown.

IX.Lying or Colored information:

How many times we give wrong status update to our manager/management /client? will most of us agree on this fact? Quantity and demand really do not match according to the reality but for recording purpose we give the colored value and try to spend time to cover that gap.At present this will give you better clapping or comfort but later part of time evrybody will be suffered.
X. Information Hiding and Overload: 
The more we grow up in the ladder the more responsibility we get. With great responsibility we will get more information from various corner.Now it is extremly important to hide some informaion and to deliver some. Being a senior in the team one must understand what information we must pass and what not.A wrong communication may create an unnecessary tension among the team member and can influence the communication breakdown inside the team.
XI. Communication Style:
Most of us will surely agree that one’s communication style also contribute communication breakdown. Say some people said meeting is at 9AM. For someone it is 9:15AM and for someone 8:55AM. Yes I am talking one burning issue. Same problem happens with “I will do by EOD” . For someone it extends till next day!!!.
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