6 Best Places That Can Explore in Bucaramanga

Introduce to Explore in Bucaramanga

Explore in Bucaramanga , What is your loved destination? Where do you want to take your loved one to? The choice is yours! But we recommend you to take your special one to Bucaramanga. This year, the beautiful place where you can explore beautiful nature, join hands with Spirit airlines, get on board with us, and fly to Bucaramanga.

The place has limited tourist spots for you, but you won’t feel bored because churches, markets, and cultural institutions will not let you go from here. So without thinking a lot, pack up your bags and come with your special one and enjoy your vacations.

Want to watch out for the stunning nightlife? It would help if you went to the pubs and clubs and must have the delicious local dish, Santander cuisine. So, if you are planning a surprise for your partner, what can be better than taking them on vacations in Bucaramanga?

Let’s explore the six best places in Bucaramanga.

Parque Nacional de Chicamocha

Parque Nacional de Chicamocha
Parque Nacional de Chicamocha

Explore in Bucaramanga , The charming place is an excellent jumping-off point for traveling to the nearby national park. You will also love to call this place “Panachi,” all the adventurous people will find tons of adventurous activities.

You will get a chance to watch out a deep canyon, green landscapes, and the dramatic slopes in this park. And, most surprisingly, get a roller coaster ride of rafting, hiking, Paragliding, climbing, camping, spelunking, and Kayaking.

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Try the Local Cuisine

Try the Local Cuisine
Try the Local Cuisine

Explore in Bucaramanga , The place is famous for serving delicious and tasty delicacies. You can have Fritanga here is Fritanga, the beloved dish made up of a greasy meal of corn, potatoes, sausages, steak, and deep-fried yucca.

Want to try goat meat or Cabra? You can try it here in the surroundings of the Santander Department. Even if you are brave enough to have the pepitoria, the dish prepared from goat entrails, you can have it. If you are having a craving for meat, head to the renowned El Viejo Chiflas and enjoy Colombian food.


Thermal winds are what you called Colombia’s heritage; if you want to try Paragliding, this place is heaven for you. Get a bit of calming sensation of flight and an adrenaline rush and leap of faith from the mountain; what an experience! It would help if you tried this adventure.

While Paragliding, check out nature’s beauty, the green hills, and the land; you will capture those moments in your eye and will love to become a paragliding pilot. So, what are you waiting for? Come and make the most out of your traveling.

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Day trip to Giron

Day trip to Giron
Day trip to Giron

What’s your plan for clicking magical clicks? Are you looking for the perfect destination? Your search ends here at Giron, an excellent place for relaxation, photography, and stroll around the central plaza.

So if you are one of the photo capturers, get your pictures at shady patios, small stone bridges, and charming churches.

Are you still craving the local food? Try out the traditional food here at Giron and let your taste buds try something unique.

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Mercado Central

Mercado Central
Mercado Central

The Mercado market is worth your time and money! You can shop for shoes, flowers, handicrafts, and clothes. Have a look at the yummy avocados and say hola to the local vendors.

The vendors are friendly and will help you out to shop the best. There is a food court in the market, which is as per your pocket. You will love to have lunch here.

Try out the local specialties like Cal do, fruit juices, grilled meat, empanadas, and much more.

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Final words

So how did you find the place? We know we have taken you on the virtual trip, but you will love to move to this place after visiting virtually. So, what’s next? Have you booked your tickets? If “not,” do the earliest and get the best tour deal at a pocket-friendly price.

If you are searching for your wedding destination or pre-wedding shoot, Bucaramanga is the best place. For more details about the site, land on social media, you will get all the details. Or you can have words with us in the comments section.

Have a blessed trip!


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