4 Practical Recommendations to Extend Lifespan of your Laptop

Introduction to Extend Lifespan of your Laptop

According to some, the useful life of a laptop varies from three to five years. It all depends on its use and, much more importantly, on how we take care of it.

Therefore, in a world in which personal computers become an extension of who we are, it is worth reviewing those tips that can help us extend the average lifespan of your laptop. From the hand of Acer, we offer you some:

On the Legs, Never

Like you, she needs to breathe. And, although innovations such as those of Acer itself have created increasingly perfect ventilation systems, there are still habits that you must change if you want to have your computer for much longer.

If you are one of those who put it on the bed or cushions, stop doing it. And even worse, if you usually work with her on your legs, you will be making a mistake that endangers your equipment and even your health, which includes your own fertility.

In summary, keep in mind that when the laptop is used on a non-rigid surface, some of the ducts that allow air to move inside are blocked. The result is predictable: Excess heat damages hardware and reduces the life of your equipment.

Battery Life of Laptop

Although there may be many theories, Isadora Buchman, president of Codex Electronics, a company dedicated to analyzing battery performance, recommended at Wired that users keep their battery on an 80-40 cycle.

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That is, disconnect it when it reaches 80%, and reload it when it is at 40%. Acer further recommends three battery charge and discharge cycles before first use; use only the AC adapter that came with your computer.

Reserving the battery for mobile use whenever possible; remove accessories that are not in use and, very importantly, store the equipment in a cool and dry place (10 ° C to 30 ° C).

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The Cleaning you Need

You don’t have to complicate yourself. The first rule of thumb is to prevent a liquid from spilling near or eating on your equipment.

Then, a soft cloth, a liquid designed for this purpose, a small brush, and canned compressed air, will do their job. Avoid strong chemicals to extend the average lifespan of your laptop and if you want a deeper cleaning, then go to a technician.

Rules to Follow

It is recommended that you use antivirus and keep it updated; keep the operating system and programs you use up to date and delete the files you don’t need. In the end, if you strictly follow all the above rules it will help you to extend the average lifespan of your Laptop.

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