10 Extraordinary Ways To Propose To Make Her Smile

Introduce to Extraordinary Ways To Propose

Loving someone is one thing, and expressing your feelings is another. Do not mix them and assume that they will come to know about your feelings on their own. If you love someone, you need to confess your feelings. No doubt that some people are shy at expressing their feelings, but you have no other option than to tell them about their feelings for the sake of love.

Extraordinary Ways To Propose
Extraordinary Ways To Propose

Those who are shy at expressing themselves can use indirect and different ways to communicate their loved ones’ feelings. No matter how you propose, it will bring a broad smile to her face, and you will love that. Here are ten extraordinary ways to propose your better half and bring a smile to her face.

Romantic ways to propose 

Let’s discuss some of the most romantic ways to propose to your better half.

Take her to date- 

Take her to date
Take her to date

The first thing you can do for her is to take her out on some date. It also sounds romantic enough for the love birds. Be careful while selecting the place of your date. You can opt for such a place where you both met for the first time as it will revive your memories which you people spent with each other. Also, take care of the ambiance there. Again, you can do some preparations beforehand, like get some romantic music played in the background and order her favorite dishes.

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Bouquet of roses-

Bouquet of roses
Bouquet of roses

No matter how modern we get, the traditional one always remains the best and captures the heart. You don’t need to impress her much. Just go on your knees with a bouquet of red roses in your hand and say those magical words you wanted to say for a long time.

Confess your love in the most straightforward way you can. If your love is real, she will not wait for a single moment and say yes to you.

Get her a sketch-

What about giving her a sketch of her? Sounds great, right? It would be best if you had an artist in place who can sketch both of you. You can get a small creative here by including your proposal in the sketch and confess your feelings. Your artist can help you a lot in your proposal so pay him more if he asks for it.

Put up a puzzle-

You can set up a puzzle for her to include your feelings so that she comes to know what you feel for her. Isn’t it simple? It will be economical for you also. But make sure to make it enjoyable.

What you can do here is to keep the last piece of the puzzle with you and come up with it when she is looking for it. It will be a fun and fantastic way to propose. It will have a long-lasting impact on her and will bring a smile to her face.

Write in the sky- 

If you are looking for something lavish to propose to her and win her heart, then this is the sure-shot way to take you there. You can write in the sky that you love her and want to marry her.

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But you need to plan if you’re going to pursue this idea as it takes a lot of effort. It will also be expensive to afford this much, only then go ahead with it. There are skywriters for this purpose. It would be best if you got them to work it for you.

Within a book-

 If she is a bookworm, then you can opt for this idea. No matter how you propose to her, keep one thing in mind that she takes her nature and wishes in mind while proposing to her. Only will you be successful in your proposal, and will you be able to win her heart.

In this, you need to write your feelings on one page and put it inside the book with a ring. Also, place the bookmark on that page. Whenever she takes out the book, she will read that, and a beautiful smile will flash on her face.

Plan a romantic trip- 

Another romantic way to propose to her is to take her on a romantic journey. You need to have some space and spend some quality time together so that no one can disturb you. Imagine just two of you and love blossoming between the two.

There couldn’t be anything more perfect than this. Make sure to take some pictures together to cherish it in your heart forever. Also, go to her dream destination.

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Send balloons-

 This is by far the best idea to propose to your girl. Please choose the best balloons from the market and fill them in one box. Present that box to her when she comes in front of you.

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And when she opens that box full of balloons, all the balloons will blow up in the sky and leave her wondering what happened just. Then as she will be looking up at the sky, you can pop the question to her. Tell her about your feelings and ask her about her.

Write a heartfelt note for her- 

Write a heartfelt note for her
Write a heartfelt note for her

Last but not least; you can write a heartfelt note for her in which you can describe your journey from beginning to date. Make sure it should not be copied from somewhere and written by you from the heart for your loved one. It can be anything- poetry, Shayari, or some short message to tell her how you feel about her.


These were the most romantic ways to propose Make sure to think from your heart when you are proposing to her, not from your mind. You are sure to win her heart in the ways mentioned above.


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