9 Basic Pros and Cons of Facial Hair Restoration

Introduction to Facial Hair Restoration

Facial hair transplant saves people from the shame of patchy beards and scarce eyebrows. You can have the one-day procedure and enhance your masculinity or femininity.

But just like any other medical procedure, it has its merits and demerits. In this article, you will learn the pros and cons of facial hair transplants. It will keep you informed should you decide to go that path.

The Pros of Facial Hair Restoration

The first thing you have to look for in any procedure is its advantages. You cannot dive into anything with no benefits. Here are the reasons that may make you choose a facial hair transplant.

Increases the Density of Your Facial Hairs

You may assume that it is only people who do not have beards at all that seek facial hair translate. However, even people with scarce facial hair seek services to increase the density of the hair.

Fuller facial hairs make one look mature and attractive. It also helps build self-esteem. You can even have the transplant to increase the volume of the eyebrows, which may be scarce.

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You Get Facial hairs in the Shape of Your Choice.

Natural facial hairs need trimming to get into the shape you want. It is unlike transplanted facial hairs. You choose a design in which the doctor will transplant the follicles, and all you will need is to trim the hair strands.

The Process Takes a Short Time to Complete

Hair transplant is a process that takes place in the doctor’s office. You will need a few hours of your day to have the process done for you.

The maximum tile you can take is 5 hours. You can take less time depending on the number of hair follicles that need a transplant.

It Makes You Look More Attractive

The main reason people seek facial hair transplant is to enhance their looks. Otherwise, if it did not improve the appearance, very few people would consider it.

Men feel more masculine with fuller beards. It activates their masculine feeling and builds their confidence. They also get other transplants like mustaches and sideburns.

Women also get a facial hair transplant. You may wonder what a woman would need a beard for. Women do not get a beard transplant, but they love enhancing their looks through the eyebrows. It saves them from the agony of drawing the eyebrows every morning before stepping out.

The Procedure is Painless

Unlike other intrusive methods of surgery, facial hair transplant is painless. You will only feel a little prickling as the doctor is doing the surgery. In some cases, you may feel nothing since you will be under local anesthesia.

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The only side effect you may experience is swelling and redness. The symptoms may appear only for a few hours, and they disappear. There are no other major problems that may occur unless you expose yourself to bacteria that may cause infections.

The Recovery Process is Short

Many surgeries take along to heal. But surprisingly, hair transplants take a few weeks to recover. It is even faster if you had a facial hair transplant.

During the recovery period, you continue with your daily activities as usual. You only need to keep away from activities that will cause sweating at the donor site and the transplant area.

There are a few precautions you need to keep in the first few days after the surgery. They are meant to prevent swelling and redness.

The Procedure is Cost-Effective

When you think of the cost of a facial hair transplant, it may sound like a huge burden to bear. However, if you compare it to other ‘cheaper’ options, you will see a cost-effective hair restoration method.

First of all, it is a permanent solution, so you incur the cost only once. For other methods, you have to use the products for years. Also, its guaranteed success rate makes the process valuable.

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The Cons Facial Hair Restoration

Everything in life is yin and yang; You cannot have advantages without disadvantages, no matter how few they are. Here are the demerits that may make you have second thoughts at Facial hair restoration.

The Procedure is Expensive

The cost of a facial hair transplant can leave a dent in your bank account. It is the major reason that keeps people away from the surgery.

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On average, it will cost you about $2-$3 per strand. To get full beards, you will need 1000 strands or more. The cost may only feel reasonable if the only thing you need is an eyebrow transplant.

You Sacrifice Hair from Other Parts

Facial hair transplant is 100% natural. You will need to sacrifice hair from other parts for you to get your desired facial hair. The major victim is the back of your head.


The cost of a facial hair transplant does not stop anyone from getting the facial hair transplant. People can save up or take a loan to get their desired look. However, with the information above, you can make an informed decision about facial hair restoration.

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