4 Unknown Facts About Chinese Boxes

Introduction to the history of Chinese Boxes- Facts About Chinese Boxes

You will be surprised to know that there is so much history behind the custom Chinese takeout boxes. The cute and little takeout containers we usually get from the Chinese restaurants have an interesting story to tell.

When you get to know everything about them, your mind will be blown away. Even though these disposable food containers are an iconic creation by America, they have only been associated with Chinese cuisine.

The Chinese takeaway box is easy to produce and convenient but features an attractive and visually appealing design. It is easy to unfold them into plates, and this little and known fact has been discovered very recently. Here are some facts about the history of Chinese boxes.

Chinese boxes have been around since 1894

On November 13th, 1864, in Chicagotake out boxes Frederick Weeks Wilcox produced wholesale. He patented a small box with a paper pail, and this was reported in Times Magazine. One piece of paper was taken, and it was smoothly folded into a leak-proof container.

The finishing touch was given with a wire handle. The evolution was done using the oyster pail, and during that time, no one could have imagined how Chinese takeout boxes could be made with this technology. Surprisingly, the Chinese boxes are still referred to as oyster pails by the traditional people.

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The Rise of Chinese-American Food

Chinese food was first introduced in the mid-1800s because some Chinese immigrants came to California and settled there and that too during the Gold Rush.

When the food started getting popular and the Chinatowns were established all over the state and later in the country too. The Chinese restaurants that were introduced during that time had more American flavour.

Small Chinese takeout boxes were introduced first, and many other types of boxes were produced later.

Chinese foods couldn’t catch up with the mainstream in America until World War Two, and they offered only two menus. Few dishes were purely Chinese cuisine, while the other dishes were focused on American flavour.

The Chinese takeout boxes favour very popularly among people worldwide, and now in the modernized world, people can’t live without it.

Chinese Food and Paper Containers

As Chinese food was becoming very popular in the cities and suburbs in the 1950s and the Chinese takeout boxes bulk was produced in large quantities. The sturdy boxes seemed ideal for all the people as the Chinese food remained warm and hygienic.

The popularity was growing by a considerable margin, and the surprising factor was that these boxes could turn into plates. It facilitated easy and comfortable eating at any time of the day.

The Chinese takeout boxes plate was easy to manage, and it could be disposed of without any problems. The boxes have a flat surface at the base, and the design is leak-proof, and it could be transported from one place to the other quite easily.

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Many restaurants now offer personalized Chinese takeout boxes, and it can pack all the sauce-heavy foods with a lot of protection. Nowadays, the containers have evolved, and they are made from solid bleached sulfate paperboard and paper or plastic is no longer in use.

The designs are today are very similar to the older style. The Chinese takeout boxes wedding favours are seen on most of the wedding nowadays, and guests love it.

Chinese boxes are recyclable and microwaveable

With Wilcox’s recent invention, many people have now been imitating white and fold up takeout boxes. The best thing about mini Chinese takeout boxes is that they are recyclable and microwaveable at the same time.

The Chinese food you order at home will remain warm inside these boxes, but you can also use them to re-heat the food when it reaches home. If you want, you can also use these boxes to store valuable items at home.

The materials used for manufacturing these boxes are eco-friendly and it doesn’t harm people’s environment and health. Traditionally the graphic designers didn’t have many innovative ideas to produce a good artwork, and most of the boxes would resemble the Greek Themed coffee cup.

However, the illustrations originated a few decades ago, and it kept evolving in the 19th century itself. Nowadays there is a lot of trend of valentine Chinese takeout boxes and they are gifted among partners, families and friends. The hot soups can keep you warm during winters and this is another reason why people in the past also used to order it.

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