FamiSafe Parental Management App Best Review 2021

Introduction to FamiSafe Parental Management App

FamiSafe may be a parental management application that protects your youngsters by permitting them to create smart habits, keeps them far from the risks of the net, and might act as a GPS huntsman if necessary.

At its core, Wondershare FamiSafe may be a parental management app that ticks all the boxes. does one keep a mobile location tracker of your youngsters whereas they’re far from home?

Check. read and block the web page at the bit of a button? Check. Monitor their behavior and verify if they’re being harassed? FamiSafe offers you all that and a lot of.

All apps are often mobile location huntsman on AN golem or iOS device (smartphone, tablet). you’ll be able to see what proportion time was spent on every app and set limits, together with period and specific times of the day.

Limiting screen time is important for people who wish their youngsters to explore different activities, together with extracurricular activities, sports, and non-digital hobbies.

With the FamiSafe app, you’ll be able to quickly lock the device after they got to target a lot of vital things. you’ll be able to set a wise schedule supported wherever your kid is or current activity, and even add a “reward” for doing well at school or finishing chores around the house.

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Family surveyor

Teens and young adults can typically have their smartphone shut at hand throughout the day. you’ll be able to still cell location tracker, their whereabouts with the Family surveyor feature, and use geofencing and period pursuit to check where they’re.

Web content

The World Wide net may be a Brobdingnagian resource for preparation and college analysis, however, there area unit websites that may be dangerous or age-inappropriate for youngsters.

The parental management application Famisafe provides you the flexibility to dam these websites and even read deleted browser histories.

Parent alerts

FamiSafe continues to figure even once your area unit busy with different things. you’ll be able to receive vital alerts regarding red flags, together with specific text, suspicious photos, and worrisome content on social media.

Cyberbullying detection

Often troublesome to observe, cyberbullying will go unobserved till it gets out of management. FamiSafe will observe threats, embarrassing or discouraging acts through its strong 24/7 cyberbullying feature on social media.

oldsters will read, search, and track their children’s posts and messages and receive alerts once sure words area unit seen or used.

you’ll be able to add your own keywords and begin observing your child’s social media together with Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, and more.

Download FamiSafe from Google Play

Download FamiSafe from Apple Store

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FamiSafe Parental Management App
FamiSafe Parental Management App

How to Install FamiSafe

Step 1. check-in for AN account at the official FamiSafe web site

Step 2. transfer the golem parental management app on Google Play or the iOS parental management app at the App Store.

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Step 3. Open the app and connect the devices via the online portal or the Famisafe dashboard app.

Things to stay in Mind

  • You can want thereforeund} email address so you’ll be able to verify the registration.
  • It’s extremely prompt to use a powerful positive identification.
  • ‘Parent’ devices should even have the app put in
  • You ought to sign up with an identical account on each parent and child device.
  • You got to activate Famisafe accessibility and permit app permissions.
  • Once all steps area unit followed through, you’re able to hand the devices to your youngsters, and you’re done!

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How Much is FamiSafe?

Part of subscribing to the FamiSafe parental management golem app is selecting the arrange that works best for you.

Once you check in the app is yours to stay. Moreover, you get free updates within the future and support services also.

All the options we tend to mention, together with SMS detection, cell location huntsman, screen time management, and web page filtering area unit totally unbolted.

Managing the devices beneath the parental management iPad, iPhone, golem phone and pill may be a matter of accessing the dashboard and attending to the device you would like to look at. The interface is clean, straightforward, and straightforward to know.

Wondershare offers a monthly, quarterly, and annual subscription for $9.99, $19.99, and $59.99, severally. You get larger discounts on longer terms and manage a lot of devices also.


FamiSafe is that the leading golem parental management app that may be a must-have for fogeys WHO wish the most effective for his or her youngsters.

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It contains everything you wish to observe and set limits on your child’s phone, pill, and pc. we tend to like however the screen time, app blocker and web page options work and the way it provides you peace of mind knowing your child is shielded from the dangerous things on the net.

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