Top 24 Features of an IT Company

Top 13 Features of a Good Information Technology System
Top 24 Features of an IT company

Top 24 Features of an IT Company


The product framework’s satisfaction with the determinations hidden its improvement. The rightness of a product framework alludes to the program code along with the business specifications. The accuracy of a program turns out to be particularly basic when it is inserted in a mind-boggling programming framework.

Give p a chance to be the likelihood that an individual program is right; at that point, the likelihood P of the rightness of the product framework comprising of n programs is figured as P = pn.  n being very large, at that point p must be almost 1 so as to enable P to go amiss fundamentally from 0.


Unwavering quality of a product framework gets from correctness and availability. The correctness relies on product framework. Unwavering quality of a product framework is characterized as the likelihood that this framework satisfies a capacity (controlled by the determinations) for a predetermined number of info preliminaries under indicated information conditions in a predefined time interim (expecting that equipment and info are free of errors).

A product framework can be viewed as solid if this test script creates a low error rate (i.e., the likelihood that a mistake will happen in a predetermined time interval.)The error rate relies upon the recurrence of data sources and on the likelihood that individual info will prompt a mistake.

User’s easiness of the software

Sufficiency Learnability Robustness Adequacy is the main pillars of Reliability.

Experienced based technology:

The virtual, mixed and augmented reality is no more fantasy. Currently, the market is fragmented but due to high internet and potential, it is going to boom in the coming years. Video game, the travel industry can gain a major boost if this segment is flushed. IT system can actually show you the place experiment before travel (actual) happens.

IT system should also look into this region for being productive in the upcoming years.

Cloud is the new norm

Beyond 2020, IT systems should focus on edge computing technology. ( A topology for information processing, content delivery etc. without the issues of connectivity, latency, bandwidth. This is the right time for the companies to uptake these and upgrade the infrastructure.

IoT, On-demand services are gaining massive popularities and they need edge and cloud in the backend. This kind of apps needs cloud service that is scalable, capable. This can be a great upgrade for the companies.

Factors for the requirement of Adequacy

The info expected of the client ought to be restricted to just what is fundamental. The product framework ought to expect data just in the event that it is vital for the capacities that the client wishes to complete. The product framework should empower adaptable information contribution with respect to the client and should complete believably keeps an eye on the information.

In discourse driven programming frameworks, we vest specific significance in the consistency, lucidity, and effortlessness of the exchanges. The execution produced by the product framework ought to be adjusted to the desires of the client with the thought given to extensible; i.e., the capacities ought to be restricted to these in the particular.

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The report produced

The outcomes that a product framework conveys ought to be yield in an unmistakable and all around organized structure and be anything but difficult to translate. The product framework ought to bear the cost of the client adaptability as for the extension, the level of detail, and the type of introduction of the outcomes. Error messages should be given in a structure that is intelligible for the client.


Learnability of a product framework relies upon The structure of UIs clearness and the effortlessness of the client directions (instructional exercise or client manual). The UI should introduce data as near reality as could be allowed and license proficient use of the product’s disappointments.

The customer manual should be composed clearly. It should unveil to the customer what the item structure is assumed to perform and how the individual limits are started, what associations exist among limits, and which exceptional cases may arise and how they can be reviewed. In like manner, the customer manual should fill in as a sort of the point of view that supports the customer in quickly and effectively finding the correct reactions to questions.


Quality reduces the impact of operational oversights, mixed-up data, and gear errors. A programming structure is solid if the aftereffects of a goof in its operation, in the data, or in the hardware, in association with a given application, are on the other hand comparing to the probability of the occasion of this misstep in the given application.

Visit bumbles (for instance mixed up headings, creating goofs) must be dealt with explicit consideration Less progressive errors (for instance control disillusionment) can be dealt with even more imprudently, yet in the meantime ought not to fast irreversible results.


Practicality = reasonableness for investigating (confinement and amendment of mistakes) and for adjustment and augmentation of usefulness. The viability of a product framework relies upon its:

  • Lucidness
  • Extensible
  • Ability to test


Readability of a software system depends on its coding style.


Security can be achieved via two ways-

  • Setting up security via software code.
  • Set up physical security.

When software way to provide security is very famous, here is the list of the security arrangement that the company perform physically.

  • Setup a different room for the servers.
  • Each server should be locked when not in use.
  • If possible use proper locking mechanism for the server room. (even a physical lock and key is useful)
  • Use biometric, phase detection to open the gate(Just to protect from unauthorized access).
  • Setup 24*7 surveillance both CCTV and physical security guard.
  • Equip the security guards with logbook.
  • Most vulnerable devices should not be kept open. (Lock them in the room).
  • Use rack-mount servers over tower mount servers. They are smaller, lighter and easily secured.
  • Protect the work of action from unauthorized access. They should be locked when not using. If possible disconnect them from LAN or shut down.
  • Keep two/three physical layer so that any unauthorized person cannot touch/alter systems.
  • The portable devices should be secured.
  • Backup regularly the data.
  • Disable the devices (like CD ROM, USB etc.).
  • Protect printers as they store the printing information into printers memory. The printing task should be protected with a PIN.


The intelligence of the execution programming dialects Structures of the system coverage of the documentation mechanical assemblies open for the survey.

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Extensibility permits required changes at suitable areas to be made without unfortunate symptoms. Extensibility of a product framework relies upon its: Structured (measured quality) of the product framework potential outcomes that the execution language accommodates this purpose Readability (to locate the suitable area) of the code accessibility of intelligible program documentation


Testability: reasonableness for enabling the developer to pursue program execution (run-time conduct under given conditions) and for debugging. The testability of a product framework relies upon its:

Molecularity Structured Modular, all around organized projects demonstrate increasingly appropriate for orderly, stepwise testing than solid, unstructured programs. Testing apparatuses and the likelihood of planning consistency conditions (declarations) in the source code lessen the testing exertion and give imperative requirements to the broad, methodical testing of all framework parts.


The capacity of a product framework to satisfy its motivation with the most ideal use of every single essential asset (time, stockpiling, transmission channels, and peripherals).

Interactive Platform

Nobody wants to write a long sentence in google. Due to no reactive nature of the internet, users are forced to do so. The interactive platform can be game-changer on how users interact with the binary world. This platform can capture the words creates a meaningful query, search intent and provide relevant answers.


The straightforwardness with which a product framework can be adjusted to keep running on PCs other than the one for which it was planned. The versatility of a product framework relies upon Degree of equipment independence Implementation language Extent of abuse of specific framework functions Hardware properties


Framework subordinate components are gathered in effectively exchangeable program components. A programming framework can be said to be convenient if the exertion required for porting it demonstrates essentially not exactly the exertion vital for another usage.

Use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are stepping in almost all possible areas of technology. With these new technologies, the new physical and digital world are blending at a quick pace. The ability of AI to help decision making, recreate business models and create a new ecosystem makes a customer happier.

The IT system should adopt AI and ML by upgrading the employee’s skills, using advanced tools. The company must spend money in data preparation, integration of several tools, algorithm building and training.

In the coming years, mobile (Smartphones) and internet (5G, 6G) will be a massive boom. So it is equally important power the normal apps by using AI and ML. These intelligent apps can create an intelligent layer around users.

Another aspect of AI and ML is s that tomorrows world flooded with advanced Intelligent things (Autonomous / driverless vehicle, self-checkout robots, drones etc). Companies should tap these things to sustain in the business.

The last aspect of AI is the growing IoT things. Smart devices are popular examples of IoT. (Smart Home, Smartphones, Smartwatches, Smart contract etc.).

The digital twin (digital representation of the actual world of things and IT systems) will help drive the business by providing a correct digital decision-making process in the coming years. Digital twins help to collect and visualize data, analytics rules and finally giving effective solution to the business.

Blockchain-Digital currency-Smart Contract

Blockchain powers the digital currency and smart contract for digital transaction. I have created a detailed post here on Blockchain and Smart Contract. This technology can upgrade the current centralized record keeping technique to a decentralized one. Blockchain can be applied to almost all domain in the real world. IT systems should have an option to upgrade to Blockchain technology so that company can trap this trending potential.

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The information system should maximize the company profit using the latest technology, trends. Like-

  1. Innovation.
  2. Hire right and slow and fire right and slow
  3. Use Porter’s value chain


Use innovations to increase profits at a faster speed. No business can be benefitted without moving with data and information system revolution. Today business needs to grow Innovations and information systems. IT industry must invest money in research and innovation wings. Research and innovation team must deliver

  1. An artefact to overcome the task.
  2. Review the artefacts and check the progress.
  3. Justify the theories to create new artefacts.
  4. Create a vocabulary of a domain related problems and solution areas.
  5. Deliver model for a proposed solution.
  6. Deliver steps to support innovative ideas.
  7. Create methods, the block of code to translate the ideas to the solution.

Hire right and slow and fire right and slow

Organizations should hire correct IT professionals by interviewing or judging the candidate slowly on several different aspects. They can be:

  1. Hire a person who loves to live with technology and loves to learn new things. they must have kn
  2. As the data is the heart of the organization(I.T), hire a person who has a deep understanding of the data and knows how to process them to meaningful information from a relevant business perspective.
  3. More focus should be given to the domain experts who understand the business.
  4. New generation IT employees should be able to speak with techies and non-techies.
  5. Should have the potential to lead a team and share knowledge within the team, if required they should be able to play a team player role.
  6. The person should have deep working knowledge in the related technical field.
  7. The person has a potential to learn things quickly and has the ability to handhold the newcomers.
  8. The person should be able to think outside of the box thus innovative in nature.
  9. The person should have a positive mindset to see the problems as a learning opportunity.
  10. The person should love technical challenges and obstacles.

The hiring and firing policies give employees more freedom in terms of thinking of new ideas. They will be able to take risks. Self innovations can be bought into the company culture.

Porter’s value chain

Michael Porter introduced the concept of the value chain. He proposed the below two activities:

  1. Primary activity- Activities associated to create a product, service, marketing, sales, inbound logistics, outbound logistics, operations.
  2. Secondary activities-  Activities associated to purchase, hr, technology development, infrastructure upgrade and setup etc.

The company must give weightage to Primary activities over Secondary activities in a balanced manner.

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